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  1. Hi bgqs, exactly the same happened to me. I recieved a copy of an application form on the 12th april. so I wrote a letter, as described above, and have not recieved a reply, so today, I have written again to "remind" them of thier obligation. I shall continue to harrass them untill the 12+28 days have passed. Then I shall submit a report to the relevent authorities outlining thier activities, and demand a refund of £1.00 + postage ! The chances are, if we challenge them, and not let them get away with it, they will back down eventually. They obviously do not have access to the paperwork or it would have been sent. After all. an application form is exactly what it says, it does not mean that you have been accepted for credit, merely that you applied. Whizzard.
  2. Hi Vampyra, Don't feel that you have to convince them, if necessary, (though improbable), let them take you to court, they will only end up "with egg on thier faces" !!! (keeping with the circus theme),when a verdict in your favour is reached.
  3. Hi Ginger66, have been in this situation at least three times. Unfortunatly, because judgment has already been passed in a county court, the council then no longer deals with it, the bailiffs do it for them. They called when I was out and left a card through the door, so I called them. The lady who answered arranged for a visit, explaining that no goods would be taken, just listed, and an arrangement would be made to pay the money. When the guys arrived, I was very surprised because they were so helpful ! They looked at our in-comings V outgoings and agreed that we were seriously in a bad way, (mortgage payments, bills, insurance, daily living expenses were more than we had coming in) so they advised us on Tax credits and other matters. We agreed on instalments that were just affordable. Then It happened again, and they returned, and again were really good. One even said thats lots of people actually wait for them to come because they are more helpful than the council, which is something we definatly found. If they do call, they cannot take any goods, they are listed, then if the agreement is defaulted by the debtor, they can apply to remove goods, but they must be of some value. And they only checked our living room and kitchen. If you let them know that you are keen to resolve the matter, I'm sure they will try to help. Whizzard.
  4. Hi Isuedlowellandwon ! An excellent result, these people deserve all they get, lets hope that others are just as succssful and hopefully put them out of business brfore to long !!! Whizzard.
  5. Hi Harwood81, When they say "an attempt to pay was made", did you put anything in writing to them ? I posted a similiar query recently and was advised that it has to be in writing. Follow Nailposts advice, and request a SAR amd CCA. Lowell it appears, have bought a "job-lot" of near statute-barred debts and are probably getting desperate ! poor things ! Above all, don Whizzard.
  6. Hi Diskmandave, I have been following your threads regarding Lowell Financial with interest, as I too am still recieving letters from them. From my very limited knowlege, it would appear that they have defaulted, and therefore the debt is unenforceable, but, like BigmacVersus suggested, keep the money back just in case. But to be honest, it would probably cost them more money to take you to court,than the debt is worth. Good luck, Whizzard. P.S. I shall be sending them a C.C.A. request today, lets keep them on thier toes !!!
  7. Don't worry about them visiting your home, like Dx100uk said, they are telephone chasers with legs ( I like that !). There are lots of us here dealing with this odious company, if it helps, I requested a copy of my credit from Experian a few weeks ago, which shows that my debt was settled in 2001, I am looking into this now. It may be worth you doing this to asertain if you actually had a debt in the first place. It appears that Lowell have bought a job lot of debts that are very near to being statute barred, and it would seem that they are desparate for a return on thier investment ! Whizzard.
  8. Cheers Bigmac versus, I think I can hold them off a bit longer ! No money has been paid since I was using the card, and no acknowlegment of debt, written or verbal. I'm just going to let them keep trying and keep all paperwork, I may need this later...
  9. According to Experian, the card was issued in 2000, and settled in may 2001, which is about the time I stopped using it. So actually it would be statute barred anyway ! Whizzard.
  10. Since Dec2006, I have been recieving letters from Lowell Financial, for a debt with Cap One, that was either very close to being statute barred if not already. I have not acknowleged any of thier letters. A few weeks ago I decided to apply for a copy of my credit rating, which I have recieved from Experion. On it, it states the Cap One card was "settled" in 2001. I am puzzled by this as I did not pay it, and it has been passed through about 4 different agencies, I refused to pay, because £400 had been added in charges by Cap One, for a debt of less than £200 ! Does anyone have any idea what may have happened here Many Thanks, Whizzard.
  11. Hi Ozzywizard, Have just read your thread and really sympathize with you. I had the same thing done to me a few years ago, leaving me with just over £700 each month. It makes my blood boil that they can just do as they please, without considering the hardship caused, if they did not charge so much in the first place, we could afford to pay. It may be worth trying to speak to someone at the court where the judgment was made, and list your incomings V your outgoings, and see if smaller payments can be made. Apparantly, they try to recover as much as they can, as quickly as they can, to try and get it paid before the next lot of council tax is due. I really hope you are able to sort something out. Whizzard.
  12. Thanks Lordi234, I think I shall send them a letter refering, as you said, to administration of justice act, and if they ignore it I shall contact office of fair trading. Thanks for advice. Whizzard.
  13. Lowell financial, harrassing for a debt that was settled in 2001, threatening court action etc. etc. Dreadful company.
  14. Hi Guys, Further to my previous thread "Re:Acknowlegement of debt". After being sent letters by Lowell for the past 3 months, I decided to do a credit check with Experion, and the "debt" being chased has been entered as "settled" in 2001. I'm not quite sure how this happened, as I did not pay it, and this is probably the 3rd or 4th agency chasing it. Was wondering if anybody has any ideas and could I report Lowells for harrassment
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