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  1. Ok this may be a stupid question but how do i pay nationwide the £10 i dont have a cheque book?
  2. Well i was wrong the chap on the phone was very helpful. I am now armed with my account number and sort code! The number i called was: 05000072344 (number for opening a new account, thought they probably answer this one quite quickly! and they did) The only reason i got this info so quickly was because i have a Barclaycard and all my details were grouped together. Otherwise it seams you need post code etc, but im sure there is some way around it if needs be!
  3. I think i know where i opened the account but i also know that i moved this account to another branch. I'm going to try giving them a call but i have a funny fealing that there not going to be that helpful.
  4. I have no idea how to get the ball rolling with this one, i do not know my account number etc so any help with this would be appreciated. I apologise in advance if this information is elsewhere on this site (which i am certain it is) As you are aware this site is pretty damn large so im having difficulty finding it. But it is also the best source of information i have come come accross on the net so i i thank you for that and for any replies in advance. I will of course keep this thread updated to let you all know how my case is going.
  5. I'm about to register my account online so i can access my statements. I was about to press the confirm details button when i noticed a statement which worried me a little, it was something along the lines of "you agree to all our terms by pressing this" My question is: is there something in these terms that i need to be aware of before submitting the request or is it just the usual jargon? I havnt read it all and am not very legally minded so would appreciate any help on this matter. I also intend to post details of my claim as it goes. I have found this forum/site extremely helpfull in gathering information and giving me the confidence to actually go ahead with a claim. So thank you all very much indeed. i also have a mortage account with them so if there are any implications to this account re; account closures etc info on this would be appreciated.
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