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  1. Wrong And various others evidence. Only the insurance based custody schemes do not repay interest to tenants.
  2. Cheers. I understand that they wont be able to charge interest on theoretical time which hasnt actually elapsed. Can someone verify this? Given that capital up front has been sunk into the bike, perhaps it wont be quite as bad. The particular model wont have any problem shifting it, there is a waiting list for the roadster.. In any case, I am coming up to my second monthly payment, so thats essentially just over £2k they have made off me in any case! and I had a street triple before that, which was great, but still not even in the same planet as this beast. What I just got is.. bonkers. Faster to a hundred than a Hayabusa, and sounds like the gates of hell exploding. and THAT is as standard.. minor breathing mods and we are into the over 230hp territory.. why people put superchargers or turbos on this thing is completely beyond me.. I dearly love it, but I am in London and just not using it at all - like having a Bugatti Veyron and then running it around or outside London. Some things are just TOO much. is this my only option? What sort of a hit am I likely to face?
  3. Hello to you all. I just bought a triumph motorbike (the biggest one they make) as have a scooter, but really enjoy motorcycling. Thing is, I am just not using it. It was bought mid/end March, and I havent even put on half of the 500 miles for the breaking in service.. In the end, I paid like £1400 for the deposit and so on for the bike (plus some accessories) which added up to about 12k. An expensive frippery right.. In any case, the finance deal was done over the internet with a London Triumph dealer. Its a "10" plate, and basically unused. I cannot justify something I am just not using. The repayments are not huge (£279 a month) but that coupled with running expenses and insurance etc. adds it all up. I realise my options are limited. 1) Should I sell the vehicle? 2) Seeing as it is barely run in (in fact, it hasnt even been run in!) would Black Horse take it back? We are only a couple of months in (nearly) to this - I cant face four years of paying for something I am just not going to use - an expensive door stop. Much as I love it, I just cant use it, its too much! What are the options? Incidentally, I have not modified it, and it has only Triumph dealer fitted items, e.g. alarm mobilizer, heated grips etc. Cheers folks Alex
  4. OK, at what stage would/should I use this? Surely all charges are unfair, full stop? Additionally, can I claim back "card misuse" charges at £20 a go, when I have used it as a cheque guarantee, and they consider this to be "card misuse" - which means, not only is there a £20 charge, but then they have repeatedly hit me for a £30 referral charge for the month - plus interest whenever this has pushed me over the agreed overdraft limit.. Are there any admin members who review spreadsheets of charges (presumably for a nominal donation).. Cheers Alex
  5. Hi folks, Quick question, I have two accounts for RBOS, one of them from where I am from originally, which got closed before I moved to where I am now - effectively I transferred account. This is two separate accounts. I just got back the details of the older account for statements, and these go back to Dec 2000. Can I claim these as normal - even though this is over 6 years - more like 6 and a half? Simple explanation of yay or nay please!! In the absence of nay, I am just going to list them on the simple XL spreadsheet anyways. Thanks very much Alex
  6. Tough it out.. Stick to it mate.. stick to it... take your time and make sure every thing is in order. Stick to your plans. Carry them out. Part of you should even be itching to see them fall apart in court.
  7. Jeez you guys - relax!! THIS guy above mentioned getting the bank to do it.. well it appeared to me that this post meant he was going to do that. I was pointing out - why bother geting in touch with the bank to get them to add your charges and stuff - with all the potential delays, inaccuracies (possibly) or other potential problems. Its just time and needless effort. As my post said, reckon it makes more sense to do it yourself.
  8. Yep - I m a premier customer (muppet!) which I will be deducting from the money they bleed off me each month. Thanks Alex
  9. Righto, Im away to start putting my charges into the spreadsheet. If I am correct, the £28 "maintenance charge" which always happens when I get a normal DD or cheque bounce (£30 or thereabouts) is also included in unlawful and unreasonable charges to claim back? I will list through results and what I do and when on this thread. Cheers
  10. Seems to me though that you should just add up the charges yourself, no? Why bother asking them to tot up all the charges, when you just hit them with the whammy - time is awasting - longer they have to mount some sort of industry wide consolidated fudge against us. Im off to start a thread in my fight.
  11. First post, no doubt of many. Been routed off here from SXOC my car owners forum which has a large thread (hi guys) on this topic... Anyhoo... Im now away to start reading up... silly question but is there not a step by step guide on what to do? Not immediately apparent so far - big site!! I am away to take on the behemoth leeches that is RBS.. Help!! I now have statements - and will start totting up charges. I have a query. Large overdraft - which I pay interest on. This is an agreed amount. Occasionally this has gone overdrawn (charges here! ££) then I also get slapped with a maintenance charge and also a charge for whatever it was I got charged for in the first place! What the hell is a maintenance charge? I already pay a fortune in interest to them They certainly arent the cheapest of banks for charges - I think the abbey is much cheaper from what I have seen so far!
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