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  1. I agree! It is the worst company ever. I bought a car from them, they messed up the first few payments by not inputting the bank details correctly, then tried to charge me for them. Two years later after paying on time every month I missed a payment when there was a nationwide banking error and I didnt get paid on time. I spoke to a very rude man who refused to help because I had missed payments previously (the ones which were their error apparently). A few days later, with no warning, two bailiffs turned up at my house and took my car. Three years later, they have started sending me letters saying I owe them almost £6000 for the car. The car was only worth £3.5K and I paid way over that in repayments over the two years. I am trying to get my head around what to do about it at the moment. Agh! Each person I spoke to there was beyound VILE. Pure **** as far as I am concerned.
  2. Can anyone offer me any advice please? I took a car out on finance approximately March 2005, the car was only £3.5K and I used the Funding Corporation with a four year finance agreement. It worked out that I would be repaying £9000. I continued to make the payments every month until I lost my job October 2006 and missed two payments. When I tried to speak to them about it they were rather unhelpful, but I started the payments back up with two months arrears. On Christmas Eve 2006 two bailiffs turned up first thing in the morning and took my car away. I spoke briefly with trading standards at the time and they said that due to details on the the contract, they had no right to take the car. Anyway, I moved away shortly after this, and now, more than two years later, they have written to me demanding £5100. It was a really threatening debt collectors letter. I just don’t know what to do! How on earth can I owe £5100 for a car I do not have? I worked out I paid £2060 for the car over the 18 months that it was in my possession. I would be happy to pay back the difference in the amount I paid and the cost of the vehicle, but could anyone advise where I would stand on this. In addition, I found that they were selling the car on some website for £2.5K a month or so after they repossessed it, so really, there should be no outstanding balance!
  3. Thanks SwissT Really appreciate your advise. I will do this today, I will pop home at lunchtime and get all the details. It is so frustrating waitin for the money to arrive!!! This process has been so stressful. I will let you know how I get on! Karin
  4. I will write another letter and send it recorded. Although from experience it doesn’t make any difference. When they offered me the first settlement at the end of June I wrote to them to reject their offer and sent it recorded delivery and even had a the signature of the Royal Mail website and they STILL denied ever receiving it. So I sent it again by fax and they responded immediately.
  5. Hi there Thanks for the response. No I didn't send recorded delivery. They know I have accepted but say that they can't confirm receipt of any letters because they get so many coming in. I will keep calling them if you think that will help. Can I threaten them with anything if they dont pay out this week? Also are there any standard responses I could have sent to accept settlement??? MAybe I should send another letter recorded delivery and give them a deadline to pay it in by. Karin
  6. Hi there Sorry to ask this. I have looked through all the FAQ's but I cannot find an answer. I was offered a full settlement from Lloyds via [problem] on 27th July, which i immediately accepted. I faxed and posted my acceptance. I called after a week and asked how long it would be before I received my payout. They told me two weeks. After two weeks I called again and they then said its two to three weeks. Could anyone shed light on what I should do as the three weeks are almost up and i still havent received payment. I havent let the courts know I have accepted settlement yet and my court date is the 17th September. I have made allowances for this money and I have bills to pay so I really want the money this week. Thanks in advance Karin P.S I won £4388.51
  7. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!! I got all my money back! Just got a letter from [problem] today, they have revised my settlement, and I got the whole goddamn lot back! Well, still gotta wait to actually receive it, BUT YAYYYYY!!!!
  8. We had dealings this morning with the Halifax. My husbands employer underpaid him this month so wrote a cheque for the remaining amount, which my husband paid in on Monday. He called his bank, Halifax, to inform them of this and asked if they could either hold his direct debits, or pay them subject to the uncleared funds being in his account. He called the Halifax again this morning and found they had returned 3 direct debits and immediately taken £117 in charges from his account. He spoke to an advisor who said that due to the test case they would not be refunding any direct debits. Our argument was that surely then in the meantime, they should be putting a hold on charges full stop. If they are excused from returning unfair charges then surely we should be excused from paying the charges. Our other argument was that a couple of months back, when the BACS system messed up and noone was paid, the banks were THEN prepared to waiver bank charges. So we know that they CAN do it, so why not in this situation??? What makes it worse is that he even informed them of the situation so they knew the DD’s would be returned. Any words of wisdom as to how to deal with this???? Rin x
  9. No it doesnt seem fair that court cases arent going ahead, particularly as I have paid out £220 in court costs so far. Anyway I have an update but I certainly do not want to bring false hope, or count my chickens, however I called SCM today to ask for an up date on my case, they said that a revised settlement letter was sent out on Friday. They didnt give any details and my post hasnt arrived yet. I guess this just could mean that they have written to say that it is being put on hold because of the court case... but I am trying to be optimistic cos i REALLY need this money back. Fingers crossed! Rin x
  10. Hi M77KNA Thanks for your post... I thought that would be the case. Makes sense why they have been draggin things out so long if they knew this was happening. Mine has been going on since last November and they have used every single delay tactic possible. Thats why I have started recording mail and faxing copies of our telephone conversations. At least then if it does make it to court I can prove that they have been messing me around to cause a delay. You are in a good position because you accepted the settlement and I read somewhere on here that they do have to honour the settlements, so congratulations. I could really kick myself for not just biting their hand off when it was offered. Keep me posted! Rin x
  11. Hi all Feeling well stressed today... I was offered a settlement by Lloyds on 28th June which wasn't the full settlement as they had their figures wrong. I wrote to them to say I wanted the full amount and added a breakdown of the claim. They didnt respond and when I called SCM they say they hadnt received my letter even though I have proof it was signed for on 6th July. Now i am worried I am gonna lose everything because of todays hearing. I read that they have to honour any settlement offer already made but as I declined their offer I dont know where I stand. My court date is 17th September. They offered £3281 and I am claiming £4688. Can anyone offer any advise or reassurance??? Rin x
  12. I totally agree, it is certainly not a process you should rush, especially when you realise that Lloyds won a case against a woman who was unprepared. Check, double check and check again. And more importantly, always refer to this site for templates and advise, it has proved invauable to me, and I will certainly be making a donation if I win. Good luck to you all Rin x
  13. Hi fellow bank charge reclaimers Thought I would share my experiences so far. In December 2006 I sent the initial letter to Lloyds requesting the repayment of my charges which totalled £4300 (or thereabouts – don’t have paperwork on me). I received a letter from them 3 weeks later rejecting my claim. It was the standard “you knew the charges so tough” sort of letter. I sent the second letter and received a letter back a few weeks later defending the charges but offering me £645. I found a letter on this site about how to reject an offer and threatening court proceedings, which I sent, but Lloyds paid it directly into my account – and it was immediately eaten up by bank charges (typical). I then received a further letter saying that they were sorry I wasn’t happy with their response, but that that was their final word on the matter. I then went through the money claim online service and paid a fee to issue proceedings against Lloyds. Now I made a little mistake here, I rushed it and didn’t realise that the very small section on the site for your Particulars of Claim was supposed to be all the legal ins and outs and full details of the claim, so I wrote a summary in there and emailed all the other documents to MCOS. Now if you do this I would recommend sending them by recorded delivery postage. After this Lloyds entered an Acknowledgement of Service and were given a further 28 days to file a defence. It was then transferred to my local court. When I did get the defence it said that my claim was “unparticularised and embarrassing”, this wound me up no end, but then from reading on this site I found that it is a common response. I then resent details of my particulars of claim and statement of charges to the court, Lloyds and their solicitors. I then received a letter from the courts requesting further information within 14 days and setting a court date for 17th September. I then sent them the court bundle from this website (highly recommended). The court letter also stated that Lloyds had to enter their defence, including a full breakdown of all their costs 14 days after my response. On the 28th June I received a letter from SCM (Lloyds solicitors) outlining their defence, but then on the second page they offered me £3281. Basically they deducted the £645 paid that I had already deducted, they said this was full and final settlement but that I had to arrange a meeting with my bank manager to discuss my banking with Lloyds and that the money would be paid into my account as soon as I had written back to accept it. I then wrote back a couple of days later saying that I am happy to accept their conditions but that I wanted the full amount (which by now had risen to £4688). I haven't heard from them since… I called the solicitors yesterday and the receptionist there said that it would have just gone through to payments department. I told her I wasn’t accepting the payment, but she said they were dealing with it anyway… So maybe I might get the full amount back very soon! I bleedin hope so! I will keep you posted.
  14. Hi there Thanks for the response, glad to know they werent just being personal. I did send a copy by email to MCOL but I am now not convinced that they received this. I don't think there are details of their solicitors on the defence but I will check this tonight. Should I send the POC to the courts and LLoyds if I have no solicitors details? Ta Muchly xxx
  15. Amount to Claim £5513 I am at the stage with LLoyds TSB where I have gone throught the money claim website and they have submitted a defence. I received it in the post yesterday and it has left me raging. There defence is that they found my particulars of claim "embarrassing" as the information was unparticularised. As the space on the moneyclaim website to submit your POC is limited, I sent the full details by email, which have obviously not been passed on. How dare they be so personal, I am certainly not embarrassed and how dare they suggest it. They should be embarrassed for taking £475 on one day in bank charges after I lost my job for being pregnant. THAT is embarrassing. My case has been transferred to a local court. I received the transfer letter and the defence but there isnt an Allocation Questionairre with this though. In the defence they asked for further particulars of claim so that they can fully defend the case. Would anyone help me here, should i now send the POC to the transfer court, and to Lloyds along with my spreadsheets and interest calculations.
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