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  1. Just had a couple of replies on another forum that I don't stand a chance as a battery is a consumable item . If this is the case then so be it,but, the garage has written on my invoice NO WARRANTY and like I say he has sited this. I don't think he can do this ?
  2. Bit of expert help required please !!, Purchased a car from a franchised Ford dealer in April, the car was a VW. I have since had a battery fail on the car and have asked for the garage to pay for a new battery. They tell me that the car was sold without a warranty, on the invoice it does say No Waranty, but, I was under the impression that this was a franchised warranty they were trying to flog me during negotiations - £600 worth !!. So I politely declined there all singing/dancing £600 warranty. I have pointed out the sale of goods act ie 3 months warranty on any vehicle purchased, but they say they are not interested and anyway a battery would not be covered anyway. I have pointed out that the battery problems started about a month after sale but they are not interested. Unless I am advised otherwise, I firmly believe that I am 100% correct on this consumer point but would like some advice to take things further or any observations that anyone may have ? Many Thanks.............. ps. I Love A Battle !!
  3. Many thanks for those tips there corn, do you think it's worth adding something in my SAR letter to them along the lines of: " Before you send me a correspondance back in an attempt to delay my claim, you will find enclosed all relevant forms of identification aswell as the appropiate payment, I mention this fact as it has become apparant on consumer websites that MBNA appear to have employed stalling tactics " Or just keep it simple ? Cheers.........
  4. Hi Folks, I have had charges back from HSBC & Virgin One Account. About to move onto my wifes Virgin Money CC. Do I send my SAR to Virgin or MBNA, if anyone could point me to the appropiate address then that would be great. Thanks in advance.................
  5. Sharon, I've just got 1900 quid back from Virgin, stick with it, they will cough !! (One Account)
  6. Sorry to 'hijack' this thread, I was under the impression that every used car you purchase, by law, has a 3 month warranty. A dealer I argued with today thought different, am I right ?
  7. What number did you call to get your statements ?
  8. bluenose1966


    Just another one!, do I now send off to MCOL a hard copy of my charges along with the interest spreadsheet and ask them to attach it to my claim, or does this happen at a later stage. Thanks again.
  9. bluenose1966


    Cheers MB, appreciated.
  10. bluenose1966


    Hi I filed with MCOL on Friday, I have just clicked on my acc on the MCOL site and it asks the following: (When I click 'started' option) select type of judgment section 1), The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim (Judgment by Default) You will need to decide, how and when you want the defendant to pay. You can ask for the Judgment to be paid by instalment or in one payment. OR 2) The defendant admits that all the money is owed (Judgment by Admission) If the defendant has given a new address on the form of admission to which correspondence should be sent, update the defendant's details within the following Judgment request.
  11. Thanks for the reply RC, After 'googling' the faulty camera, it turns out that many of them were returned for the same fault. Can we ' attack' using this angle. ?
  12. My friend purchased a Kodak camera less then 3 years ago with a three year warranty. The camera developed a fault and so was sent back for repair to Kodak. Kodak contacted the retailer and said that the camera was no longer manufactured. The shop gave my freind a replacement camera that is valued at about £60, however, the original camera was £417, and obviously alot better than the piece of Cr*p they have given her. What can she do, any advice would be greatly appreciated........
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