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  1. Thanks Steven, although I have just finished my first claim I didn't receive a letter like this from Nat West. Essentially they have responded within the 14 days; which they didn't with my other claim so I sent the LBA then. After reading other threads on the forum each case appears to be different.
  2. Hot on the heels of my recent success with Natwest I am now beginning another case against them, this time for our joint account. I sent the Request for Payment letter to Mr Higley on 3 July giving 14 days to respond. I have just received a reply which says that he is "considering and my claim. Given the work involved in assessing my claim he anticipates being in a position to respond within 6 - 7 weeks but will endeavour to do so sooner if able to." Should I wait for this length of time or is there something I can do to accelerate the process?
  3. Sorry I've only just had chance to update you all. I went along to the Directions Hearing, on entering the court the Judge said that he was awarding judgement in my favour on condition that I recalculated the interest I was owed up to the date of the hearing. He said that he was awarding judgement at that stage because he was fed up with the banks wasting the claimants time and the courts time. Gave me 7 days to submit a recalculation. Since then I have received judgement giving Nat West until 1 August to pay up. I was absolutely amazed that it was all over and done with at the Directions Hearing. Yippee!!!
  4. I phoned the court today and was told to take evidence of the claim just in case they can't access the file in time! I take it that means the Schedule of Charges or should I get info together as per my Draft Order for Directions?
  5. Thanks Guys, what a quick response!! Hedgey - great, i will inwardly digest your links. Fendy - the notice says "...that the directions hearing will take place at Plymouth County Court. When you should attend. 15 minutes has been allowed for the Directions Hearing Please note: This case may be released to anothe Judge, possibly at a different Court"
  6. Help!!! I sent Draft Directions to the Court on Friday and have now received notice of a Directions Hearing on 22 June. What does this entail and what do i do now? It is getting very real and VERY SCARY! I really do need advice.
  7. Just about to send the Draft Order to the Court. Does anyone have any suggestion of how to word a covering letter? I'm really struggling on this one for some reason.
  8. Thanks for your help Fendy, I think I've found the Draft Order. Will leave it all now for a couple of days. For want of a better phrase "its doin' mi 'ed in" - and it only the beginning.
  9. Sorry Fendy but I think i am having a thick moment caused by confusing myself!! Are you referring to the CPR 18 response letter or the AQ letter i have referred to in reply #9 or both? Do I address to Cobbetts and cc The Court?
  10. I have read loads of other threads to try to answer my questions myself but I am getting really confused as to what the next stage is. Would it be a good idea to send the letter below (from another thread about dispensing with AQ) after sending the CPR18 letter? Re: XXXXX - v - XXXX account no, claim no and filing date(mcol). It has come to my attention that as of xx/xx/07, ( date of the letter from the court) that an Allocation Questionaire may not be required in this case. I am mindful of the vast number of claims with which you are currently dealing. In order to more speedily resolve this matter, I am willing to accept the sum of £xxxx. (rounded down to nearest pound-keep this as your full amount including charges, interest and court filing fee). I do not agree to waive my rights in respect of any other actions, nor do I agree to a clause of confidentiality. I hope to hear from you very soon so that a reasonable conclusion to this claim might be achieved. I am sure that the courts would approve of our settling this matter in a timely manner and without their further intervention. For your records, I enclose another copy of my schedule of charges. I look forward to hearing from you.
  11. Help needed!! Have now received Notice of Transfer of proceedings from the Court and ordered "that the filing of allocation questionnaire be dispensed with...." Where do I go from here? Now that I have received this do I need to send a copy of the letter above to the Court as well as Cobbetts?
  12. Along with the defence from Cobbetts I also received a request for further information, quoting "request persuant to CPR18 alternatively with regard to CPR rule 27.2". They also request further information of the charges and a reply to the other information by 7 May. A copy of the Schedule of Charges was sent to Mr Higley on 14 Feb and to Northampton Court to accompany MCOL on 21 March but not yet to Cobbetts, as the first contact I had was their defence. Although I haven't yet received anything from the court, would it be prudent at this stage to send a CPR18 response letter along with a schedule of charges, or should I just sit tight and wait for directions from the court. I don't want to be seen to be uncooperative!
  13. Thanks, its good to know that there is so much help and support available. At the moment its quite exciting but I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better!
  14. Thanks Nattie, I thought that was the case but wasn't sure. Will wait until I hear something further. Another query, the first paragraph of their defence is worded as follows:- "The defence is filed and served without prejudice to the Defendants case that the Particulars of Claim do not declose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the Claimant to recover the bank charges...." surely this should read "..bringing a claim against the Defendant..." Cobbetts haven't made a mistake have they???
  15. I also received a similar defence from Cobbetts which appears to say that there are no grounds for a claim against the claimant (me?). I wonder if this is an error or deliberate!!
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