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  1. Thanks for that....I had done it the same, only thing is where you put the amount of days - mine is 1476 days - is this right?? or shall I email you my spread-sheet? thanks
  2. Hiya..... HELP................HELP...........HELP...............HELP......PLEASE Is anyone out there able to assist with filling in the JUDGEMENT FORM:? :? I posted yesterday and Guido helped a bit, but not on line at the moment so cannot ask anything further. Ideally has anyone filled in one of these forms, if so can they advise what they put and where. This form seems the hardest of all - or am I being stupid:oops: - don't answer that!!! I am wanting to take it to the Court today - ready for them after the Bank Holiday. Any help would be hugely appreciated
  3. Thanks for that Guido - At the risk of appearing thick! do I just fill in and take it to the Court? Do I need to send a copy to SC&M - Do I just tick A and then fill out details of amount and for it to be paid immediately or ive them a date. Blimey this form seems worse than all the rest. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone, Received letter from Hertford Court today. This is an exact copy of wording:- ******************************************************* Upon reading the court file IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Defence struck out in accordance with order. Claimant can apply for judgement. Dated 13 August 2007 ******************************************************* Dare I assume that I am almost there????? Does anyone have any idea where I can find JUDGMENT CLAIM FORM. I have looked through and canot find a template. Do I have to go straight to the Court and ask for Judgment. How do I proceed - any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  5. Hi all, Rang the Court at 4 on Friday (close of business & deadline for LTSB to have sent in the completed AQ) they hadn't received anything. Rang again today and still nothing - Court says that my paperwork would go before a Judge in the next day or so for his decision........!!!! Can I begin to see the £'s coming my way???? - hopefully, or is there a chance that the Judge will go in LTSB's favour???? Has anyone out there been in this position, if so any replies would be appreciated. Thanks, Jay-Jay
  6. thanks for that..........wont get too excited until Friday and then when hopefully I've got money in my hands....I'll keep you posted
  7. Hi, Received this today from the Court. Can anyone confirm if I am reading it correct. ********* General Form of Judgement or Order Before District Judge sitting at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCourt Upon reading thew court file IT IS ORDERED 1. Unless by 3rd August, 2007 the Defendant files a completed AQ the defence and any counterclaim shall be struck out without further order. ********** Am I right in thinking that if LTSB do not file by Friday - in theory I win???? :confused: Hopefully someone out there can either make me happy or keep where I am - waiting & hoping. Thanks in advance. Jay_Jay
  8. Hi everyone, Heard from the court this morning, saying - '''Before District Judge at xxxxxxxxxCourt Upon reading the court file it is ordered that unless by 3rd August LTSB files a complete A&Q the defence and any counterclaim be struck out without further notice.''' Can this be taken as good news??? They have 4 days to get the A&Q in. Should have been in by the 16th July. Has this OFT court business stopped them - any ideas?? Has anyone else had this same thing. Comments please - to either put me on a high or a low:-? Thanks, Jay-Jay
  9. Hi all, Handed the completed AQ into Court 13 days ago (sent recorded one to SC&M) - heard nothing up till now. Rang the court this morning and as yet LTSB havn't sent their AQ in - Court said that they had the same time scale - had to be in by the 16th July. Court reckons they are running a bit behind but she will be handing it to the judge this week - what happens then:???: .......can anyone give me some idea plz......I have been and still am trawling through but cannot find the answer. Thanks in advance, Jayjay
  10. Hiya, Sent AQ to SC&M and handed it in at Court on the 10th July have not heard anything yet - is the this norm? I have trawled through loads on this site & cant seem to find what exactly is expected next. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, JayJay
  11. Hiya, Handed my AQ into the Court on Tuesday (sent SC&M a copy - recorded) - can anyone advise what happens next - is there anything in particular that I should be doing. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Have followed several threads, done a lot of reading, and followed the guide to filling in the AQ. I think I have completed it right.....My query is: do I send it straight away or do I wait until nearer the date (16th July). :? I am sending one to the court & 1 to SC&M. LTSB dont need 1 do they? What happens after I have sent this in - is just a waiting game for a Court date? Thanks in advance, JayJay
  13. Hiya Received Notice of Defence this morning....panic.!! Have read through it and assume it is the 9-point defence that i've read about from other threads. AQ is attached so I guess this is the point of no return - I need to get down to some serious reading now - how to fill it in - who to send copies to etc. Any adivce?????? Would just like to say at this point - I have never contacted Solicitors SC&M., and have only sent prelim & LBa to LTSB. Never an actual personal letter - is this the norm?? Thanks guys, Jay_Jay
  14. Thanks for that - first actual letter ever received apart from them answering prelim. letter - with statements..
  15. Good morning all, post arrived this morning - very strange letter from LTSB recovery dept. in Andover. Briefly outling they are still not in a position to respond fully to complaint and do I want to refer complaint to Ombudsman if I am unhappy with delay!!!!! wots all this about???? :???: has anyone else had anything like this. Last thing I heard was the LTSB had filed defence and thats where I am at - waiting for Court to send papers to me. Any comments would throw some light on this. Thanks, JayJay
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