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  1. I got a letter this morning from Abbey saying that they would settle for my full amount + legal fees and interest from february. Just wondered if it had happened elsewhere? PG
  2. Thanks Glennboy, rang the court and they said I could fill out an N244 to possibly prevent Abbey defaulting. (more money!!! £35) How can I add removal of default to my already submitted claim, without costing anything? PG.
  3. Have rung the ombudsman, they say quite clearly that they wont involve themselves with a dispute that is already progressed to court stages. Also rang the banking code of practice people, and again, they say that as far as Abbey would be concerned, there is NO dispute that I owe the money and therefore have every right to default the account. Right now off to ring the court........
  4. Guys, Please help, Im struggling with the minefield that is Abbey!!! Today I received a letter from Milton Keynes posting notice of intention to register a default on our account. This is despite writing to Allen Betts (Head of Unsecured Debt Management) twice before explaining that the account is in dispute and the disputed amount is more than owed. I really worried now, because I had a default 6 years ago which crippled us:-( . Each time I have copied head office, and I sent a copy to the court with my allocation questionaire. I feel like Abbey are threatening me!!! What next????? PG
  5. Guys, when should I expect a court date? AQ went into court 28th March, and just wondered what length of time people have been waiting until their date. Thanks in advance PG
  6. Thanks Bankfodder, where will I find all the details on how to do this? and also, will it cost anymore money? things are tight!! £100 for the AQ not sure I can afford much more PG
  7. Yes, ve had an account with Nationwide for ages, never had any trouble with them PG
  8. Im at AQ stage, which needs to be submitted by the 27th March. How do I get these people off my back, without them defaulting me, because Abbey clearly dont communicate between offices, I sent in a letter to Triton House at the same time as Milton Keynes stating the account is in dispute. They owe me over £2700, I owe then £2500. PG
  9. Im having almost exactly the sam trouble with Abbey, they seem to be taking over my life.!!!! They have written to me today telling me that they that if I dont pay off the overdraft and send cards back etc. they will default me. Ive just got clear of a previous one from RBS some 6 years ago, and getting any credit or mortgage was a nightmare!!! I seriously getting put off by this. PG:mad:
  10. Guys, Abbey have already written to me once before demanding their overdraft back, and I responded to them and Triton Square, explaining the account is in dispute. I have received a letter today dated the 12th!!! demanding my cards and cheque books back within 7 days or they will take further action which will cost me £45 and threatened me with a default and a debt collection agency! What shall I do? PG
  11. I started the claim process via MoneysavingsExperts website a while ago, before I knew fully of the existance of CAG. I got my 6 years of statements, totalled charges and send my fiirst approach, I sent sent a second LBA to which Abbey responded last minute with a Good Will Offer, which I took as partial payment, but said Id be continuing. The deadline passed, so I filed my claim on MCOL, minus the good will offer and recalculated the interest on the remaning basic amount. Ive just read some worring threads here stating I should of sent my charge shedules to MCOL then.....I didnt!!!, I hadnt seen any info about doing that at the time.:o I am now panicking, can I send them now? as an addition, even though Abbey have sent their defence?? More critically perhaps my original calculations were done on speadsheets which I sent the bank, but after they gave me the good will offer, I took this off the basic charge total (without interest) then recalculated 8% of the lump sum, previously each charge was dated and had indiviual interest. Their defence disputed my claim, but still offered me 50% to stop proceedings, some £1400!!!!! Any advise for this situation would be gratefully received, feeling alittle out of my depth!!!! PG (not feeling so clever now!!!)
  12. My earlier letters to them were for the higher amount, and the claim for that amount -£670 so hopefully Im covered?!?! PG
  13. Mick, It is James Arrandale, thanks for bringing that to my attention.... I am claiming statatory interest at 8%, for which I originally used a calculation sheet from The 'Money Savings Expert' site. So I entered the charge date, and it worked out the interest. Since then, they have given me £670 by way of a Good Will Gesture, which I took off the claim before filling in the form N1, and re-calculated the interest accordingly. I hope this was the right thing to do?!?! PG
  14. Thanks Michael, I have used one of those before and accepted a partial payment and let them know I would be pressing on with my claim. The defence has come from their Solicitor, and the offer direct from the bank!!!!. I will sending a 'thanks' but 'no thanks' letter back. What should I expect from the "Allocation Questionaire"? which is coming shortly, and how far does that put me away from my day in court? PG
  15. Guys, I received a copy of the Abbey's Defence through the post Saturday 10th denying that it owes me any money and that the tariff of charges were sent to me on more than one occasion. They also state that, and get this, 'The fees charged reflect and are proportionate to the Defendant's administrative expenses incurred due to the Claimant's breach of contract'.!!! They also dispute that I am entitled to interest. They say as well that I never supplied proof of where I got these totals from, which I did twice. Included with this defence is an offer of 50% of the fees which is offered as full and final payment. (Which beggers belief!!!) What should I do, or have any of you had this before?... Thanks for any help in advance PG
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