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  1. excellent, thank you very much for letting me know!
  2. Indeed it does! I thought it would be best to leave it...as for working it out I fully intend to get my oh-so-clever-Oxford-university-graduate boyfriend to do all the nasty maths for me!! tee hee...he has to be useful for something!! cheers for your advise! Adeline x
  3. ok, so I have finally received the statements and worked out the charges, although the step by step guide suggests that I do not request the 8% interest, however the template prelim letter states: Is it best to include the interest or not? Cheers, Adeline x
  4. Cheers...I'm not sure, It's my first claim and it's going to be big......I don't want to annoy them even more, maybe they will be nicer if I don't report them!!! In my dreams!!
  5. ok, so the bank has recieved my letter, however they mentioned that they are under no obligation to provide details of mannual intervention under the Data Protection Act, should I dispute this? This is what they put in their letter: Any help would greatly appreciated. Adeline x
  6. Ok it took a while to get started:rolleyes:, I got a bit (a lot) distracted, but have now sent off the DPA, but not to the branch but to the Data controller. I sent the letter by recorded delivery, will it be 40days from when the bank send me a reply acknowledging that they have received the letter or from the day they should receive it (tomorrow, it was sent 1st class).
  7. :)Thank you that is very useful, sorry to bother you further but I am having trouble obtaining my banks address of the data controller....the website doesn't like me!! Can I send it to my branch?
  8. Hi, After looking through the site, I am aware of the different steps that I have take in order to claim back my bank charges, however I am having difficulty locating the templates. At the moment I just need a template for the Data Protection Act letter as I shred my bank statements every few months! Does anyone know where I can find it? I just need to know the legal information that I have to include! Sorry to ask such a simple question!!
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