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  1. Yes you keep going, no it's not dead in the water, Remember you had to take out the ppi to get the loan and stick to that. You will win in the end but mght take a while but don't be fobbed off by them. Any questions just ask here Dave
  2. Don't think so I'm sure this will be a loan they got you to take out to buy a life insurance. Have a good look at all of your insurance policy's you normally find the payment details at the back of the doc, You will need this to prove that the loan for this purpose. You do know this is the start of a long battle with them, makesure whatever you send them it’s sent recorded. They will try to fob you off but you will win in the end but it might take a while. david
  3. Ok the first 2 loans you had with them, if you don't have any documents forget it - they have destroyed all the old loans forms they held. Now the 3rd loan june 2000, the doc that states £338.76 this could have been a loan for life insurance ect, you say you have some doc's check them to see if that figure shows up anywhere. I had one like that and it was called take 5 and it was a life insurance. If you can scan all other docs you have and post them here I have done a StatIntSheet for this one but if there is an insurance policy we need to add it to this claim I'm working on the other for you dave
  4. Because it's cheaper, I just quoted claim numbers ect and said I was sick of being messed around
  5. If you post it, it will scanned and sent to their office in India, I was told this by the person who sorted mine out. If you use the email it will be delt with in the UK.
  6. Try emailing Roger Lovering CEO HFC Bank [email protected] you should get an email back within a few hours then a phone call a couple of days later I did . Worth a try just tell them your not happy with part of the offer davsib
  7. SUCCESS Today I received an offer from HFC for the full amount £6,557.21. It has been along battle but been worth it in the end. The reason I think I won was because I emailed the CEO Roger lovering HFC Bank email addy [email protected] on 28th May and just over 1 week later got an offer Thanks to everyone who helped me, most of all dx. Donation will be sent when the money is in the bank davsib:-)
  8. Hi, should the claim to date be todays date and not the dates you have entered, If I'm right it will make your claim alot bigger dx will know
  9. They have asked for my bank statements I do have most of them. I keep telling them if I hadn't paid it off they would have been chasing me for thedebt. I'm just about to go to FOS with my other claim with them, think they justtry to make it as difficult as they can so you give up. I will not be givingup, I have waited this long so another years not going to bother me.
  10. I keep getting someone called Dexter, he keeps telling me they only go back 6 years, he must say it that many times a day. I think he just presses a button, then if you ask for a supervisor I always seem to get Anita, then we have to go through all the questions over and over again. They seem to be nice people but think they have been told what to say. I for one will not go away davsib:-)
  11. UPDATE Telephoned HFC today to see what was happening with my claim,. You’re not going to believe this but they say they haven’t received my claim. I told them I had sent it recorded on 5th February. They have told me they would sendout a claims for out to me and the 8 weeks turnaround time scale started fromtoday. Here’s the post office tracking: Your item with reference AI8941*****GB wasdelivered from our COVENTRY SOUTH Delivery Office on 07/02/13 Just more delaying tactics by HFC davsib:-)
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