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  1. ElwoodP

    Elwood P vs egg

    Sent copies of passport, utility bill etc with the SAR in the hope of sidelining the EGG red tape but they have still sent back a form asking whether we want a list of charges, copy statements or all data protection stuff. We have gone for the middle option so that we can attempt to get back the PPI too.
  2. Co-op have paid up in full today - 440.00. Another success time to concentrate on EGG now
  3. ElwoodP

    Elwood P vs egg

    Well Egg are next on our list. Will be sending the SAR off Monday. Been bolstered by recent success with CO-OP bank and GE Money. Still waiting for response to second claim letter for Co-op credit card but optimistic!
  4. Having just got our charges back from GE Money, we are now going to have a bash at getting the PPI back as mis-sold. Usual story, my daughter was told she would stand more chance of getting a card with it, not given time to read T&C's etc. Already have all the statements from our penalty charge claims, but don't have a copy of the T&C's for any, let alone all. of the store cards involved. As the statements have the rate of interest on my plan is to just check back and use four weeks from the first statement date as the start of the contract. I don't think we are talking big bucks here - perhaps £120 in total so hopefully they won't put up a big fight.
  5. My daughter got all her dosh back from GE Money yesterday. Only £440, but this does seem to mean that they are not yet trying to use the excuse of the Bank court case. We also only had to send the first request letter - given how long it took them to give us the statements - 6 months and with Information Commissioners intervention, I thought it would be a much more painful process. We also have an ongoing claim with the Co-op Credit Card and they are still sending out the same standard letters saying it will take four weeks to sort out. This is what they did when we claimed for her bank charges, so I suspect (and hope) that they will cough up too.
  6. Thanks. I shall keep plugging away then!
  7. Can anyone tell me if the FSA decision to let banks put a freeze on all requests for refund of charges until after the test case is over also applies to credit card and store card charges?
  8. I rang my local court and asked if it mattered which one. Basically the most convenient for you is best simply because you have to go to sign the papers etc. It makes no difference to them. Though I think I would actively avoid those courts where the decisions in favour of Lloyds TSB were given.
  9. Thanks Paintball. I somehow managed to miss the sticky!!
  10. Having just had a success with my daughters co-op bank account we thought it seemed only fair to now have a go for her credit card charges. I believe it is the same company, unlike many credit cards that are MBNA or RBS under another name. Would be grateful if there is someone else out there who could advise whether the contact address is the same etc.
  11. I don't think you have anything to lose in pursuing charges. As many people on here have said they are surprisingly helpful. Someone actually rang my daughter to explain to her which charges she could claim for and then she got a letter yesterday from them giving her full refund and 8% interest. We didn't ask for the interest but I have noticed that other people claiming with Co-op have also had interest paid that they didn't claim for, there is something in my daughters letter about it being in line with Financial Standards legislation. It may only cost you a stamp to see if they owe you anything as they also returned our £10 SAR cheque with the charges info Good luck!
  12. Have now received response from Info Commissioners office saying that ours is part of a block of requests they are sending to GE in May. Doesn't really raise my hopes - think it will just show we have taken all the right steps when this goes to court. Have talked to my local court who inform me that because this claim is not for money that it will cost £150 so am waiting for my daughters dosh from the Co-op to come through before we can afford this. Should be this week hopefully. Plan to wait until the first week in June to see if GE come up with the goods after their nudge from the ICO and then submit to court in June. This one is for info on bank charges and PPI once we get the statements so should be interesting.
  13. Daughter just got back to Uni to find a letter from HSBC saying they are giving a full refund of charges- they previously offered 250. Please stick this in the win section for me
  14. Result! My daughter got a letter from the Co-op yesterday to say that they have credited her account with a full refund of all charges plus 8% interest - which we didn't ask for. Only confusing bit is we thought the account was closed ! Donation winging its way as soon as she gets the dosh from the Co-op. Good week as just won HSBC for other daughter too! Now its time to pursue the credit cards methinks Can you please stick this in the win section.
  15. We have four GE Capital Storecards that we have requested info on - as we requested the info for all four on the same letter can I take it that I just submit one claim to the local court for all of them together?
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