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  1. Ok Guys, Could do with a little help if anyone can? I've double checked through all my statements and im confident I've got all he charges listed. The only thing is I closed my account at the start of June as Clydesdale were repeatedly charging me and I couldn't keep up. Unfortunately it also means that I havn't been sent my May Statements which I really don't want to miss off my claim as there was a considerable volume of charges clumped into the month. Also, as the account is now closed, I can't even use Internet Banking to get the info. So.. Is there any way to get this information from them? I would grudgingly pay the £5 per sheet standard dup statement cost as it's only a single month but would this mean I have to wait another 3 months for them to print or can they be requested in the branch over the counter? Andy
  2. Hurray! Finally got my statements after 113 days! Got the highlighter out and spent an hour or so going through them.. It's already been a worthwhile experiece just realising how badly I've been managing my finances of late! Oddly enough, it seems the more I've been earning over the last 6 years, the more trouble I seem to get into Anyway, first count puts my total at around £1700 but i think im going to go through a couple more times to make sure I've got things right before moving on to the next stage. I've also not included any unathorised interest charges in that as im not sure im confident that i know which o include, though interest charges do seem extortionate for months I've gone over my authorised overdraft. Anyway, off to go and double check my figures before trying to get my head around the interest spreadsheets! Andy
  3. No progress as yet.. still waiting 107 days and counting.. Caroline, Looks like you were luckier in getting your statements when you did. Not really been reading much on here lately so not sure what your next steps are.. Aidcam, yeah, it's really frustrating.. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be much we can do about besides wait around though. Don't get too disheartened though, I've read numerous cases of people who've won against Clydesdale in this forum. Stick at it, im sure we'll get there eventually.
  4. Thanks for the info diddled, it's somewhat comforting to know im not alone though it's not exactly reassuring! 127 days really does seem way out of the bounds of what Clydesdale suggest is merely a reasonable delay due to the volume of requests.
  5. Still not much to report back yet.. Despite numerous phone calls and a couple of letters placed to the bank I have still not received a single statement from the bank after 87 days! Did go to the court to enquire about forcing compliance and the clerk advised me that he didn't think there was much which could be done, rather I may be better arguing for damages when I finally get to put a claim in.. Is this really the correct process in Scotland? Seems unlikely I'd be able to successfully claim damages on top of what they owe me given the £750 limit here and the likelihood that I'll have to apply through the FOS.
  6. Well done Caroline! :grin: Yup, next step your prelim letter found here Hope thats a sign that they are catching up and mine will come soon too! Andy
  7. Apologies from here too Caro, hijacking certainly wasn't the intent - I just thought my post/input/questions were pretty on-topic to Caroline's situation.
  8. Caro, Can the claimant use a Scottish address for these purposes? I was under the impression that to use the English system we had to have an address based in England or is this just for the MCOL? Also, by sending to Leeds court, would this mean we would have to prepare ourselves for a trip down to Leeds should Clydesdale wait right until the last minute? Been trying to find time to get to the court (in Edinburgh) during office hours to see what they can tell me about taking action through the Scottish system, I'm sure there must be a way though think I may need help with the forms... Hopefully the court has some friendly clerks which are willing to advise..
  9. ok, my bank are now giving me 28 days to pay off my entire overdraft or they say they will close my account and pass details of my debt to them to Credit reference agencies. Made a SAR request on the 26th Feb, thus far, no satisfactory response has been made. Is this enough to class my account as "in Dispute" and stop them further damaging my credit rating or is there anything further I need to do? A
  10. Hi texel, Thanks for that, I have already complained to the information commissioner though with the volume of complaints they are recieving they are now just writing to the banks with batches of cases asking them to insure they respond ASAP. Am looking to put a little more pressure on by using the Scottish Sherrif Court to force compliance. Phoning the bank is a good idea though, most of my correspondance with them has been in writing thus far.. Will see who i can get hold of tommorrow..
  11. There seems to be quite alot of people in the same boat as myself whereby they are struggling to get a list of their charges due to the bank failing to comply with the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) While the templates folder gives a good guide info on non-compliance template letters, the paticulars of a claim appear very geared up towards the English system. Can anyone tell me if I can use these same particulars of a claim within Forms 1a & 1b as laid out in the Scottish Procedure thread? Cheers Andy
  12. Clydesdale seem to be constantly failing to respond to S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) requests.. I'm having the same trouble myself, as have a few others.. Where are you 49kirk? There is some info here about how to pursue it through the court system though it appears to be based on the English system, don't think there's any guidelines for the Sherrif Court in Scotland which I'm trying to get my head around. A
  13. The small claims limit in Scotland is only £750 so it sounds like your probably going to be over that as im sure I will. Think the suggestion at the moment is that we might be able to claim through the financial Ombudsman rather than the courts as long as we have our full list of charges and the banks final offer. As for the going to court (to force the bank to give details of charges) I think the costs are £39 initially, then a further £26 if the courts have to serve the bank with a summons. This should be refunded when you win though. Andy
  14. Hey again, If they received your 2nd letter (Subject Access Request) on the 14/3/07 as you say, then they should have responded by 23/4/07 and their time is already up.. From what I've read from others I would probably just ignore what the branch told you about another 3 weeks and stick to your 7 days before court action date.. The links to the forms are above Andy
  15. There are links to the court forms in the the Scottish Procedure thread here Basically we need Form 1a and form Form 1b The instructions in that thread tell you how to court for the costs so I plan to use some the info & particulars here. Not sure how much this will need to be adjusted for the Scottish Courts system though.
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