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  1. Apoloigies for this not being under the success area - site won't let me post there....


    Started claim for £110 3 months ago. Had all the usual fob off letters. Issued MCOL - N/W defended but have now sent a letter advising that they've refunded money and they are not closing my account. I moved banks anyway so only use their account for the free overseas cash withdrawals.

  2. I think it's really bad that NW want to close your account. They have admitted their charges were wrong when they gave them back to you.


    I hope your letter works but I have to agree that the leaflet campaign would not be a good idea. You may attract Police attention and I'm sure that a good citizen like you wouldn't want that. I do totally agree with the principals though.


    I'm chasing them for £120 so I will let everybody know the outcome.


    Good luck - can't wait to hear if you win!

  3. Richard


    I am too starting to claim against Nationwide but for £110 being 3 bounced cheques at the exceeded o/d fee. I tried the nice approach but they sent me two letters saying basically no chance. I called them to discuss it but guess what.. they can't as the people who answer the phones don't have the authority. Today I sent them the first letter giving them 14 days to repay or I'll take them to court. Good luck!

  4. Has anybody been charged by Diners for bouncing a payment? I was charges £20 by them. When I called them they promised to refund it but now they say that their advisor didn't say that. As Diners is a Charge Card rather than a Credit Card does the rule of unfair charges still apply?

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