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  1. hi there, [new thread cos no one replies to my one! please don't merge it mods] i finally got all of my statements - have added it up and it comes to £3731 but i need the spreadsheet before i can send the LBA (as i need to include this and work out interest) BUT the link in the library is not working!!!!! help!!!! can anyone direct me to a link that works or send me a copy please? it's the England - Advanced - Excel copy i'm after thanks
  2. still nothing - 40 days is now up
  3. thanks for the reply yep, i know they have 40 days but i was after other's experiences. i did post about it in here twice but no one answered, hence the new thread! sorry - guess i'm too impatient! lol
  4. hi there, i received the 14 months worth of statements about 12 days ago, any idea how long until i get the rest on microfiche? thanks
  5. i've had the 14 months worth of statements a couple of weeks ago - how long before i should receive the microfiche?
  6. i still haven't heard anything at all from abbey...they have a few more weeks tho!
  7. just bumping this to see if anyone has had their account closed?
  8. hello all, this is my first post yesterday i sent off the first letter requesting statements etc i shall keep posting here to keep a record of my progress i have a question - how many of you had Abbey close your account and at what stage? i have a £1200 overdraft that i'm often in (but not over) and if they close the account or remove my overdraft that would be a pain (to say the least! lol). However, tomorrow i am going to open a parachute account just to be on the safe side thanks
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