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  1. I recieved cahoots response on the 1st feb and the letter was in response to the courts letter
  2. Hi The date the stay started was the day in court 05.01.07. I did not send a letter to cahoot as I waited for the letter confirming the details the judge had said,(see above) obviously Cahoot got a copy hence why they sent the letter back refusing to pay(also see above) Hence why I am confused.
  3. OK if the bank reply which i think they will (sod off!) I need to fill in the N244 form, but this will cost £35 which i cannot recover? the judge knew they had paid the original claim amount but after I explained the extra charges between the submit date and the court date he gave me the stay for 1 month. I gather then that now this month has passed I can no longer amend my claim and i will have to start a new one. Is this correct?
  4. Thank you! With the judge saying I can amend my claim it confused me.
  5. Thanks all Its nice to know I can rely on this forum for help!
  6. Hi Is there anyone there can give me some advice on this? I need to do something soon as time is pressing.
  7. Thanks all, I think I am going blind! donation made.
  8. All i can see is a link to self-adhesive envelope labels for £3.50
  9. I successfully took Cahoot to court for £738. However between the date of the submission to MCOL and the court date I was charged a total of £150 in charges for exceeding my overdraft. I was sure I read somewhere that you are entitled to claim the charges back for this period so Cahoots settled 7 days before the hearing date ( £738 ) but I attended court and presented the evidence to the judge who then stated that because Cahoot were not there to represent themselves and the charges in questions are unsubstantiated he would place a 1 month stay on the matter. This was followed up by a letter from the court stating I then received a letter from Cahoot saying This confused me as it seemed to contradict the judge’s permission so I called the court to ask for guidance on the next step. I was told that I would need to write a letter to the judge in the case to ask for guidance. In writing this letter I would like to quote the information I found regarding tasking for the extra charges, can anyone point me the right direction or give me some sage advice? Thanking you all in advance. IJS
  10. I think we should all say a big thank you to people who start sites such as this, the people who take the time to hold your hand when you are not sure of the next step you should take when you get the usual "sod off "letter from your bank. I personally used another site for info before finding this excellent site, and threw the advice/info I gained I have successfully claimed £3510 from Halifax & £738 from cahoot. I think the owners of this site should set up a donation link to help fund this site as the hosting costs for a site are not cheap! I for one would be first in line to donate! Thank guys and keep up the good work! IJS
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