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  1. Ombudsman administrator has come down on my side on everything but Barclays still not having it. So now it’s to the ombudsman himself.
  2. Yes but they say I still have debt but my mortgage now covers the old arrears. But they refuse to accept it. Even though I am paying the mortgage
  3. I recently remortgaged with Barclays to reduce my monthly out goings and to clear an arears amount which was due to ill health. Four years ago I was made redundant from work and then had a heart condition which meant I couldn’t work for a couple of years. went on to interest only, and in all this time I never missed a payment. two years ago started a new business and started to get the arrears down paying a substantial amount on top of my repayment figure. After about a year I rang the arrears dept to try and get the figures lowered and they advised me to go t
  4. The chrage is for consumer loans and yes I have all transactions the last payment being in 2008 but the loan is agreed with no interest at all nil. and it did have 250 pounds of ppi included in the loan. so from what your saying then I will have to pay a negotiated amount.
  5. What does seem funny was there was a second agreement signed which was repayment and they havent sent that agreement which is the one that is current. the one that they did send has been fully repaid!!!!
  6. Where do I find the library to get a SAR template?? not been on here for a long time. Also is there PPi on this agreement?? Cheers
  7. Hi Andy, it was originally interest only then I think it was changed to repayment but we dont have any paperwork, they only just sent the interest only agreement through. Not the agreement after. I suppose I need to SAR them ?? About 10 years ago I took the second agreement to a solicitor who said that he didnt feel that the paperwork was right but that because it was over 25k the was no way to fight it. But I now know that that 25k has risen?
  8. I dont know but but Manchester building society have only just come on the scene, so the answer would be that no they wont be on the charge. Ther is something very funny going on, which make me think it isnt straight forward for them.
  9. Above is the agreement they sent. My Questions are ! is the document legal? 2 is there anything that can be claimed? 3 Have they got all the legal right to claim back what they are asking? yes the charge is their name but one of them has sadly passed away.
  10. havent been on here for a long time but here goes My father in law took a loan out in 1990 with consumer loan company ( now defuncked) for £50k interest only. the loan was fully repaid after 5 years and transfered onto another loan ( Repayment) which had a charge on his property. After quite a few years when the loan had gone down to about 10k I took the paperwork down to a solicitor who told me that although the loan agreement was not legal the fact that it was over 25k meant that he could not claim against C/ loans. He started to get calls from CEO asking if w
  11. Has anyone been offered money to redeem there mortgage with rooftop????? as I have,:??? and today, they rang me to say that they would consider more money off if I couldnt raise enough funds.
  12. My son took it on himself to apply for his provisional driving licence, through a company called (driving licence applications) but who are registered as Caveal Viator Ltd. When he asked the dvla what had happened to his application he was informed that no application had been received, we then found out that this company charge £50 just for applying and another £50 for the licence, but in the phone recordings it does say you have to be 18 to use this service. My question is that we have asked for a refund as we dont want to use there service and they have refused to re
  13. still nothing from OC so gonna see if I can now set aside judgement, just need some help with wording?
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