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  1. What is that likely to be worth?? I want to take them for all I can
  2. The ombudsman says the have never seen a case like this before !! There was 499 plus emails with total misinformation and lies. This has been very stressful causing me to after having open heart surgery to return to hospital with very high blood pressure. They have even tried to stop me having a mortgage holiday but the ombudsman stepped in. It was never ending. To this day I can’t get a loan personally or my business because of the marker that says I’m in arrears which I am not
  3. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to give you notice that if I do not receive compliance from Barclays to the order made by the financial ombudsman that you received on the 27th of April (to which you had 28 days to comply) within the next seven days I will commence legal proceedings. I will also seek costs, damages, and interest on all overpayments. In order to comply with the order made, Barclays must do the following: 1.Take the marker off my credit file stating I am in arrears. The Ombudsman have deemed this incor
  4. I have decided to send the 7 day letter and commence small claims court proceedings next week after getting a letter from Barclays for me to fill in a I&e form because it says I am in arrears. Totally amazed at the stupidity of this bank. The only problem I have is I don’t know how much I need to ask them reimburse because they won’t send me statements!! Totally refusing to do it.
  5. Last thursday< but today barclays asked me to today to do a expenditure form be cause of my arrears which does not exist
  6. Yes they said they were escalating but nothing seems to happen
  7. I have tried to go through the fos but they dont seem to get anywhere. Can you advise what i need to change in my letter to bcobs as barclays have done nothing but lie and try to obstuct me as much as possible. I was in intensive when this all started and they showed no compassion whatsoever so i want to take them for what i can.
  8. But should I send the letter above or adapt it to say about the bcobs?
  9. Yes, that’s the letter above, can they just ignore the fos then?
  10. They have not responded in any way other than ask me today to fill out income and expenditure form , which has no relevance as to what the ombudsman has said. Barclays have totally could
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