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  1. I have looked over the documents again, The last payment was in December 2008 (Although it appears to have been reversed due to DD not being collected) The account was closed in July 2009 - Presumably sold to Lowell. I have a few defaults and need to try and match up all 3 credit reports to see what's what. Im sending this letter to them - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387368-Letter-to-be-sent-when-debt-is-Statute-Barred-**Update-21st-April-2014** Is Without Prejudice really needed in this letter?
  2. The original creditor is Vanquis Bank, then it looks like Lowells took it over and Lucas are collecting for them. Not sure on credit file, I am in the process of ordering statutory reports, I have Noodle and it's not on there - but there are a few more that are over 6 years old... I was rather stupid in my younger days
  3. Quick Question, I got a letter about an alleged debt with Lowell from Lucas. I sent a CCA request with a £1 postal order, got a letter back a month later saying "No payment was enclosed, so your request can't be dealt with" (Appears to be a tactic to get a phone call to complain... I didn't bite) Then I get a copy of an online application form for a credit card from the CC Company a few weeks later Then a few weeks after that, I get a statement of account for the same credit card, with a copy of the online application form. Then yesterday I get a letter asking me to pay for a 60% discount if paid in 1 go, 30% if paid over 3 months or 0% if I make a longer term payment plan. I looked and the last payment was over 6 years, and also the account was "Closed - Writeoff" by the CC Company over 6 years ago too. Am I right in saying this is Statute Barred, I have made no other contact with them (Or any other DCA) apart from the single CCA request? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thats now £888.14 + that I have been charged. I have had £75 refunded as noted above so thats 813.14 that I am out of pocket by nationwide charges. I did not send in a SAR as I had found the details online. What is the best way to start the ball rolling now and do I have any chance of getting any of these charges back (Normally charges on charges) I have tried over the phone but cant get anywhere, they say because £75 was refunded in August 12 that is all they can do. I am just really rubbish at numbers, budgeting and money, this seems to be getting the better of me.
  5. I finally got my online login details and have been able to log in for the first time since Feb 2012 (I have had no sight of any statement since this time, nor any notifications of charges) These dates below are the months the charges are notified on my statement and will have been debited 28 days after the statement date (20th I think) £15.00 March 12 £15.00 April 12 £30.00 May 12 £75.01 June 12 £95.58 July 12 £20.03 August 12 (75.00 Refunded after telephone complaint) £15.00 September 12 £35.50 October 12 £20.00 November 12 £20.00 December 12 £50.00 January 13 £50.60 February 13 £95.24 March 13 £80.74 April 13 £35.44 May 13 That makes it £578.14 total charges, the annoying thing is the charges are putting me below £0.00 and triggering another charge. Any advice on the next step would be appreciated
  6. Ok, will try agaiin. Do I have any chance of success with this one? or does the court case close this avenue?
  7. Its Nationwide, I registered and the code didn't turn up, then it did after re-registering and it locked me out again. I still use the account and it is not overdrawn, I am just guessing the amounts as every time I call them my account is overdrawn again - despite no overdraft being available on a basic account???
  8. I do not have a cheque book with my account, could I authorise them to take the £10 from my account?
  9. I opened an account with Nationwide about a year ago, I signed up for the cash card + account with no overdraft facility. I am absolutely rubbish with numbers and got locked out of my online banking, I have tried many times to reregister and keep getting locked out before I can log in again and have had no statements. I am only guessing but I am being charged £100 a month in bank charges, I have had no notifications of charges as all statements online which is locked out. I think I have paid £1000 in charges, but no way of accounting for them, they have been mainly charges for going overdrawn after delayed visa transactions followed by another charge for being overdrawn because the charge sent me back overdrawn. I know the high court ruled the charges are "fair" but would my case be "exceptional"? Where do I start? Thanks in advance
  10. Get a solicitor, file court procedings and the county court will "Automatically award three times the deposit held" £550 x 3!!! This is as long as the law obliging landlords to "protect" deposits was enforced on the date you paid it Sure you will get more sound advice shortly... hth
  11. Pay by cheque and stop it, or pay by credit card and recall it as a "Payment made under duress" See the Private Parking Charges Guide
  12. Just had some gippo in a recovery truck pounding at the door, didnt answer he took a photo of the car and left... It is parked on the drive so do you think I should move it?
  13. I am a Mr... The exhaust was not blowing but it was nearly touching the ground (from point of sale just not noticed) the corossion was on the brackets and joint between the two parts of exhaust. Also the other fault that still exists is the handbrake cable is "nearly" uneffective, the handbrake needs to go to the top to work. There was not much difference between mot mileage and the car was bought at 108'000 miles (W reg 1999/2000 I think)
  14. I checked and it only had advisory on tyres... it was MOT'd 1 month before purchase
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