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  1. Thanks Hedgey I can't believe it, I was prepared for another day of printing etc I just got my suit out of moth balls. No need anymore, the relief is euphoric. Fortune favours the brave, as Parkvale says.
  2. Hi all, not in my wildest dreams did I think I would win, I know lots of you have but I am not the type of person that has any luck or ever wins anything. But guess what I WON, WON, WON, ME I WON. I WON I WON I WON I WON. Just getting rid of some excitement. I haven't even read the full letter yet, just the bid about gesture of goodwill and the cheque is enclosed. I want to thank everyone for their support, without you I would never have got this far. Hedgey, Steven, Parkvale, Michael and Fendy(where ever you are?) and everyone else for their useful threads. Donation will be on its way. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.
  3. Hedgey, thanks for the reply. I have read the thread GOT A COURT DATE, and printed off the information I need. Allocation hearing witness statement, Draft order for Directions, reasons why they should be ordered but the statement of evidence is causing some concern. At the end of the statement where it says documents attatched in support of this statement - where do I get this info from? The OFT report for April 2006, House of Commons early day motion etc Is all this required for a 5 min hearing? Do I have to take 3 copies with me? Thanks Potty
  4. Hi Hedgey, Thanks for the reply and congratulations on your promotion. VIP now. My request for T & C's was ignored by Cobblers but Nat West sent a letter to say they dealing with my request! How should I notify the courts of this deliberate delaying tactic so close to Prelim day. I am the type of person that will chew the judges ear off and I know I have to show restraint BUT IT IS SOOOOO difficult. I don't want the judge to miss out on any important information, my son will be taking the muzzle! Should I type a letter or just mention it during my allocated 5 mins. Ha ha, I bet we overrun. I just hope for everyone's sake they make me an offer before friday. Thanks Potty.
  5. Good Morning Caggers, I have turned into a serial Postman Stalker hoping and waiting for my big fat cheque. Great news to see all the settled cases, can't wait to join the list but sadly for me the battle continues. I have got the Prelim hearing on Friday and would be grateful of some advice. Firstly my son has to take the day off work and we all know that Cobblers won't turn up, can I mention to the judge about abuse of the court process? Also what can I do about claiming wasted costs, I know I can't claim this until after the case but can I threaten them beforehand about my intention? Does anyone know how the judge is likely to react to the defence not attending? When will the court be notified about Cobblers absence in court? Any ammunition welcome. Thanks Potty.
  6. Thanks Michael, I have printed these but I thought they had been updated and the contents had changed since 2000. I do not have the originals as the account was closed in 2005 and all paperwork burned.
  7. Thanks Steven will do for the second time.
  8. Thanks Michael for the reply. When Cobbetts wrote to me they gave me 14 days to reply or they would apply to court to have the case struck out, not fair I can't do the same. What can I do now as my request was for T & Cs? Thanks Potty.
  9. Michael thanks for reply but what a shame. When Cobbetts wrote to me they gave me 14 days to reply or they would apply to have the case struck out, so I thought it should be the same if they do not reply to my letter. My request was for the T & C's, can you advise what I should do now? Thanks Potty.
  10. Mazza, a massive congratulations, all that fear can just disappear, no court bundle to sort out. Enjoy your money, I hope to be in the same position myself very soon. Potty.
  11. Good afternoon all, can anyone advise about whether or not I can apply to have the case struck out because cobbetts did not reply within 14 days as requested. Thanks Potty.
  12. A big congrats to you, now you can relax and enjoy. This news is good for us all who are still fighting, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck. Potty.
  13. Good morning all, I have been very busy gathering all the info preparing for the prelim hearing on 6 July. I wrote to Cobbetts and Nasty West on 5th June requesting the T & Cs for both the Advantage Gold and Current Account Plus giving them 14 days to reply. Its now been 17 days and no reply. Can I apply to the courts to have the case struck out as they have not replied within a reasonable time limit? I also sent the court a copy of both letters so they are aware of my request. Can anyone help with the legal jargon I should use when writing to the court to have the case struck out if that is possible? Thanks Potty.
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