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  1. doesnt no 1 read only asking for advice no wonder peeps are in debt ffs
  2. i sent for DPA with the £10 now they have only sent a breakdown of statements. in the DPA letter it asks for my original terms and conditions which havent been sent, so what do i need to do.i asked for statments since 1997 , they start from 2001 to 2007 also its with a dca . what action do i take from here cheers.
  3. basically i am after the charges before the £12 was put on the account the charges since 2001 to 2005 as 2006 was frozen till i missed 2 payments jan till aprill this year i was charged the £12 hopefully they will freeze the intrest and charges as they know they are getting some payments ..
  4. b.t.w whats a I.E form ?? the women i talked to at MBNA said a budget plan was on the cccs website ,so MBNA must have acess to my details can they see my other creditors to who im paying .
  5. they have agreed to freeze charges if a regular payment is made ,they said the charges for late payment from jan to march wont be put back into my account as i missed payments last december till feb. im after charges dating from 2002 till 2005 as from 2005 till 2006 i was paying them on time ect.,i dont know what happens next got to wait till my DPA letter gets a response i think its a good idea to always pay them something cant beleive the hassle every 1 is having with MBNA.
  6. first i received a letter in response to my DPA letter requesting statements ect , from mr Bailey saying they are looking into it by the 8 May thats 8 days b4 the 40 days . also i rang MBNA today asking that they freeze the charges and intrest as they have received my budget plan from MY dmp , I THINK IF YOUR ON A DMP WITH CCS they will freeze charges as they know they are getting a payment, now what i want to know will they get funny if i ask for old charges from 5 years ago . thanks for all the help b.t.w always give them a mobile no and use a spare sim card for banks ect .
  7. im a bit worried if i claim for the money they have given back only part so do i just ask for the whole lot start as they havent given me it all back, i dont wat to be done for fraud lol
  8. but can u still claim and claim every time they put the charges on ??
  9. after i got a claim back which they havent put all of it into my account they NWB have charged me another £28 now can i claim this its the banks fault for making me overdrawn , have i to send LBA letter also im thinking of charging the bank for my LBA letter and costs ie recorded letters ive sent its getting me down all this hassle.
  10. cheers mate its getting difficult all this hassle , have i to send CCA to MBNA ..
  11. im worried im paying MBNA via cccs dm plan ,now what i want to know is can i put the account into dispute whilst paying monies into the account , cccs told me they cant stop paying MBNA im paying less than i own MBNA ..
  12. just read your thread ive had an account for 7 years and recently got into financial difficulties, ive sent DPA letter last week now ive been reading alot about this CCA letter ive not asked for 1 as ive sent the DPA .
  13. listen i paid january and febuary my £14.99 by direct debit , now at the end of FEB i rang Vm up a indian women took my call i told her ive changed banks i need a new dd mandate, now march came after i cancelled with my bank im hit with charges,so i thought if this is how vm treat new customers im going to take my custom elsewhere, if VM cant get staff to do the job they can f--- o-- becouse next stop is the office of fair traiding .. btw i was paying my bill on time until as it was by dd surley they could have wrote to me saying we cant get it from ur bank ect so the indian women is to blame ..
  14. MBNA have until 16 may to reply to my DPA , so do they MBNA send my statements ect , im confused what does ts mean?? thanks for your info looks like MBNA are difficult but once you involve ic ect they sit up , think i am going to have to read and learn its getting scary and im worried about all this .i wouldnt mind it was on news tonight a businessman from Norwich as just won £35,988 from Nat West after accusing it of charging unlawfull charges, Nat West said it was settling the case only becouse its legal costs are too high . so lets take MBNA to court if Nat West can pay out why not MBNA something is wrong .
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