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  1. thanks barty no its not its about £389 more than i was expecting!!!!! not sure what to do!!!!!!
  2. i have just gone on LTSB on line banking to check my account and they have funded £711.15 into my account the pliot thickens!!!!!instead of £610.13 as stated in the letter!!!!!
  3. :) i've won, i've won, i recieved a letter from SC&M yeserday stating their client will be settling the claim and depositing the sum of £610.13 incl of interest and fees within the next 5 working days, but i do not know how they get this figure!!! they state that LLOYDYS REFUNDED ME £375.00 Which they didn't it was £750 so they have not even looked at my wittness statement in my court bundle nor had the currect information from Llodyds!!!! this amount of money is too much but if i take the other £375 from £610.13 they still owe me money!!! anyone have any advise please!!!!!
  4. I Passed My Court Bundle In At The Court On The 26th May And Also Sent A Copy To Sc&m. I Was Hoping I Would Of Heard Something From Them By Now My Court Hearing Is 19th June!!!!!! I'm Just Hoping The Court Bundle Was Correctly But Together I Did Try To Get Help But No One Seem To Answer My Questions On Certain Threads I Posted!!!!!!
  5. i'm confused yet again!!!! do i do a 'witness statement' for my court bundle or a 'statement of evidence'!!!!!!!! or both!!!!! also i've been trying to down load the Australian default charges report 'nicole Rich' but can't find it on the site theres a link to!!!!! please help me i'm thinking of calling the whole thing of at the moment as i just can't seem to get me head around all this paper work and the more i read the more confussed i get!!!!!!!
  6. hi i need help please!!!! sorry!! but can someone please explain how to do an updated schedule when you have recieved £750 from lloyds!!!! i know you've most probably have told x amount of people in the past but i have tried looking but can not find any threads with this imformation. i've got paper work coming out of my ears at the moment with doing the court bundle and is still not sure if i'm doing it right!!!! so sorry for being a pain but help would be appreciated:)
  7. GREAT NEWS suzy 75 i wish i was as lucky i've not heard a thing from anyone and i'm having a night mare trying to get my court bundle together!!!! well done thou:D
  8. PLEASE HELP!!!! as you can see from above i am doing my court bundle and are very confussed!!!! i have read different threads and people aren't getting told the same thing and i'm not sure what to put in the bundle now!!!!! so far i have got together; all letters from me,bankand court latest schedule of charges statements relevant case law summary from the court bundle statement of the OFTs postion UTCCR 1999 LLODYS TSB SERVICE CHARGES /BUSINESS CHARGES BBC NEWS MONEY PROGRAMME BANK COMMISSION PETER MCNAMARA BBC INTERVEIW WITNESS STATEMENT plus i need to tell the court that lloyds have paid me that £750 do i also need to put that into my bundle!!!! have i got the right things together????? please some HELP!!! theres so much paper!!!!
  9. hi everyone i need some help just getting my court bundle done and i need to have someone to check my calculations for my up dated schedule of claim charges my first schedule was done on the 26 feb 07 claim for £985.34 including 8% up to that date!! daily interest of £0.21 30 days later LLodys paid a good will gasture £750.00 (28 mar 07) 30 days at £0.21 is £6.30 985.34 + 6.30 = 991.64 - 750.00 =241.64 leaving a rate of interest at 0.05 a day now do i have to apply this rate up to my court date which is the 19th june on my court bundle or just to the date i complete my court bundle and take it in:confused:
  10. Hi Suzy, I Haven't Started My Court Bundle Yet Got A Head Cold So Can't Get My Head Around That At The Moment!!!! I Have Saved A Copy Of It A Looked At It Quickly But Found It Abit Confussing!! (thats Nothing New To Me!!!! Ha) Will Keep You Posted Hope You Have Better Luck Phoning The Courts Than I Did I Was Abit Confussed After Phoning Them!!!! I'm Still Not Sure If My Hearing Is Full Hearing!!!!
  11. hi suzy75 must admit i'm hoping LTSB will pay up before going to court!!! i phoned them today (court) and i do have to send in a court bundle 14 days before the hearing even thou it was not stated on the letter i recieved from them. good luck anyway and keep intouch let me know how you get on!!!
  12. phoned the courts today, and got confussed answers, i asked if this was a full hearing and the women looked at her computer and said she thinks it is!!! even thou i only been given 15 mins. i asked why i haven't been asked to file and serve documents 14 days before the hearing she said you will have to do that. i told her this was not stated on the letter and by the sounds of it they don't put that on the letters!!!!
  13. yes thanks barty i read through her threads. i may still phone the court tomorrow and see what they say!!!
  14. mine definately says 15 mins, hopefully llodys will pay up by then!!! the thought of going into court gives me shievers!!!
  15. sorry don't take any notice to the above!!! we must of been writing at the same time!!! ok i phone the courts tomorrow
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