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  1. Have heard from the Liberal party and they are behind us, so I guess I know where my vote is going.
  2. I have a 2nd medical tomorrow which I do not understand. I am scared of nobody don't worry and I know some very powerful media people. They also told me in an email that my condition was going to improve and that is absolute rubbish. Degenerative means degenerative. They are even trying to change the meaning of words now! I think that is terrible what happened to you and your condition means you should not have any stress or worry.
  3. I wrote a violent letter to old Freud lol and it was powerfully violent I can tell you. I told him (this is not the savage bit) that before he danced up and down with glee saying we were all poor little people dependant on welfare without skills that I had only left work in June this year and had a list of skills so I thought maybe I must be dependant on work! He is such an idiot. All I got back was an acknowledgement of my email, not even a letter. They are all cowards. The Tories are rubbing their hands with glee. I wrote to the Liberal party to hear their views and after 12 emails had to face the fact that even a Liberal is not interested in the disabled. Nazi party springs to mind. Next we will get beaten up by people and called all sorts of names just for being disabled. If the government has no respect nor will the people. Honestly I have never been so mad about something in my entire life. People who do not suffer pain honestly have no idea and what about the mentally ill who suffer dreadful depression that is not visible in terms of injury, that is painful too. I told Freud to at least have the honestly to wrap a bullet up for everyone on benefits and send it to them.
  4. Apologies to you mkb as I did take your answer the wrong way! I have signed the petition and have got a further 22 people to do so too. It really breaks my heart to think of those disabled people who do not have a loving family like I do who pop over all the time and support me emotionally. How must they feel, how frightened and worried. Mans inhumanity to man is putting it mildly.
  5. MKB I do not believe for one moment that ATOS have got rid of any 'spongers' only sincere claimants. It is a question of being able to sustain a job or sustain a movement, both items missing from any software questions. I too have top DLA for life but I am still being told I can work. I gave up in June a job that paid alot of money. Why on earth would I have to do that if I can work? It does not matter if somebody can adapt, they adapt to improve their life not to work so it makes their life more painful. People who have ME are being told they can sign on at the Job Centre, most of them are not even getting ESA once ATOS sees them. And being awarded DLA for life is not going to save anybody. It will be gone, fact. This is what the entire thing is leading up to. I really feel for you JimmySpangle, the pain levels are awful. I have fentanyl 75mcg patches which is stronger than morphine, tramadol, amitriptyline and levels are still about 8. The exhaustion is also another part, falling asleep all the time.
  6. MKB - I think you will find that is one of the reasons behind introducing ESA, the majority of people on DLA will be on ESA and that way they can say it is not a viable payout as it is better for the local authority to have it. I believe that we are going to be subjected to more and more restrictions in the UK and will end up unable to go out or do anything through lack of care and funds.
  7. JimmySpangle I too have worked for 35 years full time and raised a family. I have a crushed spine at T12 and damage to L5 plus compression and arthritis of the spine and the rest of my body. I have osteoporosis as well. I have been placed in the category of limited capability but can work. I only left work in June as I was suicidal with the pain from sitting in a chair. Apparently the reason they gave me is that I am going to get better later on. I said my illness is degenerative and they said yes but a man once had an amputation and he learned to live with it. Exactly, they are mad as hatters. They have a software that asks questions deliberately obscure so that you cannot say yes but by saying no you get no points. I am fighting and I will never give up. They are cruel and out of order.
  8. I think there is another issue here. Once they have 90% of the disabled population classed as either fit for work or fit but with limited capability they will then get rid of 90% of DLA money. The only people who will receive this money, if at all, will be the 10% in the support group. Most likely nobody will receive it in a year or so.
  9. I agree to keep complaining. I never stop but the bottom line is this is a cruel and evil rule and it is not going to change by individual's complaining, it is going to change only by a mass following. The government are determined to make this Little America and so will the next government. Lord Freud said himself how amazing it was that all us disabled people had been wrapped up and kept from working! How ill informed is that for an MP?
  10. JOSHhd Thank you for your kind response. I am not sure what you mean by lucky. I still get ESA and my report shows I am disabled but they still hold a bizarre idea that I can work with help. I have only just given up 14 weeks ago and am 55yrs of age. Their logic is non existent. Why would I give up work if I could work? I have complained to all the right people but it will still not change a fundamentally cruel system. The software is designed to fail 99% into groups 1 and 2 leaving only 10% in the support group. The public will believe that disabled people are pretending and there will be less respect for suffering than there ever has been.
  11. Mazbck I do feel so for you. This is what they are like. They are using computer software to generate unsuitable questions that result in the answer they want. I mean if I said to you can you stand you would say yes but if I asked you how long for that would be a very different story. The answers the computer wants is yes or no. ATOS is reknowned for being a software generated industry who took its criteria from the USA medical insurance claims which are set up to fail 99% of claimants. Do not let them get to you even though it makes you weep. Get in touch with your MP
  12. bs0lth are you really saying that ATOS are fair? You must be a very trusting person. They are saying everyone can work even if they do class them as limited capability. I only left work in June and have a crushed spine plus degenerative bone disorder but hey ho, according to ATOS this could improve! And yes the lady was nice who I say and yes she said I could not walk, had limited movement in upper body but the results are the same, unless you are in a coma 24/7 you can go back to work.
  13. I too have worked for 35 years and have 5 years to retirement! What alarms me is that where else in the UK would you have a company being allowed to give results on people when they are paid to fail them? I was so outraged and have been very ill since receiving my letter. Had the doctor out today and he said that doctors are not too pleased either having their professional integrity swept aside by some health company second guessing their diagnosis.
  14. Atos asked me if I could walk far with my stick, I said about 25 metres maximum if assisted. They then wrote I could walk further with a stick and am now placed in the work related activity group even though I get high care and mobility from the DLA. They are sick and so is the government. Bullies.
  15. What shall I do without my allowance? Dear Social Services, please can you spare me a few bob so I can go out this weekend. Dear Leahkins, No, we require 300 forms of identification and a medical. Yes I know you had one last week but we have to be sure that the money is going to the right people. Having nightmares about the entire thing. Better start learning to whistle.
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