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  1. In May 2005 I bought a recently renovated farmhouse. The Building Warranty had been signed off by the council to say all work carried out was completed and correct. Fast forward to Dec 2012, due to flooding my septic tank started rising from the ground. The guy who came out to fix it, immediately noticed the tank had not been set in concrete, which was the reason it had risen. So basically the builder had not completed the work to the specifications required by the septic tank company. This then null and void any claim on my building/home insurance. The building company went bust a few years back, so can't sue him BUT would I have a claim against the Council since they signed the work off!! The septic tank basically needs lifted out the ground, refitted and the concrete surround completed this time. This is going to run into a couple of thousand pounds. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Speedfreak, the WO was attached to my Mental Health team buts work for the council. Exact words were " They need to be informed, better coming from you BUT if you dont do it I will have too. I do realise she has a job to do BUT such a bolt out of the blue! She left me in tears, so much my CPN had to come down and calm me down. Nystagmite..my letter say's my claim is on my contibutions then say's IR but against IR it said nothing was taken into account! Still confused..
  3. Thanks guys for your posts. I looked at my letters still not any wiser what percentage is re CONs and IR. I have tried to find some info on Internet, still no luck. My CPN is just as confused, we are trying to draft a letter explaining this but struggling! I just want to clarify what exactly my entitlement was and if they took the income I declared on the form into account. Can't afford to pay back any over payment in a lump sum.. As I said this is a nightmare, I have worked since I was 16 until I was 45 really thought I had paid enough NI when I put claim in.
  4. Antone, thank your for your reply. It is a single claim. How would I know how much my claim is made up of Contributions and how much is made up of IR. Would this make a difference? I dont know what do do next. I don't have the bank statements will have to contact the back? Will this take the usual 4 weeks to get, do I have to SAR the bank, will DWP wait?? I can't think straight.
  5. Thank you really appreciate it. Sorry about signature have not been on for a while, forgot it was even there. The other thing is the house I live in belongs to my husband (ex), the mortgage and title deeds are in his name only, as are most of the utility bills. Bad move on my part BUT we had finally agreed that since he caused my mental health issues I could stay here until my health improves and he would cover all the Household bills. The account the money goes into has running cost for both this house and the house he lives in.
  6. I have been on ESA since June 2009. I am separated from my husband, have been since 2008. I am on ESA due to mental health issues. Yesterday I had a welfare officer visit me to see what other benefits I might be entitled to. Then I discovered the bombshell. I thought I was only on contribution ESA but she told me I was on C+IR still don't understand this. Anyway seemingly I should have declared that my husband still pays money into joint account to cover all household bills. I just happened to still have the form that was completed after my telephone claim by DSS. It does say that I told them that I received 1200 a month from my ex. BUT this WO said I had declared it in the wrong place. It was printed in the section that said "Any other money received". Well the WO said I had to contact the DSS right away and explain that I did not declare this income!! If I didn't do this then she would have too. My CPN came round today, I hadn't slept and was very upset(not good for my health). So he phoned them today for me. I now have to send all the bank statements since 2009. Question how can I been on both Contributions and Income related ESA. Can I be done for fraud? Any advice appreciated, I can't stop crying.
  7. Hi thanks for replying, my computer been down past few days. Yes the mortgage is only in his name as is the title deeds. I had bad credit score at the time and wasn't working due to illness..so was adviced this was the best option to secure mortgage. We were married at the time and we still are.
  8. 3 years ago my husband and I split up. He lives in England and I still live in the family home. I never went through with divorce due to having mental health issues. I am on incapacity benefit. I always just posted any mail to my husband that came here addressed to him. On Friday I received a letter addressed to occupier and I was devestated to find it was a "Notice of Calling up of Standard Security" from Santander. My husband then admitted he had mortgage arrears of £8000 and had not opened any letters from them..he also could not face telling me this!!! I contacted Santander but they would not speak to me without my husbands written permission. I asked him to write a letter, which I hope he has. I have also made an appointment with a lawyer but that is not until Thursday this week. Now somebody has sellotaped a letter addressed to him on my door. I dont want to open it, but dont know what to do with it. I badly need advice..this is my home I have no where else to go, I have no children living here, I have no other income other than what he agreed to give me and my incapacity benefit. I am still under a psychitrist and unable to work. Can they evict me from my house and make me homeless because of this. I also should point out I live in scotland. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the replies and support. I am off to write the letter. watch this space.
  10. Update, received letter from Senior Customer Relations Manager. Quote Whilst I am sorry that you clearly remain unhappy, there is little I can add to what is contained in my letters dated 7th March and 15th Aug. I acknowledge and decline your request for written communication only. We would only consider written communication only when the customer is co-operative and in regular dialogue with us regarding their account. As we have received no payments from you since £1.00 was received on the 4th Oct 2007. I do not accept that you are being co-operative. You correspondecne only relates to your complaint, therefore I cannot agree that you are in regular dialogue regarding your account. My letter dated 7th march represented our final response to your complaint. This letter contained referral rights for the Financial Ombudsman Service and provided a period of 6 months for you to contact them regarding your concerns. Please be aware that any future correspondence regarding the same issues may not receive a reponse. Interesting to say the least Point 1. the £1.00 payment was actually sent for the CCA Pont 2. Why would I discuss anything else with them until they sort my complaint out? Point 3. I have never been told by a bank they don't want to talk to me again!! I am in the process of writing a reponse..any comments would be appreciated. I will try and upload the letter he refers too, tomorrow. Oh I am a 1st time Granny..hence I disappeared for a wee while.
  11. OK i'm lost what is happening:confused:
  12. actually I going to a party with a friendly one tomorrow... So maybe I will ask him!!
  13. emailed them again with your quote 42man. Now to sit back and wait on their reply. Oh how good it feels to be proactive nowadays..when I used to hide behind the door and cry myself to sleep with worry.......love it. Thank you CAG
  14. Ok here is what I have emailed to Scotcall. Further to your letter received on the 8th Oct 2008 regarding the above account. As you are aware, since you are now the owner, this account is in dispute. And you seem to be in breach of the regulations. I’m sure this must be an oversight, so I will ask you as the new owner of this account for the proper documents. I have attached the relevant letter sent to 1st Credit for your information please see below. Y 1st Credit Limited 16/1/2008 The Omnibus Building Lesbourne Road Reigate Surrey RH2 7JP I dispute this debt Dear Sir/Madam Further to your letter dated 24/12/2007 and from your Solicitors LSC dated 7/1/2008. Please be advised that this debt is still in dispute and would suggest you refer to your file relating to the above account. Please also answer the following questions. When did Lloyds assign this debt to you and when did you inform me. When will I receive the information requested on the 6th of April 2007 & again on the 25th May 2007. Furthermore, you should remember that a creditor is not permitted to take any action against an account whilst it remains in dispute. The lack of a credit agreement is a very clear dispute and therefore the following applies: You may not demand any payment on this account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you. – You have and so are in breach of the regulations You may not add any further interest or charges to this account. Please inform me if you have? · You may not pass this account to any third party. You have so once again you are in breach of the regulations You may not register any further information in respect of this account with any of the credit reference agencies. Please inform me if you have. You must remove any default notices you have placed on my credit file. Under the terms of the above Act, a creditor has 12 working days to provide the requested document. Should they fail to do this, they have a further calendar month to rectify this default. Failure to comply within these timescales is a criminal offence. Both of these deadlines have now passed and I have received nothing in relation to my request apart from being pursued by your company for payment. I look forward to your final decision on this complaint by 23rd Jan 2008. Yours faithfully
  15. Thanks for the advice, I had heard about the doorstep letter but couldn't track it down. Thanks for that 42man and Mr Ton maybe we will wait together..fingers crossed. Thanks again guys. I am going to email them as I read about Adamski emailing them and it seemed to do the trick. Will let you know how it goes.
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