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  1. Maybe I can assist? Sent DPA letter to Ulster Bank 12 Nov 2006. Reply received 20/11/06 saying statements en route. Sent LBA 17 January 2007. Bank replied giving me £100 gogw. I wrote back declining this as full and final settlement giving them 7 days to pay up. They wrote saying no- go away, referring me to FOS. I lodged small claim on line at Laganside Court, Belfast, can't recall date. Very helpful court- I rang for advice and they were most helpful.Within 2 weeks I had an acknowledgement from the Court and a letter from UB saying here's your money we aren't going to court. ;-)
  2. I think I meant ominous!!! Anyway, farewell Curleybap my erstwhile pal. The Hamishcat's lips are henceforth sealed but..... he got the cream. Purrrrrrrrr!!!! You are next.....
  3. Just to let you all know. I have received a letter offering a further goodwill gesture which brings it up to the full amount from MBNA/Alliance and Leicester following my LBA. They say they have credited it to my account. I will accept subject to update statement showing the amount credited. :)
  4. Know what you mean....Since filing on line there has been an onimous silence. Also, just realised how much photocopying I'll need to do. I am waiting for the court to ask for my 'evidence' before I start.I hope this is right but their website is pretty good. Good luck curleybap!
  5. Also look on the Northern Ireland court services web site. They are very helpful- you can e-mail them or ' phone them!!
  6. Sorry to but in but is it possible to SAR the loan?
  7. Curleybap, I have lodged an on-line claim against the Ulster Bank. The small claims court in Belfast was extremely helpful. Their details are on the Northern Ireland Courts web site.. I used the English spreadsheet and claimed 8% interest. You have to limit the amount claimed to £2000 and state that you are willing to abandon the excess. You claim the interest on top of that so if it excee£2000 it is ok. I'm waiting for a response now. Will keep yyou posted.... :cool:
  8. thanks niklowe!! nice to know someone is helping me steer a course in this sea of **it!!!
  9. Think I've sussed it! Told MBNA by letter RD today to take the money and £10 back and get on with my SAR. Told them to stick to my 40 days deadline. So.... will keep reading these threads and donate to this brill. site if I get a good response!!! Sent them a copy of my ppt. as well just in case the guy is bored looking at words all day.Miaow!!!
  10. how do I update this post? Do I just do a new post? Help Hamishcat!!
  11. Hi all!! Hope this is the correct forum. Sent SAR and £10 cheque to MBNA 07 FEBRUARY 2007. The cheque appeared on my MBNA statement later in the month. Received reply 12/02/07saying they were investigating my 'complaint' and would reply by 01 March with a FULL RESPONSE. They didn't. Today, 07 March, I received a letter from Stuart Johnson on Alliance and Leicester headed paper, the jist of which is that the charges which I agreed to are valid, fair etc. and they have not treated my request as a formal DPA subject access request and have credited the ten pounds to my account. Further, they have only sent statements going back to 10/03/2003 and say they will send the rest within 10 days. They now ask for £10, my driver's licence/passport, and a full DPA request letter. Grrrrrrrr!! Finally, they have credited £480 to my account as a gogw and in full and final settlement. I am about to reply and send the template letter telling them it was a correct SAR and to get on with it as 40 days expires 21 MARCH. I will also report them to OFT. Could anyone tell me whether I should tell them to take the £480 back out of my account and the ten pounds? Also, do I need to send copy driving licence? Sorry it's so long.
  12. Hi!! New to all of this....Have just received reply from Ulster Bank telling me to go away; they sent £100 gesture of goodwill last week so I sent no thanks I'm off to court letter. Now they say their charges are fair etc etc , this is their final word and I should read an enclosed leaflet about Financial Ombudsman. So I'm trying to find out how to process the claim as I live in Scotland and the Bank is in Norn Irn. I have e-mailed a court in N.I.and await response. Meanwhile, I have sent off a letter to the Information Commissioner re the Clydesdale's lack of response to 2 letters I sent--- one delivered by hand---about excessive charges. Depending on the reply, I'll probably have to go through the whole process with them too.Does anyone know whether I can add on all the charges to date since I sent the DPA letter when I get the bundle ready? Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
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