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  1. just a quick update, haven't heard anything from Link. Well into the 2nd week, so expect something soon, phone calls have stopped so something good
  2. dont want to seem dumb, but who are the ICO?
  3. good, but at least they won't be able to say i haven't tried
  4. i Sarred Northen rock, but had no reply, and there 40 days has come and gone, so havent got a final payment date. As the debt is at least 15 years old, and considering the upheval Northen rock have been through it didn't suprise me that they didn't reply, but it hasn't helped my cause. If Northen Rock no longer hold any details on this debt, where would i stand?
  5. ok, i have no idea how to post, so hope you dont mind me rewriting it here. This is word for word. Dear Mrs XXXXXXXX regarding your letter dated 28 July 2008 I have not responded to any mail you may have sent to XXXX XXXX XXXXX as i have not lived there since October 2007. I do not understand what being served a notice actually means, so all i can do is give you a run down on my present financial situation. 1n 2005 my home was repossed. Between late 2005 i lived at various addresses with my wife and 2 young children. In December 2007 my wife left my present address, and left the chilren with me. Because of my work patterns i have been unable to do my job. I was given full residency order for my children in January 2008 At this moment in time i have applied for benefits, along with housing and council tax benefits as advised by my local job centre. Because of the severe dropin money coming into the household and the debts i have, i have been advised that bankcruptcy is the best option open to me. Including Northen Rock my debts exceeds £XXXXXX. I hope these figures and explanations help you, and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further imformation. thats it, probably one of the worst letters written.
  6. they seem to be relying on the one letter, and i guess we'll soon find out. if the default was 2001 then i'm sure i wouldn't have made any payments after that date. I have read dozens and dozens of threads on various sites about some of the antics Link gets up too, some were horrendous to say the least, yet ive been getting kid glove treatment compared to the treatment the majority have had to put up with. I think the only "threat" as such ive had was the last letter i had from them, which was either phone and come up with a payment plan or will will check your credit files to see what action we might take. and thats it
  7. now your asking for something lol,i'll try later on tonight, never posted anything before:oops:
  8. I have read Links reply to my statute barred letter again, and this is what they said: We refute that the account is statute barred, and go on to say, We enclose a letter from you which we received on 11/08/2008 acknowledging the debt in response to our letter dated 28/07/2008. Please contact our office with your payment proposal blah blah blah. They have not mentionned any payments being made,and if they had it would have had to be show when i sarred them. I could quite easily be wrong but i can only read this 2 ways. Either there saying the debt wasnt statute barred in 2008, or if it was, they are entitled to chase the debt because i addmitted it, statute barred or not.
  9. i definately haven't paid them anything since they've had the debt, and i'm pretty convinced that the last payment was before i suppossedly defaulted in 2001, i wouldn't have paid after the default.
  10. i don't know what to think. They rejected my claim that the debt was statute barred, but they've addmitted they didn't have the last payment date so how would they know if it was or wasn't statute barred, or am i missing something?
  11. i've used Experian for some months now and it's never shown on there,haven't checked any others.
  12. Well no turning back now, Link will get the letter before 1pm tomorrow, then the fun will start, cant see Link giving up over 12 thousand very easily. What happens regarding Northern Rock? if we dont have date of last payment, where do we go?
  13. Thank you for the letter Brigadier, i will get it posted in the morning.
  14. hiya Brig, nice to be back. Sometime back i sent Link a prove it letter, they didn't reply, BUT... i got caught out once and answered one of there calls. One of there very nice gorillas ended up shouting down the phone that "they dont need a prove it letter because i defaulted in 2001", and thats also what it says in the imformation Link sent when i sarred them. there is no date as to when the debt started,but i can narrow it down to be no later than 1995. The ammount payed was nearly £6000, that equated to 30 months payments. so at worst the final payment would be before 2000. Links data is mainly double dutch to me, but if they were so sure they had a cast iron case, why, in 2 years haven't they threatenned me with court?
  15. My brother sarred Northen Rock on 22/08/12, and it was delivered the following day, i haven't had anything from them, and there 40 days runs out in 2 days. My question has to be, what happens if Northen Rock don't reply, as seems highly likely. How can Link decide when the debt became statute barred if the don't know the date of the final payment?
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