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  1. i sure hope so... i heard somethin on the news that the case is being investigated or soemthin? anyone shine any light on this??
  2. i heard it from a mate who knopws someone from HSBC and i,m led to believe its true.. hope so i had given up on this claim, had anyone else??
  3. i,ve heard that banks are going to set up call centers to ring people with claims with a view to settle out of court? to be happening in next 6 weeks... Is there any truth in this?
  4. Is it worth sending anymore nudge letters?? I,ve heard nothing for ages now?? Is this going to be a no go?
  5. anymore developements??
  6. i have had a letter today from HSBC regarding my case. It basically says all cases are on hold.... Anyone else had anything?
  7. have there been any further developements?
  8. cant find the links your on abaout, only one saying if u have let the bank put your case on hold you have made a mistake? Would a letter to DG be of any use now they have lost in the OFT test case?
  9. so you saying after 23rd may the test case is over?
  10. Hi once again... i never sent that nudge. Sorry havent been on for a while but i had kinda given up hope on this one until i seen the thing in the paper last week saying banks were gonna lose the case Had a letter from the court this morning saying that my case will be stayed until march 2009!!! do you guys and girls have any further developements or anythin i can do to maybe get back on track? Regards Richard Parry
  11. you think its worth trying a nudge on DG?
  12. can anyone shed any light on the latest? or do i just sit tight until my date is due again in march when the stay is up????
  13. As you all know my case is on stay till at least March 08. Im just checking back to see if there have been any developements on cases that have been stayed till around this time?
  14. has anyone had any success yet who has had their case stayed? also when have you all had them stayed till mine is March 08
  15. has anyone submitted this new nudge yet?
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