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  1. Thanks again for re-opening. I slipped up years ago with this Tesco credit card. I have continued to send £5 a month to Tesco even when Intrum took over 2 years ago, I have continued the £5 a month to Tesco. I have never sent anything to Intrum despite their requests. Have received this letter now though stating they have cancelled my payment plan with them (never had one set up with Intrum) and I need to get in touch. Please see previous letter as well from 2 years ago where they state they do not have a copy of my CCA. intrumoffer.pdf am I best doing here now is the advice I am looking for please? Intrum reply.pdf new intrum 210721.pdf
  2. cabot260621.pdf Thanks for re-opening this for us. Have received numerous letters from Cabot over the last 25 months or so and have just ignored them. These two last letters came in the last couple of weeks. Moorcrofts visit didn't happen. I now have to reply by Friday to stop another visit from DLC, we will not respond and never have? If by chance someone does turn up do we just politely tell them to go away and get off our property? If they ask for my Wife by name do we just ignore the ask and if they try and hand me a letter do I tell them again politely to do one? It's tiresome, they had their chance 7 years ago to go to court and it didn't happen. Cabot230721.pdf
  3. Afternoon All I may have missed something on this last year. I have been stuck with Bluestone for years and I thought they had sold my Interest only mortgage to Foundation Loans but they are part of the same company. Have I any remit to claim against these for paying a high interest rate mortgage of 5+% over the last 11 years. I read about an article from FCA about (Mortgage Prisoners)being stuck with my current provider though not tied in. I cannot move provider as I do not earn enough anymore according to bank criteria but pay over £1K a month more than a High Street mortgage, just seems totally unfair, not missed a payment in 4 years either.
  4. LOL! How much do they usually buy these for, is it say 30% of the alleged debt?
  5. Afternoon All, Just had this delivered from Intrum, Lilly Chan in their "Legal Dept" a reduced offer by 40%, thought they were going down the Bankruptcy route. They did look at my credit file last week.intrumoffer.pdf I take it I just continue to ignore them?
  6. thank you, the Tesco debt went off my credit files years and years ago, does that affect my credit rating? Also sorry to be a pain, what do you think their next move will be, will they head for the bankruptcy route. If so my defence will be no signed CCA agreement or evidence with Tesco anyway?
  7. Hi All, I have been receiving letters off Intrum every two weeks threatening me with Bankruptcy but nothing official yet. Today I viewed my CreditKarma account and note they have made a hard search here on January 29th, how are they allowed to do that ? Is it allowed? Do they see everything I see? What will they use this for please? It states in the hard search, debt collection and Intrum Uk Limited (Sr, Tac,Ct,Tsc)
  8. Morning All. Received this letter today can they really do this? intrum thinking about an.pdf
  9. I thought I had to keep paying the £5 a month after the default. I know Tesco have now sold the debt to these Parasites but what next do I just ignore everything they send, do I stop the £5 a month to Tesco, what can happen if anything legally? I have a few like this all years old, all defaulted years ago, no longer on our credit files...? The only one that ever went to Court was my LLoyds TSB CC, which the Judge agreed we pay £41 a month. The rest have never gone to court but all defaulted.
  10. Hi All, I have had three letters since saying get in touch, fourth letter arrived today saying..... We may take legal action if you don't get in touch. We'd really like to help you pay back the money you owe us. But if we don't hear from you, we can't help you. And we may take legal action that could affect your credit score. I thought if an account, whether sold on or not once defaulted cannot be defaulted again. I thought also they cannot put adverse information on my credit file as this has all past six years? I am stupidly still paying £5 a month but they want and I & E filling in. What do I do next ? Just ignore them?
  11. Sorry about that dx100uk, I didn't realise. Andyorch - I cannot remember or have a copy of the £5 a month repayment agreement. I have just gone through letters and found the default notice from 2007. I have had a series of letters over the last 3 years saying I needed to fill in an I & E form as £5 is not enough and they will CCJ me if I don't. I have complained -I have had apologies. The default or any other records have not been on any of my credit files for the last 3 years at least.
  12. Hi All, Got defaulted on a Tesco CC many years ago. Have been paying them £5 a month for around 11 years, still owe £6K. Had Intrum take over this year calling me all the time. kept paying Tesco but in February this year sent Intrum a request for my original CCA, letter attached. Received a reply back from them on October 3rd, see attached. Just want advice on how to reply to them as they have just sent me a completely new set of Tesco T & C's, telling me I had 2 weeks to respond or accept these? Intrum reply.pdf
  13. Thanks DX100UK & Andyorch, I will leave the bear alone
  14. So it's 5 years now since they said they were taking us to Court and we sent in the N9 form. Can I not ask the Court what happened with their claim ?
  15. Oh right thanks. So can they have this "stayed" for unlimited years, so it just hangs over us for life?
  16. Thanks both. Will wait and see. If it gets to 6 years since they did not proceed with the Court action, is it not SB then? Or does it stay as "stayed" for life and they can submit form n244 anytime down the line?
  17. Afternoon All, Many thanks for re-opening this post. This has been going on years! Has all been quiet from Cabot until today. Received the attached letter. Not too bothered about it - we did get a man call to the house some 5 months ago and posted a note through saying he had been from Resolvecall and to call them which we didn't. Am I right in thinking this could be statute barred in another 13 months if nothing else happens?
  18. Afternoon All, Please see attached letter received today. Not from Moorcrofts as promised but Resolvecall. We have no idea about the Account number they have stated and the Creditor is stated as "MULTIPLE" but reading between the lines it is Cabot regarding TSB Credit Card. Do we just wait for them to turn up and get rid? Why haven't they used Moorcrofts and who is "MULTIPLE"?
  19. Good Morning All, Been a while keep getting monthly letters off Cabot saying get in touch blah blah blah. Today however got a letter saying "Because we have been unable to contact you, we are now getting a company called Moorcroft to try and arrange a visit to your home,so they can put you back in touch with us." What can Moorcroft do, do we tell them to do one if they knock on the door? Wife has gone through her breast cancer for the last 12 months now and things are very positive for her but don't want her stressing with this.
  20. Didn't have a thread just thought I would try and help with what has happened to me recently with Link and BC - sorry.
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