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  1. I'm pretty sure they can only call you between the hours of 9 and 9 anything outside that time is harassment and you can file a complaint - keep your phone log of when they called.
  2. No one here will judge you - 95% of the people here either are or have been in the same boat as you're in now and will do their best to give you advice relevant to your problem.
  3. When they call and speak to you do they ask you security questions to verify your ID? If not they're probably in breach of some part of the DPA. If they do just refuse to answer them - you don't know who they are so you could be giving personal info to anyone! Emails are simple - add them to your spam list and you won't see them. Check the currency for the amount they are asking you to pay - they demanded mine in Dollars which made it seem a lot more than it was!
  4. Is it the nice Glen Mathew From Bluenose who describes himself as an attorney from Washington DC that's calling you? He used to call and write to me a lot but I ignored him and he's stopped!
  5. They probably won't have a copy of the application then, they lost a lot of the early applications and a lot of the others they have from this time are scanned copies of a blank form with your signature and a stamped signature on their behalf. I had a similar scenario with them to yours - sent the DCA the prove it letter got a letter from them saying they were handing it back. Heard nothing for a while then got a letter from Crap 1 saying they were handling the account again that was around February 2011 - I've heard nothing since (touch wood)
  6. When did you open the account and how was it applied for - over the phone, internet etc?
  7. When it was with the DCA did you send a CCA request or ask for a copy of your application?
  8. I sent them that one a few weeks ago :o) My post above is what they came back with
  9. Had a reply back from them: 'We have received your recent undated letter on 6 February and we note the English legislation to which you refer. In order to assist the Irish Court please say if you have ever had an account with HSBC bank and in particular a consumer loan and please also confirm your date of birth is **/**/****. We await hearing from you.' What should be my next step??? I don't fancy confirming the information at the end as it would appear that I'm potentially incriminating myself?
  10. Thanks lads - I've added te bit into the letter about being aware of CPUTR 2008. Do you think that would make any difference? And should I use the vexatious letter too?
  11. Deleted as remembered I could edit the previous post and couldn't figure out how to delete the post!
  12. OK another letter recvd from this lot titled letter before court proceedings saying: they refer to previous correspondence and note that I remain indebted to their clients. Unless I contact them with my repayment proposals by return of post they anticipate their clients instructions to issue legal proceedings with a view to securing judgement. Once judgement is issued it will be published in teh trade gazettes (what does that mean?) and may be placed in eth hands of the Sheriff for seizure. (pretty much tha same as teh last letter) Then goes on to say : In view of the subs
  13. Cheers. I checked out their website and could only see them as solicitors. It wasn't until I read this and googled them with debt collectors after their name that that came up! I'll get the letter sent this week
  14. Thanks - starting to panic! No never sent it but they did send me a copy of the app without me asking. Should I ask for it again? I also got the (short) list of payments made which the last lot called my statements. Can you point me to the right letter please?
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