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  1. Spoke to customer services regarding the offer. He was really helpful and didnt really put up much of a fight.. He offered me the full amount of £2,450 after about 2 minutes of conversation and I have accepted. Hfax say the amount will be credited after sending the settlement offer form back (supplied with letter offer) in about 14 working days. I AM OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill let you know when its credited!
  2. Had a letter from Hfax today offering me £1850.00 of my claim of £2350. Think ill give them a bell and catagorically decline thier offer. Has anyone had any experience of bartering with these offers and maybe shed any light on how to barter this up to the full amount? Any advice would be be great and followed by a big kiss!
  3. hi djgordy - I dont think that signing the letter is too important at the moment. It does not mean that the letter isnt legally recognised. It could be a bit embarracing if the letter ends up being used if your claim goes to the small claims court. If anyone else has any experience of this matter in small claims they may be able to offer more input? I got a letter through today from halifax 14 days after my LBA offering me £1800 of my total claim of £2500 - so dont worry! the banks are in the wrong here not you! please dont lose sleep over a signature.. hope this helps some
  4. ouch* those are some long timelines - keep me updated on yuor progress barbershop!
  5. cheers barbershop! Seems like youve done this before - did you file online too? ill make these changes and file later this aft.
  6. Hi all! Im filling in the online claim form on the HMCS website - can anyone lend a hand as to one of the questions; Ive entered this prose into the ‘details of claim’ section in the online claim form – Is this pointing in the right direction or does anyone have any suggestions as what to put here: Halifax Plc have made charges on my account that are contrary to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations1999. Schedule 2 (e) of the said regulations gives a non-complete list of terms, which may be regarded as unfair, such as a term that requires me as a consumer who fails in his obligation, to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation. In addition I believe that the charges are a Penalty and irrecoverable at common law. I have written to Halifax customer relations on the 31st Jan 07 asking for this sum to be refunded with no reply and again phoned customer services on the 15th Feb to ask for the money to be refunded but I still have had no indication as to when this will occur. I am therefore filing this claim to HMCS The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 31st July 2003 to 31st January 2007 of £187.01 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment. Im hopeing to file this today so if anyone can help this would be really appreciated! Thanks all! T x
  7. ARGH! Ive just been reading another thread today and read that when adding up the amounts from the statements - the £28 charge is interest and is not supposed to be accounted for?! is this supposed to be added to the amount claiming back? im really confused! Was going to send the online form today but now im not so sure.... can someone please clarify if these summs are suposed to be added as I have added to them the amount i am claiming and ive added 8% interest to these charges in the online court claim form. Any help or advice woulod be really appreciated!
  8. Hi Gordy, Not too sure what ss lady means by this- does it mean that you can only add up the £30 charges until you file at court? I have added up all my charges on my statements and used this figure as the amount (minus interest) on the LBA. Is this correct? im quite confused!
  9. certainly wont! Lets hope halifax are as good as thier word, and give us a little xtra! (excuse the pun)
  10. thanks ss lady! Ill file when i get back into my office on monday!
  11. Hi, Please can someone help with the above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My 14 days is up but need advice before continuing with a claim Any advice would help! Thanks all! x
  12. Hi, I spoke to Halifax customer services today and they said they hadnt even consulted my complaint yet or placed an advisor to it. They said that they work to the financial ombudsmans guidlines of 4 weeks! Im not sure what to do about this as my first letter to halifax was essentiall my LBA and stated that they had 14 days to respond. Should I wait for the bank to contact me re my claim? or can i file the N1 as of today? Also, i think that at a couple of occasions I have gone into the bank and contested some charges and i cant really remember when this was - and its quite difficult to see where the banks have refunded individual claims on my statements. Im sure they have refunded maybe 3 or 4 charges over the 5 years of statements but i cant be sure. Do I have to be exactly certain of the charges in the N1 form of can I simply knock of say £120 (for 4 charges refunded) off the total for the times i have been refunded? Please help someone as I really need to get the ball rolling as im financially crippled at the moment - due to horrendous charges this month! Thanks Tony
  13. Hi Ive just re - read my above email and I apologise but this wasnt my preliminary letter. I actuall posted my LBA on the 31st Jan so the 14 days is up on the 14th Feb! Is it wise to maybe phone the bank and speak top them before filing a claim in small claims? Im really not too confident about having to take this to court but i will If im entitled to the money back and im pretty sure i am. Sorry for just whining on but this is making me really nervous and im having trouble thinking about anything else. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Its coming up to 14 days since my first letetr and i still havent heard anything from Halifax. Is this normal? Do i need to issue another letter after the 14 days is up or do contact them directly?
  15. Thanks - if it comes to settling before the court stage ill leave out the interest. Many thanks sea-side lady! (i wish i lived near the sea side)
  16. Thanks a million! Do you think ill be ok with asking for the 8% back as well? i think maybe i overdid it a bit? Have you ever heard of any cases where people have made claims in the court and lost to a bank? as im yet to see any evidence of people losing through through the courts Thanks Tony
  17. Hi, I woiuld like to say firstly that I think this site is worth its wieght in Gold and thanks to everone for providing support through this difficult time! Ive posted my statments to Halifax going back to 2002 and they total to just under £2300. I stated in the letter that I wanted this money back plus the 8% interest - I think this may have been a mistake!? I used the template posted on the CAG website (Thanks very much guys!) and the 14 days is up on the 14th Feb. Ive recieved a letter saying that the pack will be sent to the customer complaints dept and had a leaflet about how the complaints process works, but ive had no correspondance since. Going back to the 14 days - What happens after this date? - do i send another letter saying that 3I will start legal action and wait 14 more days or do I begin court action. Im pretty nervous about all this as im not legally minded. Any support/suggestions would be greatfully appreciated! Thanks Tony
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