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  1. thanks dx, is there a template letter for rejecting the offer on the forum pages? (I've searched already but with no luck).
  2. the battle continues (with some good news I guess)... posted my documents to bank/court and one day later I've received bank documents they intend to rely on at the hearing (PPI brochures received when signing the loan) AND the offer letter for £1k (total claim worth just under £3k) including my costs my gut filing is not to accept it and fight for the full amount but once again I'd like to ask for your advice accept it or not? and if I don't accept it how should I word it?
  3. Hi Ims, Yes, it is in relation to link you've provided and when I said 'he' I was quoting court papers, it is my case. Greg
  4. Hello forum, PPI (HSBC) court hearing to take place at the end of August but in the meantime I've been ask to provide 'copies of all documents (including any experts reports) on which he (I) intends to rely at the hearing' I must admit I'm not totally sure what kind of documents would be suitable, do I go for High Court ruling on PPI... http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2011/999.html or maybe FSA report on PPI... http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/policy/ps10_12.pdf or am I missing the point completely here? Any help will be highly appreciated, Greg
  5. I think I've made a fundamental mistake of providing my POC using MCOL website and not in full with N1 form I have until 05/09 to fill and return my AQ. Is there any way I can at this stage apply for amendment to POC and if yes, how do I go about that? please advice
  6. received bank defence today, and here are the main points (quite few in fact) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) the POC are lacking in particularity and incomplete 2) the claimant has failed to identify in any proper detail all the matters relating to the loan agreements or PPI policies he alleges give rise to this claim 3) further, and without limitation, the claimant has failed to identify: a) the precise duties he alleges he was owed b) any or any proper details of how it is alleged that the defendant breached those duties c) how the sum claimed has been calculated 4) The defendant intends to defend the claim. 5) furthermore, in connection to loan agreements, it is admitted that the claimant purchased PPI at the time he entered into them. in so far as it is relevant, it is averred that the PPI policies provided to the Claimant was optional and the claimant was free to enter into policies or not. the application form for the loans included a section to be signed by the customer to indicate whether or not they wished to purchase PPI. it is further averred that the Defendant would not not have provided the Claimant with optional PPI cover unless he had signed that section. It is specifically denied that the Defendant, it's employees or agents would ever indicate to customers that PPI was a compulsory product. This allegation is incorrect and misguided notwithstanding the lack of particularisation. The Defendant avers that it had strict rules and procedures in place for arranging personal loans and it's terms and conditions were clear, fair and not misleading. 6) in so far it is relevant to his claim, the Claimant is put to strict proof to show he did not sign for PPI and that he did not consent to purchase it. In any event, he was entitled to cancel coverage during a 30 day cooling off period. he did not do so and continued to pay for it under loans were completed 7) The Defendant will rely on the full force and the effect of the terms and conditions of the Agreements and the optional PPI that Claimant opted to purchase. 8) the Defendant will say that at the time of entering into the Agreements the Claimant would have been provided with all relevant terms and conditions of his loans and the respective optional payment protection policy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still have the will to fight this claim but I really need your help now... should I now respond to last letter received from the bank? can I add more details to POC and send it together with the Allocation Questionnaire? can my calculation be attached to AQ? and what about points 5, 6, 7 and 8 anyone?
  7. thanks for coming back to me folks! just checked my MCOL claim status and HSBC issued a defence on 19/08/2011 with transfer to my local court what do I do now, wait? and how about their request for my calculation? Shall I respond to their last letter in any way? gotta say I'm getting a bit nervous
  8. hi, looks like hsbc is gearing up to defend my case attached is the scan of the letter I've received today can someone PLEASE advise me the best way to proceed/respond my points in relation to the letter... 1) both loans and ppi's arranged over the phone long time ago so no names in my memory; in a way I was hoping that SAR and CD that arrived with it will contain those conversations but no joy, only few recent calls related to everyday banking 2) apart from going over the application process I was told that my application will not be successfully unless PPI was purchased (ground for my claim) 3) I've been given 'Personal and Graduate Loan Protection Plan' - information pack and 'Personal and Graduate Loan Protection Plan' - policy document and finally 'Demands, Needs and Recommendations: Personal Lending Protection' where you tick number of boxes and sign at the end 4) I did 5) there was no other way, if I didn't check a box I wouldn't get a loan, simple Please can you help. g
  9. latest... HSBC Bank Plc issued an acknowledgment of service g
  10. just a quick update... no communication from HSBC since lba (sent 21 days ago) court claim submitted on 21/07, issued on 22/07 g
  11. prem letter was sent to them on 09/06, lba now in the post knowing the way they operate I'll be surprised to see any positive response before I go the court route; but I hope they will surprise me thanks very much for all your help so far g
  12. thanks ims, my claim is for fraction over 2.5k and I was aiming to go via the court route. greg
  13. advice needed please... I was just about to send 'letter before action' when a letter from HSBC arrived stating they are working on resolving the issue and will get back to me in the next 16 weeks. should I wait or proceed with lba? please advice. thanks, g
  14. thanks to both of you, I'll get it going and keep the post updated
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