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  1. Hi KGF & ih8ken Glad to hear we are in the SAME position. As far as I can tell 3 of us in the SAME position means there must be more people like us in the SAME position. I did the same research that KGF did, and found out the same. Also phoned FSA who seem totally at a loss as to what to do about them and cannot find anything about them or how to go about it. so what is the FSA for? Kensington are a law onto themselves it seems.... BIG SHARKS indeed, owned by Investec, who is owned by the ROTHSCHILD . That much is on the net. I have the time and willingness and dogged determination to take this further if anyone is game to take them on!!! Because if no one is able to find out the real kensingtion Standard Variable Rate which is obviously different for different customer...... and furthermore it clearly states in their booklet that it is advertise.... WHERE? then they are in BREACH of their CONTRACT to us the customer. KGF is right we need a slick lawyer. Shall we get together and find one? THE COMMON PEOPLE IS WAKING UP!! It is truly astonishing that ONE FAMILY like the ROTHSCHILD can cause so much misery to so MANY FAMILIES.... If you guys want to get in touch, drop me a line on 07958 77 55 63 Regards Astrid
  2. Dear ih8ken I fully understand and am in the same position as yourself. I fully understand the frustrating part about not being able to find out the Libor rate thing. They are in fact in breach of their contract for not publishing it as it stipulates in their agreement booklet. You seem to have gone throught the same process that I have gone through in order to find out their SVR. been to the FSA, online blah, blah.... NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW!!! You know the saying : If it smells like a fish, looks like a fish, well then its likely to be a fish. Maybe we could get in touch and put our brains along with a few others in the SAME position and get ourselves a good SHARP lawer. to get to the bottom of this. What do you think? Feel free to drop me a line on 07958 77 55 63 Regards Astrid
  3. Hello Everyone Just found out from KM that their SVR is 3.99%. They wrote to me on 9th Jan when my fixed rate finished and informed me that is was now going to be 8.95% ???? ask them why that was the case and they were unable to clarify this. I phoned the Financial Omb Service who are going to write to them asking them to clarify this directly to me. If I dont get a satisfactory answer from them. The FOS can take it further as it would have already been logged as a complaint when they write to them. Has this happened to anyone else? I mean when they came off their fixed rate and it jumped suddenly without clarification and especially when it clearly states in their ORIGINAL MORTGAGE OFFER that following the fixed term it reverts back to their STANDARD VARIABLE RATE? as it does so in mine , I think I have a good case to complain. so please do contact the FOS they were most helpful. Regards Pom
  4. Hi Midge Thanks for looking. What is the FOS? do you have a number for them. Regards Pom
  5. by the way I have just received a letter informing me of my new payment but in it , it does not say what their SVR is. I cannot find that info anywhere. Any idea how I could find out? I know that when my fixed term ended (9th Jan -09) it would automatically go to SVR + 3%. BUT THEY WONT TELL ME WHAT THEIR SVR IS. Frustration rules....... thanks pom x
  6. thanks midge61 I will do that, write to them, that is. with the 3 months in arrears it looks a little better than I anticipated. I am very nervous indeed. hope I can sell in time. will keep you all posted. All the best to everyone. Pom x
  7. Hi Midge61 Thank you for taking the time to do this. I appreciate it. What does it mean in simple english though. My main concern at moment is : I have put my house up for sale as I will not be able to pay the mortgage next month. Lost my job 2 days before xmas. I have not told KM this as they are very keen and quick to act on repossession I believe (looking through this site has confirmed what I already felt, as they are really difficult people to talk to) I will do my best to pay as much as I can of course. But it has gone up by £235 from the 1st Feb. Can they still repossess even tho I am doing my best to sell.? can anyone advise? Regards Pombix
  8. Thanks Commonhilltart I am checking with CCCs today, will keep you posted. Also have had an offer on the house, albeit a silly one 45k less than advertise, i decline but I think the next offer that comes along I will say yes to, even if it is a bad one, because at the end of the day as you said it is only bricks and mortar that I am selling, Not a HOME anymore. it is a burden, so I prefer to sell now than be reposessed. Will keep you posted. Thanks
  9. For anyone interested. I also rang SHELTER organisation. but they did not have much to say tho the website is full of good info. The National Debt Helpline has good info too. I am going to check the ConsumerCredit Counceling Service on 0800 138 11 11. Dont know what it is worth but got the number from Shelter today. So will call 2moro. Will keep you posted if I get any joy. Regards To all
  10. hi Commonhilltart I am so sorry for what happened to you .My heart goes out to you and your family- after all that is what is all about- Human beings helping one another, in anyway we can. I am sure you will be better off in the long run away from their dirty dealings. I will not be able to pay next month mortgage. So how long do you think I can hold on before they start repossesssion proceedings? Regards
  11. I am also wondering WHY they have different variable rates for different customers. Surely it should advertise ONE variable rate for all. I do understand that they have added the 3% on top of that. It clearly states that in the paperwork.
  12. Hi Lynski Thanks your your reply. have just received news this morning from KM saying how much it will go up. it is indeed going from £1935 pcm to £2170.68. My house is currently on the market as I have sadly lost my job just before xmas and will be unable to pay the mortgage next month. I have not told them yet as I fear they will start repossession proceedings straight away. THey are indeed not" nice people to do business with"as the saying goes. Any suggestions on how to hold them back? Thanks in advance. Astrid
  13. From what I read here is that they indeed have different rates for different customers as they - KM - told on the phone. WHen I ask them to confirm this in writing they told me they could not, Why ? I still dont know . they fobbed me off with some jargon that I dit not understand. so I resign myself. thanked them and that was that. From what I have read so far they seem no better than LOAN SHARKS, albeit somewhat semi-legal ones, with good legal backing. They need to be exposed. It might be too late for me. but lets not get them to others who could still be saved.
  14. Hello everyone I have a question which I posted earlier on a Thread thing. Mrs F vs KM. Maybe I was on the wrong one, but will ask again here- particularly to HUCKLE. you seem to know a lot about KM. Could you tell me why they dont seem to have a standard variable rate advertise anywhere. It seems to be different for different customers as they have informed me. I had wrongly been given a mortgage through a Broker. without knowing or fully understanding what a Sub Prime was, too late now,anyway, it was fixed for 2 years at 8.04% > This ran out on the 9th January 2009 and will go automatically to their standard variable rate PLUS 3% for me. What they cant tell me is what their variable rate is . they just informed me over the phone that it will be 8.95%. meaning I guess that their VARIABLE RATE IS 5.95% . Is this correct? How do I check this and who with? Regards
  15. Forgot to add. If anyone is interested in talking to the media about KM the more the merrier. Maybe we could join forces, - as they seem to do- and go to WATCHDOG or some newspaper, radio... lets do it. Contact me if you have any ideas. 07958 77 55 63 ASTRID
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