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  1. Hi, People. Still very new to this site although i am about to file my MCOL against FD. The story so far Received my statements, no problems at all (and free). Sent my first letter requesting my money back (£2,000+). FD offered me £600+ also saying that they are not prepared to consider claims for unpaid direct debits. Sent off my LBA asking for the full amount but gave them the option of settling quickly for £1800. After looking at my statements again, i realised that i hadn't claimed for any "overdraft fees", only the "excess overdraft fees" and "recalled s/o - d/d". So, i wrote again asking for the higher amount of just under £3000 but again offered to settle quickly for £2800. They replied to this by offering me £1400+ and still maintained that they do not look to refund recall fees. (this is almost half of my claim). I wrote Mr. Kenaghan and accepted thier offer only as part payment, but i would be persuing the remainder through the courts and informed them that i would be filing my MCOL on 23rd of this month (today). To my surprise this morning, i received yet another offer from FD for £1680+ which is a full refund of all my overdraft fees. But they still maintain that they do not review recall fees. As my fingers are twitching over the MCOL site, i just wondered if anyone else has been fobbed off with this refusal to repay recall fees? Shall i just go for it and claim the lot through the courts? Any advice would be a great help. Will keep you all posted!!!
  2. Hi to you all. Although relatively new to all this, i have spent weeks reading up on reclaiming my bank charges from First Direct. I'm due to fill out my court forms on Monday at MCOL as First Direct have not responded to either of my letters. In my Letter Before Action, i claimed for £2015 but offered to settle for £1850. However.... i have since learned that i can claim for Overdraft Fees aswell as Excess Overdraft Fees. Both my letters have only included the Excess Overdraft Fee. Have any other First Direct customers claimed for both lots of fees? Also... now that i have totalled my charges again (just over another £900), can i just give the new figure when i fill out my MCOL? Or will i have to send another letter to the bank with the new figures? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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