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  1. Hi, Matty. Personally, i would return the acceptance letter to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. I wouldn't stop the proceedings until the money is actually in your account/cheque received, but don't forget that you now only have 14 days to return your AQ papers to the court. Perhaps a quick call to the solicitors or FD to clear things up. Well done in getting back what was yours in the first place!!
  2. Hi, Matty. If FD have entered a defence, it's time to sit back and wait for the court to send you an AQ. Have a ead through the site and get an idea of how to fill in the form. Waiting for my AQ at the moment. Best of luck!!
  3. And boy, do they bite viciously when gathered in numbers!!
  4. I agree!!! If it was your money they would take it within a blink of an eye and they'd take it straight away! Don't accept anything less - it's YOUR money. Good luck.
  5. Hi, 'Therm'. As stated above, the first thing to do is to call the council first thing tomorrow morning. If you're on income support the council should take this into consideration and recall the file from the bailiffs. Should the bailiff return tomorrw, then under NO circumstances should you let her in!! In my experience (albeit very limited) it really does boil down to the council and how far they will let the bailiffs push. Some will let the bailiffs go all the way (so to speak) and others will call off action when it's gone far enough. Best of luck.
  6. Well done Fairycakes, brilliant result!!
  7. Hi, Ladies and Gents. First time posting for me in this bailiff thread, I’ve been a little busy in the bank charges threads. Please don’t judge me or hate me for what I’m about to say….. Several years ago I used to be a bailiff (about 15 to be a bit more exact). Although at first I enjoyed the job (I was only driving) it soon became very clear of the underhand tactics that they used, to the point of me feeling that nobody had any morals within the company. Even the directors and operations manager were/are very shady and had no respect for debtors or their staff. B+S’s name would pop up quite frequently in conversations, mostly about their bullying tactic and wrongful entry to premises. Even to another bailiff company, they seemed even more underhand! With such a high turnover in staff, the majority of us didn’t even have court certificates, those that did seemed to be the ‘blue-eyed boys’ who were given the ‘easy’ jobs with the highest fees (mainly commercial debts). None of us really had a true knowledge of how we stood in legal terms when recovering council tax debts, it was all made up as we went along – even the more senior bailiffs would just return the file back to the council if they thought they were treading on uncertain territory. But, as I said, that was all a long time ago, and the ironic thing is that I too have been hounded by bailiffs and debt collection agencies for some form of debt. My advice to anyone would be to not answer the door to them under any circumstances. They are only acting on behalf of the council (even though we used to tell debtors that we were acting on behalf of the local magistrates). There is always the opportunity of contacting the council again, they can ask the bailiffs for the file back at any time and for any reason. Good luck to anyone trying to get them off your backs, they really are the **** – I should know!!
  8. Hi, Zoe. Take a look at this link, the template letter is the one i used. www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html
  9. Hi, Zoe. The best bet would be to accept their offer on the clear understanding that you will take them to court for the remainder. Maybe FD are refusing to refund the recalled DD's because it's a nice little earner for them? Best of luck.
  10. Glad, if i were you i would just proceed with your next letter (should be the LBA) for the full £3308. On a different note..... Just received from Northampton Court, the Notice of Acknowlegment and a copy of FD's response pack. Usual stuff - DG Solicitors intend to defend all of my claim against FD. So, lets see what drops through the door between now and the 2nd April.
  11. Forgot to ask, Glad... Have FD made you an offer seeing as they've wrote to you?
  12. Hi, Glad. I didn't even mention anything about them being unlawful in my letters, i just detailed them in my long list of charges. At the end of the day, a £37.50 charge for a failed direct debit is unlawful - so i want it back!! Same as you, my recall charges make up almost half of my claim. I completely took no notice of them saying that they didn't look to refund these charges, so i just carried on with my MCOL. Just for the record, FD have acknowledged my claim (monday) so i'll just be sitting tight until they decide to defend - which i can only assume they'll do. No doubt they're just waiting until the last minute again. Best of luck Glad, stick to your guns and don't let the to$$ers get you down!!
  13. I totally agree younganfree. The OFT are only making recommendations. Even though the OFT did the same for credit cards last year, people are still claiming the full amount. Even set at the maximum of £12, this is still quite a profit that the banks are making.
  14. Tiffla

    damjef v FD

    Hi, Damjef. If you filed with MCOL and FD's 28 days are up (28 days after the 5 days servicing) and FD have not entered a defence, you should be able to get judgement by default. From reading other threads though, the courts will accept a defence even if it's submitted a few days after the 28 days. Hope this helps, and hope someone else can correct me if i'm wrong. Good luck!!
  15. Hi, Aldezine. Just filed my MCOL with FD (Monday 28th). I too was unsure about the £37.50 charge for recalled DD’s. Even though I received three letters from FD refusing to take them into consideration, I have still gone ahead to reclaim them. Keep watching……. I’m within the last “few”days – and feeling very confident. Best wishes!
  16. Just goes to show.... FD seem to be more interested in keeping customers who line their pockets month after month with penalties. Those who rarely go overdrawn and therefor don't really add to FD's profits, are customers - not GOOD customers. Hope that doesn't offend anyone.
  17. Hi, Zipste. I'm only a few days behind you with my claim against FD. Filed my MCOL on Monday, so i'll check it's status on Monday again. As far as i'm aware (i'm no big expert), the next thing that will happen is you'll receive you Allocation Questionare. It will be at this point that you'll be able to move to your local court. Best of luck, keep us all posted.
  18. Hi, Photoworks. Never seen that postcode before so i had a little rummage. The one i've always used (and the only one i know) is LS98 1FD. I had a look on 'streetmaps' but came back with no such postcode. Checked it on Royal Mails' web site and it too came back with no results. Typed it into the old sat. nav. and it comes up as Pontefract Road, Hunslet Business Park. If i were you i'd stick with the tried and tested LS98 1FD and ignore the other one. Best of luck.
  19. Hi, Fuming. I'm keeping up with your story, best of luck!! FD once charged me £149 back in August 2003, what made me even more gob smacked is that they charged me again the next month for exactly the same amount! (£129+20, then £124+25). I sometime wonder if they just pluck the figures out of mid air and see how far they can get away with it.
  20. Thanks for the response. Let me get this right though...... Barclaycard sold my debt to Cabot, and then they sold it to another DCA? Or are they just acting on their behalf? Is this just a case of who can be bothered to chase it?
  21. Hi, Peeps. I got into trouble with my Barclaycard a few years back. Basically, I just buried my head in the sand and hoped it would go away – it didn’t! I’ve been chased by a company called FIRE (financial investigations and recoveries (Europe) ltd). I received a letter last week saying I owe £1,260 ish, but their client (Cabot Financial) is prepared to accept a full and final settlement figure of £630 ish. Pretty good deal I thought, and I am now in a position to pay it off once and for all. But, does that mean I won’t be able to reclaim charges that Barclaycard hit me with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Filed my claim at MCOL yesterday and claimed for the whole lot. With interest and court costs the total is just over £3,700. Just a case of waiting to see how FD respond now. Will keep you all posted.
  23. Thanks for the feedback guys.... I'll be filing my MCOL before midnight tonight. (that's if i don't get dragged down the pub!). Will keep everyone posted as it happens.
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