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  1. Well done, Harvest:)
  2. Hi, Darkrage. up to £300 £30 £300.01 - £500 £50 £500.01 - £1,000 £80 £1,000.01 - £5,000 £120 Hope this helps.
  3. Sorry, Yorkie Lass. Means 'roll over laughing my (flippin') ass off'
  4. Hi, Yorkie lass. ROLMFAO!!! I doubt it very much.:o
  5. Well done Karl!! Excellent result:D
  6. Of course i won't mind, but i'm no big expert:)
  7. Well done, Zoe. Best wishes - spend it wisely;)
  8. So..... FD have until Mondy to submit their defence. No post this morning, so i wonder if i'll receive my AQ within the next few days?
  9. Tiffla

    HSBC Direct

    Don't forget everyone... You can adjust the amount of your claim right up until the date of filing;)
  10. Hi, Bluebelle. Yes, you can claim overdraft fees as well as excess overdraft fees. Good luck:)
  11. Hi, Peaches’ Mum. I was in exactly the same position as you. FD have offered me three different ‘full and final settlements’. In each case they have said that they do not look to refund recall fees for non payments of DD’s. At the end of the day, it does not cost FD £37.50 to not pay a DD. Almost half of my claim (£3,700+) is made up of DD/SO recall fees, yet this penalty is totally reclaimable. My advice (limited as it is), would be to write to them and accept their offer – but only on the clear understanding that you will persue them for the remainder of the claim through the courts. FD only have about seven days left regarding my claim, after which I will win by default, unless I receive a copy of their defence (through DG solicitors). I have claimed the full amount and this includes overdraft fees, excess overdraft fees and recall fees. Stick to your guns and only accept the full amount. If you do add your interest on (if/when you file at court), you’ll see how much difference it make to the total claim. Hope this helps, please keep us all posted.
  12. Hi, Baldy. 40, Wakefield Road Leeds LS98 1FD All the best!!
  13. Hi, DS. In a 'sick' kind of way - i wish i was in your shoes. Although my claim is with First Direct for bank charges at the moment, Barclaycard is next on my list. I actually WANT to go to court. Good luck with everything!
  14. Well done Glad:D I too had the standard 'won't refund recall charges' which made up almost half of my claim. I took no notice and filed at court for the whole lot:cool: . They've got until 2nd April or i win by default. Great result for you, i'm very glad, Glad;)
  15. Crafty little sock cookers, aren't they!!!
  16. Hi, Alli. Have you opened a parachute account yet? Look here www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/ for the templates to send to your bank. I would suggest first though, having a good read through the forums and get a good idea of what you're about to do. Best of luck!!
  17. Hi, Phonesurgeon. If you're not in any rush for the money, i'd hold out and go all the way to get back the whole lot. Best of luck.
  18. Hi, Harvest. Too bad about the offer, it would have been great if they had settled once and for all over the phone. FD have revised my offer twice and it was still nowhere near what I wanted, but at least I’ll gain a little more through the court when I get the interest too (it’s almost like a little savings (plan?)). I too almost felt sorry for FD at one point – but then I thought ‘Hey, how sorry did you feel for me when I hit on hard times and begged for a bigger overdraft…..?’ You guessed it – zero tolerance, so now it’s my turn. Hope everything all goes well, keep us posted.
  19. Hi, Harvest. I know what you mean by the interest adding up, I was gob smacked!! At the end of the day, you’re not entitled to any of the interest until you file your claim, so when or if you do, you’ll notice the difference. If you’re going to file a claim then it’s best to work out the interest on the same day as filing as the interest will change almost daily. Go for it!!
  20. Hi, Yorkie Lass. When you enter your figures into the spreadsheet the correct amount of interest will be given. The program that uses the spreadsheet will be ‘time generated’ so it knows exactly how much interest to calculate over a given amount of days. Your £10 charge at the end of May 2003 accumulates £3.17 interest, so the total amount would be £13.17. Whereas – a £37.50 charge (which I’ve had dozens of) on the same date will give you interest of £11.89, that’s £49.39 in total. As you can see, this makes quite a difference. Don’t worry, it’s all quite accurate and the interest rates change daily. If you left it a few weeks and entered the same charge on the same date again, it would give you a higher total figure because the interest has gained during those few weeks. Hope this helps.
  21. Here's what i put... The Claimant has an account XXXXXXXX with the Defendant.Since XX/XX/XXXX the Defendant debited charges and interest in respect of purported breaches of contract.Defendant is aware of all details as a list of charges has aleady been supplied. Claimant contends: The charges exceed the Defendant's losses caused by the breaches;The Term permitting the Defendant to levy such charges is unenforcable under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1999, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and at Common Law.Claiment claims;return of the amounts debited of £XXXX.XX;Interest per S69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8%-£XXX.XX continuing at 8% until judgement or settlement at a daily rate of £X.XX;Alternatively,if the charges are a fee for a service,then they must be reasonable under S.15 of the Supply Of Goods and Services Act 1982.Costs allowed by the Court.
  22. Hi, Harvest. I was surprised at how straight forward it was to file with MCOL. If you follow the templates here, you won't go wrong. Don't forget though, once you've submitted your claim, it's a good idea to send a schedule of your charges to the court so that it can be served with your claim. Best of luck, keep us posted .
  23. Thanks for the corrections, Advoc8 .
  24. Hi, Talking Heads. I was under the impression that £5,000 was the ‘safe’ limit for the small claims court, after that it would be allocated to the fast track. You should by now have a copy of your claim form when you filed your claim. The TOTAL amount you are claiming should be inclusive of the 8% interest. I also get the idea that if you have already filed at court, then it’s not the best thing to do to accept offers anymore, just go for the full amount now. But, as Harvest said, more expert advice will be needed here. I may get corrected on this post, but at least I will be a little more knowledgeable. Good luck!!
  25. Hi, Jonni. Overdraft Fee = £30 Excess Overdraft Fee = £25 S/O - D/D Recall Fee = £37.50 At times though, i've been charged £124 for an excess overdraft fee and on the odd accasion as 'little' as £15 for a recalled D/D. My overdraft fees and excess overdraft fees always came out on the 24th of each month - just 2 days before pay day!!! Hope this help, will be interesting to find out what other peoples charges are and what date they were applied.
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