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  1. Hi, Cookie. I guess it does seem a long time between submitting your bundle and the court date, but i wouldn't worry too much. My guess is that the money will be in your account within two days of you accepting their full offer. When the offer might land on your doorstep could be anyones guess - but DG being DG - it will be at the last moment no doubt. Just sit tight and hang in there, and don't forget to plan how to blow all that lovely lolly!!!!!
  2. Hi, Indigo. Personally, i'd leave things alone for now. No need for you to remind them that they're running late - that's their problem.
  3. Well done Lotte, i hope the money will help you out for your new home.
  4. Good luck B&J. Just follow the tried and tested route on this site and you will get all of your money back.
  5. Hi, Lotte. Looks like you'll be getting an offer from DG real soon. They hate the sight of court bundles, and realise it's time to pay up.
  6. Hi, djh. I had loads of s/o d/d recall charges applied to my account (mostly £37.50). All replies from FD said they would not even consider a refund of these charges. I did press on and claim for them, and sure enough they coughed up in the end. No way does it cost £37.50 to refuse/return a direct debit or standing order!!! Stick to your guns and claim the whole lot back! Good luck.
  7. Hi, quar. The t&c's i used for my court bundle cand be found here.... first direct legals - principal terms and conditions Although i opened my account in 1996 these are the oldest i could locate at the time and so used them in my bundle. It depends on what font tec you use to print, but mine took up 36 pages - not forgetting that's gotta be done three times. Best of luck!!!!
  8. Hi, Esta. Just don't mark your letters WP and then you can clearly show the court your efforts in resolving the matter. Best of luck, please keep us all "in the know".
  9. Great news JLS. There seems to be no rule of thumb on them refunding.
  10. Me personally, i wouldn't remind DG that they are late in filing their AQ either - no need to remind them that they're running late - that's their problem;)
  11. Hi, Fox. It has been known for the judge to accept a late AQ for the solicitors by anything upto for or five days:mad: so i wouldn't hold your breath. Call the court later in the week. Best of luck!!
  12. Hi, Waxsyd. Fairly standard defence. Just sit back and wait to hear from your local court now. Keep reading up!!!
  13. Hi, Cookie. I've just replied to you in my own thread, and then i found yours:confused: Have a look here, if i hadn't have found this thread, i'd have probobly failed miserably. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/97447-court-bundles-dummies.html Good luck, don't forget to keep us all posted!!
  14. Hi, Cookiecrumble. Have a good read of this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/97447-court-bundles-dummies.html It helped me out a heck of a lot!!!
  15. Hi, Ram. I’ll do my best to help you out here…. From the pack that you put together, at what point was it that you submitted this to the Court, was it when you received the defence from DG with the court form to fill out? I sent my bundle at the last moment. It had to send a copy to DG and to the Court by Friday, so I sent them both by “special delivery” on the Thursday afternoon. I guess I only left it until the last minute just to see if DG would send theirs first. 2) Letters from claimant (less the “without prejudice” ones) 3) Letters from defendant (less the “without prejudice” ones) Can you not use any letter that has “without prejudice on the top of it? A big no!! 4) Bank statements Did you just submit copies of all of the relevant statements? Yes. Just the pages with the charges on – highlighted, no need to send all six years worth. 5) Schedule of charges Is this just the spreadsheet listing all charges with interest due? Yes. All your other questions, yes. But I’m a bit busy for the next two weeks or so and I’ll have a hard job finding all the links again. However, if you want me to e-mail them to you in “word” format, just send me a PM with your e-mail address. Best of luck – keep at it!!!
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