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  1. You'll be fine, I really doubt they'll refuse your counter-offer, I used the same template. Congrats on the win.
  2. Got money in my bank account this morning. I'm so relieved, especially after what's happened recently in the news with the lost case!
  3. Just a note, where you mention s.69 it says s.69 s.69 so you should delete one of those.
  4. Yeah as far as I'm aware that's just the change they've made to try and put people off. It's all claimable!
  5. It's totally up to you what you do, you can try to settle for less but it will rarely happen, unfortunately nowadays claims aren't usually settled before far into the court process, even with HSBC making 70%/80% offers that far in, but who knows - they are very unpredictable!
  6. Brilliant, thanks. That's the one I was looking for, as I'm sure I'd seen it somewhere.
  7. Have you sent any nudging letters to DG? It was a few days after my nudging letter and follow up call that I got the full offer.
  8. When did you file your MCOL Micheyboo? I don't think the court will delay it too much, mine had nothing done on it for weeks, the offer was actually fairly random! But I think they're working through claims making offers, me and Whatawoman had claims within days, and our MCOL's were submitted at the same time also. Don't give up hope.
  9. I've been having a look and I can't find any templates of letters for accepting offers, is there such a thing? HSBC have said they require me to agree to not make any other claims and for confidentiality, and I really don't mind either of these except the fact I have told people already so I can't really agree to confidentiality! Not sure whether I should just cross these off the letter when I send it back, or to write them a letter. Thanks.
  10. More waiting for us now! Which letter did you send back to them? I'm sending one off today, got to look at which one to send though.
  11. Btw - please change the thread title! I want a *won*
  12. Just got a full offer through!! £980! Which was £5 more than I asked for in my previous letter! hehe I'm so pleased. Couldn't have come at a better time.
  13. Helen - just got a full offer. £980! Was £5 more than I asked for!
  14. DG are starting to work through the claims at the moment, whatawoman received a full offer today, and I've been told I should be getting one soon. It's just a matter of waiting. My AQ was submitted at the end of March, and I felt exactly the same as you before being told that I should get an offer through. Maybe give DG a quick ring and ask what the status is on their side with your claim?
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