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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about housing benefit and data matching?,my claim has been suspended since the 24th nov 16,for data matching purposes,they didn't inform me of this and I only know because I rang them when they didn't pay the hb,they could only tell me that it was suspended for random data matching and wouldn't be much longer. It has been almost 6 weeks,I sent a message to my rent income officer to let her know but she didn't get back to me and now today she has sent a text saying we owe £738 and she is coming next week to serve a possession notice.I rang h
  2. Hi, Does anyone know where a friends hubby would stand with his paternity leave?,he is a bit confused as to his entitlement as he works shifts on a four on four off basis,he is not sure how many actual days he is entitled to,ie,is it two working weeks,so 10 actual work days,or 14 days in total,or because he works the four on/off is he only entitled to 8 actual days off with his normal days off in between?,if anyone has any input it would be very helpful,thanks:?
  3. Cant find anything anywhere,league or otherwise that says anything,only that abandonments will be reviewed by the commitee,and something about injustice,but nothing that clarifies either way,the ref didn't know himself and the league haven't got back to us yet,I was just hoping someone on here might know so that we can fight our corner with the league!
  4. But there were only 3 and a half minutes remaining,and I am at a loss as to how a 70 minute replay can possibly be justified!
  5. Does anyone know the rules governing match abandonment in football?. Our u14s side played yesterday,and with 3 and a half minutes to go,the ref stopped the game due to hail,he said he would wait 5 min and see if incliment weather would continue,tjhe hail stopped almost as soon as it started,and it was just raining.The ref then decided after a little persuasion from the opposing teams manager,to abandon the game,saying that the boys were too cold and wet to play the remainding few minutes!. Earlier on in the match,he kept the lads in for about 25 min because it was hailing,and let them out,
  6. I would guess he had to claim off his insurance(car owner),the poor bloke who owned the car actually saved my nephews life,he heard the crash and went out to help. His friend hasnt been cautioned and refused to make a statement of any kind,he did give him the keys and helmet,but it was my nephew who decided to get on the bike drunk,so his responsibility alone really.
  7. Thanks for being so frank,im sorry to hear of all you've endured. I dont know if he has ever been cautioned,i dont think so,he has been informed of how much alcohol they found in his blood,and the police visited him at home after he left the hospital to inform him they would charge him at a later date,but they didnt know what with as they were still making enquiries. Im not sure how far he travelled on the bike,just doing a circuit of the block from what i can gather,being an idiotic 18 year old lad doing something completely stupid without a thought for his own or anyone elses safety,not
  8. After speaking with my sister,it would apper that he was not arrested as i originally thought,but merely questioned at the hospital,apparntly he has not made an official statement at all,does this make a difference?
  9. I dont remember the blood results,but they were very high. He broke his back and had to have 2 operations,partial paralysis in his leg,rehab still ongoing,was in hospital for a good 2 months,but can walk almost ok now. He is 18,has a motorbike license but not a car,silly boy was due to take his driving test the week after the accident!
  10. Thanks for your help,all hope might not be lost for him learning his lesson after all
  11. Hi, My nephew was involved in a bike accident 6 months ago tomorrow,he was considerably over the alcohol limit,and driving a friends bike with no insurance,he wrote off the bike and a parked vehicle that he landed on when he crashed,and almost killed himself.A blood sample was taken at the hospital,although he wasnt conscious at the time,he gave his consent later.He was arrested a couple of days later,but obviously he was in hospital for some time so he didnt attend the station,i believe he was asked for a statement once he was coherrant,and after he left hospital the police visited him a
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies. We have been in contact with the council and they are looking into the issue with the fence,the council man did say that as far as he could tell,the goalpost was clearly on my side of the garden and that i am well within my rights to put it back up!!,although for the moment ive decided not to,i dont want a war with the neighbours(although they seem to have other ideas!!),as soon as the council sort out the fence i will re erect it. As for discussing amicably with the neighbours,i think the fact that he waited til i went out to dig it up,and made no attempt
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