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  1. Hi Caro, You could be right then again do you think I would get away with charging 34.oo per letter for my time trouble postage etc :O) Probably not, but I like the idea Give them a taste of thier own medicine. Subtle.
  2. Hi Gizmo, No I havent agreed to Mediation, its just a free Service. called the Small Claims Mediation Service. Its to try and get both parties to settle disputes either over the telephone or on a face to face basis. The mediation is less formal than a hearing before a judge, and is totally confidential. I have decided not to go that route but instead will submit my AQ. I have requested that the A & L consider an early settlement of the charges and court fee's and if they are prepared to do this I am prepared to waive the interest that has accumulated. I now either await thier acceptance of my proposal or for a court date. I hope this makes sense, Regards, Subtle.
  3. Hi, thanks for that link I read it with interest. I feel mediated out already I have agreed to drop the interest if they settle out of court and that amounts to around £400.00 so I think I am being pretty fair on the whole and hopefully, the court will see through all the correspondence that have passed between myself and the A & L over the past couple of months that I am trying to be fair and reasonable. MMMM do you think I should recoup the costs for all those computer generaated letters and man hours I have spent at the PC, not forgetting the envelopes and stamps, a possible charge of £34.00 per item seems good to me lol. Then again best not push it Regards, Subtle.
  4. Hi all, On receiving an offer letter from the Alliance and Leicester a short while ago which I declined they stated the OFT stance that £12.00 (being the amount that the OFT indicated was not unreasonable in relation to credit card default charges), thier offer was basically based on the same charge. Now my thoughts on this were The difference between a Credit Card Company and a Bank is that the charge is generally a one off monthly charge, where as banks make a charge for each individual default. OFT may have indicated a single charge of £12.00 as not being unreasonable regarding credit cards, but as far as I am aware they have not made any indications re bank charges to date. And as I am dealing with a bank, and not a credit card company there is little comparison, in the way the charges are applied as far as I can see. Another gripe of mine is that in the offer letter they state “Finally where additional funds are required, it is always best to arrange overdraft facilities in advance to avoid incoming fees on your account.” I have made a request for same on numerous occasions and have been refused, only to be told that I need three clear months before I can be allowed such a facility, which seems totally ridiculous to me as this problem of charges arose because of the lack of an overdraft facility, and I know if I were to call them tomorrow to reconsider an O/D they would refuse once again. :? Oh well onwards and upwards Regards Subtle.
  5. After having written this post - I came across a thread that answered my question, infact I think I already knew the answer, but just wanted someone to confirm what I was thinking. Going the mediation route would only prolong the process and allow the A & L to negotiate a lower amount. My stance on that has been firm throughout all or nothing. I shall therefore be filling out the AQ tonight and sending it off to the court tomorrow with the fee. I have also written a nudge letter to the A/L informing them that I had received a copy of thier defence along with the Mediation Form and the AQ from the court today, and after considering mediation have decided to for go it and have my day in court, and that I would be in touch when I had dates and times for same. I have also given them the opportunity to settle by advising them that I would be prepared to settle for full payment of the charges levied against my account and court costs minus interest. I await to hear with baited breath. Regards, Subtle
  6. Subtle

    Darkyn V Abbey

    Hi, I have just posted a similar question, and then found this thread - No it is then and submit the AQ thanks Regards Subtle.
  7. I need advice, I have this morning received the AQ with another form offering a Mediation Service before it goes to court the idea is that it is a less formal meeting between you and the bank namely A & L. Would this allow delaying tactics to go this route, as I have tried to mediate with them all the way along surely? They have made two minimal offers, the second using the 12 Pounds arguement, + the cost of lodging the claim with the court. My claim is for 1.500 + interest they have offered just over 700.00 with my court fees included, naturally I declined. Now I need to know the best course of action do I mediate or do I just go for a court date? Help Regards, Subtle
  8. Hi All, I have a claim in against the A & L, they are defending the whole claim and I am now waiting for a court date (Gulp). Could anyone please direct me to the link for Nudge Letters, as I cant seem to find it. I am also in the process of getting my court bundle together any suggestions re this from others who have been through the same experience would be appreciated, because if it gets as far as the court room I want to be totally prepared. Regards, Subtle.
  9. Hi Jos, Thanks for the guidance, I have found the form and have completed it for the most part, but I am not sure how I go about inserting the interest or how to calculate it, I have had the a/c for a lot longer than 6 years but I am only claiming for 6 at the moment. When does the interest start for the amount I am claiming and what would be the end date - now I am confused and I nodoubt I have confused you to Sub :-|
  10. Hi, Its me again well I have gone through stages one and two and have received an offer from the Allance and Leicester which is less than half of the amount I am claiming, so I guess its now time to set the legal wheels in motion and decline the offer. Not being a legal whiz kid I hope I do not fall at the 3rd hurdle Infact I am at the moment trying to work out what forms I need to continue forward, there seems to be so many of them. One good thing though I know how to find the local County Court . Subtle.
  11. Hi Hazzersdad, Good luck I will keep my fingers crossed for you I am sure it will all work out in the end Right time for me to get back to some more reading Regards, Subtle.
  12. Hi Josamolly, Wow a local celeb Thank-you for the links will check them out with pleasure and I will most definately read the Luton News. Well done Regards, Subtle.
  13. Hi OldBear, Thank you so much for your reply I have taken the first step and requested a statement history from the Alliance and Leicester, was told there would be a standard charge of £10.00 and it could take up to 42 days due to the Data protection Issues. I have also been reading the FAQ's ewtc., on the site and find it most enlightening and helpful, I feel a lot more positive now Watch this space Regards, Subtle.
  14. Hi Josamolly, Yes I am, and raring to take the bull (Bank A & L) by the horns Regards, Subtle
  15. Hi all, I checked my bank account today and to my shock horror had six failed transactions with a £34 charge for each all due to the fact that my monies are going to hit my main account two days late because my normal paying in date fell over a week-end. This is not the first time this has happend and I have had to suffer extortionate charges. I called the bank and tried to appeal to thier better nature and guess what they dont have one surprise, surprise I was politely informed that I could write a letter and appeal the decision and in the mean time I have to suffer a loss of nearly £200 pounds which I can ill afford to do being a single working mother with expensive teenagers to support. Anyway after stressing about how I was going to manage this month, I told my eldest daughter who no longer lives at home about the problem, and she said mum have you seen the local paper this week, I got it out and there on the front page was someone who had experienced the same sort of thing and a link to this website, I never realised I had rights and it was like a breath of fresh air reading the article, there is now a chance that I may be able reclaim a large portion of the hard earned monies the bank has extorted from me over the past few years. I haven't done anything about it yet as I want to navigate this site to find out more about my rights and how I should move forward, any advice would be appreciated as I am a complete novice in such areas. I look forward to being an active member of this forum on a regular basis from now on Regards to you all, Subtle
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