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  1. no letter concerning the court date found. Is there a particular stat dec form we need to fill out and can we reverse back the payment made to the bailiff?
  2. driving license was renewed recently as photo was out of date. we have been 8 years so should be this address.
  3. My partner was in bed when he arrived, he asked for her and I said she was out, he didnt notify me he was from a baliff, I asked if he was from a DCA, he then said to me he was calling to locksmith to gain entry. Didnt explain to me that that he was a HCEO or show me any ID. Car registered to me. I eventually got her and he demanded payment and kept threatening locksmith and said he would not go until it was all paid in full. Eventually she had to transfer from her savings account to pay. I havent found a notice from the DVLA yet
  4. I will be asking partner when she comes home she has gone out for the rest of the day. So he can just break into my house without showing me any documentation?
  5. thank you 1st thing i heard of it was when bailiff turned up today and threatened to break into my house, then refused to show me the reason why he could?
  6. Just had bailiff turn, threaten locksmiths and actually called a locksmith for a speeding fine from June last year. He handed me a notice of intention to enter and search premises - removal notice. under Tribunals Act 2007 s12 p2 18b enter premises using reasonable force even in absence. He said he could force entry and a locksmith would be called to gain access. I asked him for his warrant of entry under s15 but he refused. My partner did not know that her speeding fine would be taken to court, she is unemployed and has just had to pay £650 out of her savings for this. Any help would be appreciated? This is for my partner whos speeding fine it is.
  7. cheers for finding it, I looked in previous posts and it wasent there.
  8. Afternoon Just had the judgement come through dated 24th Feb 2017. Stating I have to pay 10k+ on or before 10 March 2017. Just received today. Whats the next course as dont have 10k. N245 form to be filled in?
  9. well could be on for another apparently Robinson Way have been instructed to collect my Halifax CC this time.
  10. Yes you dont need a signed agreement. But what you do need to do in front of a judge is get the probability that the agreement that they have submitted is not the actual agreement. In my case the judge was saying in all basis that the agreement was a reconstituted agreement. I want to see the actual wording he has used in his ruling to see what i can do. Such terms as probably is not good enough in my opinion. It is either a true copy of my agreement or it isnt. There is no probably in it. Also i want to work on something before i bring it public as it could scupper the majority of cases.
  11. I didnt no. I dont think they applied for it, as they asked for interest upto today and fees. Am drafting up a SAR request for additional information. Here is what I put. Dear Sir or Madam Subject access request Please supply the information about me I am entitled to under the Data Protection Act 1998 relating to Claim XXXXXXX and Barclaycard Account No XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This information should not be limited and should include: Any and all correspondence, whether letters, emails or faxes between your solicitor who represented you in court and your lawyers Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors (between XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX) that are relevant to my case and between Hoist Finance in relation to obtaining my CCA agreement from Barclays. Copies of all statements held for the duration that the account was opened to when the account defaulted. Account No XXXXXXXXXXXXXX If you need any more information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible. It may be helpful for you to know that a request for information under the Data Protection Act 1998 should be responded to within 40 days. If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer. If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you and can be contacted on 0303 123 1113 or at ico.org.uk What I really want to find out is whether they actually applied to Barclays for my agreement, or they just used one of their bog standard CCAs on file.
  12. on one note, can I still claim against them for the £12 that they charge for over agreed credit limit and late payment fees. As I am now paying interest on those going back years. Just thinking that this might be a few £££s and also should I make sure that they are charging from date the correct interest rates, as I am sure there could be some cross over, or is it too late for this.
  13. When I get paid I will do. I will post up the judgement from Judge when it comes in post.
  14. Of course it will be inline with I&E based on my probabilities....... my probable house insurance is £200 per month
  15. Ill wait until someone gets the same BS CCAs as I did and let them know. its a generic CCA sent out.
  16. Indeed just keep defending. Loses like mine are cancelled out by wins, I was just on the wrong it. Gutted but life goes on. What is going to be interesting is how they think they are going to get 10k out of me. N245 form is waiting for judgement letter, cars are not in my name and door is firmly kept shut. I am sure as over 10k they will take up to the High Court and instruct bailiffs but then again what can they do if they cant get into my house.
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