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  1. Link is actually an email address so wont work unless you have it configured in a mail server. Just copy and paste in into your email address. On another matter I generally thought that if you have been declared bankrupt then you dont owe anyone anything? Or am I complately incorrect?
  2. Take a look at Advantage Loans, thats one that ask for an admin fee then basacially said apply to these companies. Many years ago i tried this sort of company paid £49.00. They told me that they had found 3 loans guaranteed for me. Transpires they hadent. I might say this is how Advantage Loans were years ago not sure now.
  3. Sorry to say that the company will tell him a couple of loan companies like Tescos or Egg which he could have found out on his own. Personally I would phone up this company and say that you do not need their services anymore and ask for an email address to confirm this. I have a funny feeling I know the company and if you search for them then you will get an email address to send to.
  4. What price can I charge for my time please?
  5. Yes I can show that payment history is totally incorrect and in some parts it has been made up. I want to follow the correct procedure and if going to the ICO is it then I better do that. I will also contact the CRAs involved. On another note I have read a few reports that arrangements to pay on your file must be taken off after the debt has been paid. Is that correct? I have an issue over a loan that was taken out and they have adjusted my file to arrangement to pay. I never had an arrangement to pay just happen to miss a couple of payments on time. They have suggested that by missing payments and advising that I would pay by a certain time thats an arrangement to pay. This was never advised to me over the phone whilst dealing with them.
  6. I have a big issue with LLoyds see my post and also Natwest concerning false data and arrangement to pay. Idaiffife is there anything I can quote for them to take the arrangement to pay off a loan that is all clear now. I never even agreed to this arrangement to pay?
  7. I am having an 2 issues with LLoyds TSB. Please read the letter that I am sending to FO. My question is "Is there anything that I can do, along the lines of taking to court to rectify the situation as this has been going on for too long" Letter sent to FO. To: Financial Ombudsman Complaints Email From: Ref No 220809/01/LLoyds ( Please use this in all correspondence) To whom it may concern, I wish to make a complaint concerning a couple of issues with Lloyds TSB. I have contacted Lloyds on numerous occasions both verbal and written and also in one of their branches. The matter has still not been resolved and a laughable gesture of goodwill of £25.00 has been paid to me to cover the cost of calls, correspondence, my time to deal with this and the adverse effect this had had on my availability to get credit. Issue 1 I sent off £10.00 in the form of a cheque, under the data protection act, for all details of my account to be sent to me. As you are aware they have 40 days to send this information to me. According to LLoyds TSB they received my cheque 07/10/08 (information available to me as part of DPA), 40 days gives them until the 16/11/08. Even if I give LLoyds TSB 40 working days gives 02/12/09. I received the information dated the 12th Feb 2009. So firstly I would like to make an official complaint that they have breached the Data Protection Act 1998. Issue 2 This complaint relates to the information that LLoyds TSB has given to the 3 main credit reference agencies. Please bear with me when I try and explain to you the situation. I took out a credit card with Scottish Widow. The card no was ******. My 1st statement was 15th July 2004. This corresponds correctly to one credit account on my credit file. My last statement with Scottish Widow was dated the May 2006. This so far is correct on my credit file. Lloyds took over the account and issued me with another card no. New card no *******. When they have come to update my credit file they have taken it back to Nov 2004 and have filled in total rubbish. I have no idea where they have got this information from. I have asked them to look into this and have received a letter stating that the payment history is correct, when it has been made up. They also state that they have a 2 stage process and that this is there final response to the matter. I find that the matter has caused me a great deal of difficulty finding credit and the gesture of goodwill of £25.00 is insulting. I have tried on numerous occasions to allow LLoyds TSB to rectify the situation but they seem incapable of doing this. 2ndly I would like to make an official complaint concerning LLoyds TSB and their total lack to correctly inform the 3 main credit agencies my correct credit history. I will be sending in this by recorded post with accompanying correspondance between me and LLoyds and all relevant statements. Regards :evil::evil::evil::evil:
  8. Not really a big poster but this story should be made into a film. Its like a book you cant put down. Forgot to say a big thanks to hallowitch,lets fight baliffs and tomtubby you have opened my eyes to the underhand tactics of baliffs and should I ever get baliffs I know where I stand. Thank you again.
  9. My reply to them Thank you for your email. Thank you for your ID as well all looks satisfactory. At this stage to progress any further in the matter and to show your genuine regards for this matter, I will need a bankers draft for the sum of $10,000 to be sent to me. This will be taken off my final figure. As soon as I receive this in the post by courier then I will happily send more details and any and all information that you require. As a solicitors firm I have no doubt that this is readily available to your firm. Should you find this acceptable then please reply and I will email you my contact details as to where the bankers draft can be sent. As soon as the funds have cleared then as discussed all information will be readily provided.
  10. The reply to my email. Tan & Co Chambers & Solicitors No:66M, 03Mezzanine Floor Wisma E&C2, Lorong Dungun Kiri Jalan, 3Damansara Hights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. PHONE: +60162787347. 0060162787347. Dear , I received your response mail. An old man of my age with three children cannot involve myself in anything that will effect my profession and my family and I am assuring you that all aspect in this transaction must done in a legitimate arrangement. I contacted you based on the fact that your surname is the same with that of my late client. Concerning the legal aspects of this inheritance claim. With all my years of experience as a legal practitioner, I can authoritatively and confidently assure you that all aspects of this transaction are totally safe, 100%risk free, and have no hazards whatsoever. I was the legal representative/adviser of the deceased, and according to law, this entails that I am mandated to take care of all legal aspects of his business even though he is no longer alive. For several years before his demise, he was a close confidant of mine. Based on facts available to me, my deceased client had no next of kin to inherit the money he left behind. He came into Malaysia in the late 90's and established an import business. He traded on textile materials which he imported from Taiwan and China. Based on my confidential discussions with him, he disentangled from his biological family during his early youth and lost contact with them many years ago, before he came to live and invest here. Until his demise in 2003, he had no correspondence with his relatives and I am totally sure that even if they are still in existence, they have no knowledge of his life and business here in Malaysia. Based on this, I am assuring you that no one whatsoever will come now or after wards to lay claims on this fund, hence I decided to find someone to assist me disburse these funds which I will consider as a waste if it is left to be confiscated by the bank officials. As his legal representative, I am the only one who can confirm to the bank, the claim by anyone as his next of kin/the beneficiary of this fund, and also authorize payment of this fund to such a person. This is my proposal: I want you to put up a claim to this fund, and when I confirm and authorize payment of the fund to you, and the money is transferred to you, then you will take 40% of the whole amount and remit 55% to me and 5% for motherless babies home. If you are interested, then we shall proceed to execute this transaction. I will provide all the relevant documents of the deceased upon request. As soon as the bank receives your claim, they will notify me that someone is laying claims to the funds, and I will then proceed to confirm and authenticate your status as a relative of my late client and also the true beneficiary of the fund, and also make recommendations in your favor. Once the bank completes their verifications they will open up correspondence with you and initiate the process of the transfer to you. All I have explained above are the exact steps and procedures which this transaction involves, and will take a maximum of two weeks to complete both the legal documentation process as well as the bank process. However, I will only commence this process with you on the proviso that you pledge total honesty, respect the confidentiality of this transaction and keep it as such. Based on my year’s experience, involvement of third parties in this type of transaction may bring complications which I do not intend to experience. For familiarity, I suggest we provide copies of valid identification photocopy, and photos if any, attach here with My ID Card and My Certificate, kindly provide yours. Also, for our correspondence to be easier, please send me your full contact details you may have. Such as your private phone number with your country code and also your fax number, to enable me reach you at short notice. You can find mine at the top of this mail. Prior to making contact with you, I conducted a research on how best to execute this transfer, and I have equally made some arrangements towards that. Also, I have contacted the chief oaths minister at the high court Putrajaya, Malaysia for the court documents to authenticate this claim and the fact that you have the same last name as the deceased makes things a lot easier for us. The chief oaths minister will be instrumental in securing the necessary documents which will legally and officially state and prove you to be the true beneficiary of the funds and authenticate your claim to the bank. The will witness and the affidavit of fact will be prepared by the chief oath minister while I will be putting you in place as the next of kin of my deceased client, as well as the true beneficiary of his fund. I will also prepare some will witness documents and also swear an affidavit of fact in the high court in that respect. The only financial involvements in this transaction are the fees for some official documents which we need to procure to empower the bank to transfer the funds to you. I will try my very best to accommodate these expenses but this does not necessarily mean you might not be called upon to assist in finance if need be, after all, we are both going to benefit mutually from this Transaction. Once the documents are in your possession, then I will guide you to file the claim to the bank. Based on the information I gathered from the bank, you will be required to open a non resident Dollars account with the bank here in Malaysia where the funds are deposited (since the fund is held in Dollars), to enable them close down my late client's account and lodge the fund into your own account, before onward transfer to your nominated bank account in your country or wherever you may choose. I will prepare the power of attorney and letter of probate which empowers you as the beneficiary of the funds thereby instructing the bank to transfer the US$6.8Million Dollars to your account. If you have carefully read all I have explained above and accept to act according to it, then give me a confirmation to initiate the process and send you an Oath Affidavit Form for you to fill the required information to enable me file the documents in your favor as next of kin of my late client/the beneficiary of his funds. If there are any other questions you need to ask, kindly put them forward so that they can be addressed immediately. Anticipating your prompt response and positive action. Best Regards, Mr. , Esq. / LLC. 0060162787347/ +60162787347.
  11. Ive started off slowly and asked him "What would you like me to do?"
  12. Just been sent this email. I cant believe it, I must be the only living decendent of the family and am looking at a small fortune. Cant wait to buy that car I always wanted. Dear **********, I am Mr. *********, a legal practitioner. Please be patient and go through the contents of this email very careful which I believe is a message that will be beneficial to the both of us. I am the legal representative to Late Mr. **** ***. Who herein after shall be referred to as my late client. He died in June 2003 as a result of heart condition. Basically, my motive of writing you is to assist me secure the funds left behind by my client before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this fund valued at US$6.8Million Dollars was deposited, and I have a mandate from the bank to present the next of kin to the deceased or the funds will be confiscated and so far, all my efforts to get hold of someone related to this man has proved abortive. I want you to consider this proposal.If you grant your consent that I present you to the bank as the next-of-kin and beneficiary of my deceased client (since you have the same last name), so that the proceeds of this account can be transferred to you, then we can share the entire proceeds on a mutually agreed-upon percentage. All legal documentation to back up your claim as my deceased client's next-of-kin will be provided. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. This entire process will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. However, if this business proposition offends your moral values, do accept my apology. Please contact me at your earliest convenient to indicate your interest. Best Regards, Mr. , Esq./LLC. Im talking about 6.8 million here, it must be my lucky day. If he thinks im handing over any details on my address, bank account or any others then he is mistaken, but Im bored at work and fancy dragging it on for a least a month. Will try and keep him interested as long as possible :D:D
  13. A couple of debts have gone to baliffs and if I remember correctly they seemed to be a bit high. eg Didnt actually call at house but charged etc Is there a certain time limit like charges from banks that I can recover the charges? If so how long must they keep info on the debt on file. Where would my first step be in finding out what was actually levied on my account? Thnaks
  14. Average speeds will vary dependent upon: user hardware, data line condition, ISP hardware, Internet traffic, interconnecting server loads, and target server load. Average download times are usually longer due to general server loads and traffic. Theoretical max only exists when all variables and conditions are aligned. Very few people, even with the best of hardware and line conditions, rarely achieve this max.
  15. hence my should be around that if we are going that way then 1 meg = transfer rate of 1280 kbit/s downstream and 320 kbit/s upstream so infact the dl rate is 10240 kbit/s so you are wrong
  16. What you need to understand about P2P, is that generally your connection speed to them is not based on your download speed. 1. You might be on an 8 meg connection. Which is essence means you should dl @ around 800k per second. But your upload speed is probably 1/10th of that. So whoever you are downloading from might be on a 2 meg conection which means he can only upload to your computer @ 20k per second. 2. I have never heard on isp providers operating a system where they change your speed in relation to what piece of software you are using. You could be access archived files for work etc. 3. Your contention ratio will also affect your dl speed. Contention ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as will the time of day you dl stuff. 4. Test out the speed of your connection. Various online websites will do it for you. Then test dl from a major site like microsoft, as they will give users high bw. Hope this helps. 5. Dont forget most isps allow for fair usage policy which is extremely vague. PS. Remember dl music films etc is illegal.
  17. Who have you been dealing with in regards to the outstanding amount? Was it the council? Or the bailiff company? Are you behind on your agreed payments? If you have an arangement with the council or the baliff company and have paid and are up to date with the account then there should be no need for the bailiff to visit your house and charge more. If you are in contact with the council pay the coucil direct, thus annoying the bailiff who took this as they cannot claim for payment that you made direct. You could make the payment today online. It has happened to myself I had an arangement to pay on the 31st of each month and settled on the 2nd payment. Supposedly the bailiff came round my house on the 31st. The day i had until to make a payment and thus incurring other charges. I sent a cheque off to the bailiff in question which was cashed 5 days later. They then sent around another bailiff and tried to charge me an extra £300 when the account was actually closed. After one written letter the account was closed. No further payment needed.
  18. Sent 1st letter requesting 12th Dec. Found full set of statements so didnt send cheque. Sent letter reclaiming bank charges 2nd Feb. Received settlement letter today. Asked for £1602 plus interest of £251.79 Offered £1602. Not worried about £200 interest. Sending reply back accepting. All done in 2 weeks with one letter. Am i shocked? What do you think????? :o:eek:
  19. They had not written it off they said that the account was closed as payment had been received.
  20. Please note this is a bit of a read. Have an issue with Equita Bailiffs. I have an account with Equita actually a couple of accounts but this involves just one. Account that i have here are the details. Equita sent me a letter dated the 16/10/2006. My proposed arrangement of £28.07 every 30 days is acceptable until £224.56 is settled. I paid the the accepted amount on the 30/10/2006 over the phone. On the 30/11/2006 i called Equita and asked if i could make a payment by credit card over the phone. They advised me that there is a card charge. No way was i going to pay them any more money in charges. So i said that i would sent a cheque to them. This was ok. They cashed the cheque on the 7th December. This cheque cleared the balance of the account. Suddenly after accepting that all was well with the account and that it was closed i get this letter. 16/01/2007 " REMOVAL NOTICE A warrant issued by the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court still remains outstanding despite applications for payment. I have therefore arranged for my recovery team to visit your home to remove your vehicle ******.(reg plate number) Your vehicle will then be removed and impounded for sale at auction. You will incur further considerable expense, the costs of which will be added to your debt. Should you no longer be in possesion of the vehicle, we will remove household items from your home for sale at Public Auction to settle the outstanding Distress Warrant. To avoid this distressing course of action you must pay the £310.18 outstanding by return or contact my office to make suitable arrangements to pay before my bailiff team calls. In the absence of any contact from you we will visit your home without further notice." Exact copy of letter including the bold bits. I called Equita on numerous occasions after receiving this, was hung up on numerous times, spoken to rudely by staff and constantely asked if i can pay the outstanding amount. I asked them where the charges came from and they said that a bailiff have come round to my house on the 30/11/2006. That is my final day to pay the accepted arrangement that i had in place. So i have an arrangement yet they come round and try and charge extra. They then said that a bailiff had also come round afterwards to collect payment and left a calling card. This i find very hard that no one was in. There is a business that runs from my address and i know that there is always someone present at the property. Actually there is probably at least 3 people on the property at any one time. Surely one of them would have seen this ghost of a bailiff appear. Finally i get hold of one helpful person who advised me to contact Karen Fowler. I sent a letter to Karen Fowler advising her of this situation and asking her for details of the outstanding amount and how they have come up with the figure of £310.18. Numerous points made like cheque cashed 7th December, that the bailiffs didnt attend. Sent this letter recorded post on the 26/01/2007. Called up Equita today at 13.26 spoke to an advisor called Craig who advised me account was closed. No apology nothing. After all that i want to send Equita a strong message of complaint. I am not too sure what i can say, who i can write to apart from Equita. Please advise.
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