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  1. Hi Folks, Has anyone read this? (You can check on some forums.) Is the guy's claim that Martin Lewis recommends Npower a lie, as I suspect? If so, is it possible to use this to curb mis-selling before Npower snares gullible people, please? (I'm impressed by the way the word mis-selling brought up a link without any attempt on my part - however in this case it doesn't answer the question!)
  2. Last week I was at the Royal Bath and West Show where anyone walking round a corner of the showground was accosted by a red-shirted sales person trying to sign them up. Like most folk, I guess, I prefer to sort out the bills at home, then go to a show to relax and enjoy myself. No doubt I shouldn’t have responded to the salesman’s opening question by telling him I’d just switched online with Uswitch, and I was satisfied. So he pestered me, but I stood fast. Then he actually followed me to argue with me! This guy’s parting shot was that Martin Lewis of the MoneySavingExpert website recommended Npower! Really? I wouldn’t remember if Martin ever found a deal there that made it a good idea at that moment. But all the time? I reported the pushy sales tactics to the show organisers, whose reaction was: ‘Oh, no, not again!’ and to send round the official in charge of trade stands to have *yet* another word with them! The end result of these sales tactics was that I wasn’t prepared to believe a word they were telling me, but the annoyance at being pestered made me resolve to raise the issue here, just to see if they do in fact have a good deal or not. I think it’s more likely this thread will turn into a warning!
  3. I note all this because I'm just starting a thread about Npower pushiness - at a county show where I went to enjoy myself! Where I used to live, Northern Electric were forever banging on the door. I like living in the countryside - mostly it's too remote for most of the door-to-door sales pests to come and bother you!
  4. Thanks a lot, Midge! I've looked at their site and I'll email them in the morning. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Folks! First, sorry if I've picked the wrong forum, but I still find it difficult to navigate around this site, also a search didn't reveal any answers to my question. As a Northern Rock Shareholder, I have just received a letter from the valuer put in charge by the government to ‘compensate’ us, and we have a month to reply. I know what I want to say to him, but first I’d like to get in touch with the main body of NR shareholders, who must be organising a protest. So far a google search hasn’t revealed them, so does anyone have contact details or a link, please?
  6. Don’t approach Kwikfit Insurance for a quote - if you hate telemarketers! I have found out the hard way that Kwikfit Insurance, which charges inflated premiums, employs a squad of telemarketers to harass people who have approached them for a quote but then found a better one elsewhere. This telephone harassment continues even after people on the Telephone Preference Service have asked several times for their telephone numbers to be removed from the system. I hoped to be removed from their system once I’d publicised this, and emailed my complaint to them, but no, telemarketers are still disturbing me!
  7. Thanks! I will enjoy it indeed! I’ve been in some green forums where people think it is terrible to have your own transport instead of relying on buses. (Oh, and we get the standard assumption that everyone can walk or cycle!) I always want to know where all the buses are to take me everywhere I want or need to go! Since I’m a country person, there are, of course, hardly any! So I’ll really, really, enjoy this car, but I’m not telling the greenies on the net!!!
  8. Thanks very much, folks! I've now found out it was a DLA mistake! :D
  9. Yes! Loads of folks would like to sell me one of these things, but first I must get a car because I don't need one locally. I've been renting one at shows and events. Warning! These things are not as easy to drive in a crowd as you think!...but they have provided me witrh some funny stories to tell afterwards....
  10. Thanks, Jenschnifner! So there is hope yet! I thought I might be treated like a benefit cheat, or at least have my wonderful new chariot snatched away from me. Actually I have a very understanding doctor. No mattter what I tell him is wrong with me, he always makes the most of it when he's dictating letters.
  11. Hi Scott, Thanks a lot. I've found it, but I do find it very confusing navigating this site and an earlier search failed to reveal it. Now for another question. Are there any threads about Northern Rock on this forum, or should I stick to teh Martin's Money Saver site, please?
  12. Hi, I've just posted about getting a car under the motability scheme, having been awarde the higher rate of Diability living allowance for help with getting around. I do remember that there was a choice between a car and an electric buggy.
  13. When I underwent a knee replacement, with another one to come later, and the discovery of arthritis in my spine which makes it painful to walk for any length of time, I never thought to claim Disability Living Allowance until a professional visitor to the house pointed out that I could be eligible. To my great surprise I was awarded disability benefit at the higher rate for 18 months. Included in the envelope was a leaflet about the motability scheme. I was amazed. I didn’t realise that disabled people are provided with vehicles. I have a little motorbike because there are very few buses where I live, and the specialist has told me that my motorcycling days are numbered. I certainly find handling a motorbike much more challenging than it used to be. I’m determined to learn to drive, but the controls of a normal car are so different that I need some time to get used to them, and I desperately need an instructor with more patience than those I’ve found to date. However, being unable to believe my good fortune in being offered a vehicle, I was delighted to find there is a kind of car that can be driven on a full motorbike licence such as mine. I have never in my life known the system offer people more than they expect! I spoke to my doctor and rang up the DLA people a couple of times, and was reassured. I really could have this wonderful little car in exchange for my disability living allowance because it had been awarded to the end of 2008! So off I went and got my car. I’m thrilled with it! But before I’d had it a week I mislaid my proof of disability and asked the DLA for a duplicate copy. It came today. It states my mobility allowance has only been awarded to the end of 2007! Than means I’m not entitled to a car! But I’ve got it, I need it, and I didn’t obtain it on false pretences! What happens next?
  14. Hello Folks, I've been here before when my ex-boyfriend was trying to reclaim his bank charges. Now I have a question to ask about disability living allowance and the motability scheme, and don't know if it is appropriate on this site or not. If not, has anyone any ideas on a suitable board, please? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm glad to find some responses not accusing me of vengeance, but the system didn't notify me they were there. I don't think he can repay me by those means now. A friend suggested that the bailiffs might come in, if I can bear to let things go that far, that is! It's a sorry solution, but he does have a lot of valuable books. Xanadu2
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