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  1. The bonus was guaranteed once a certain sales figure was exceeded. I exceeded the sales budget so the bonus was guaranteed.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I owe the company no money. The contract allows the company to withhold 20% of the Q2 and Q3 bonus (which is forfeited if you leave the company before the end of the year) - presumably in an attempt to retain staff. Hope that helps.
  3. I recently left my job and was due to be paid a bonus. I was paid 80% of what was due. In my contract it states that 20% of the bonus payment will be withheld during Q2 and Q3. It does not state in my contract what Q2 and Q3 relate to. My interpretation was that Q1 relates to Jan-March, Q2 relates to April-June, Q3 relates to July-Sept and Q4 relates to October-December. The company states that it relates to the financial year - which they state starts in April ie October-December = Q3. However, nowhere is this made clear in the contracts (or in my discussions with them). Should I give it up as a lost cause or do I have a case?
  4. My keyboard does not have a pound symbol... However, I would be prepared to up the bidding to $11.03 NNN
  5. Dear Seahorse, I believe that a desire to profit from the 'goodwill' of the complainant is the criteria for legal recourse for 'alleged' cybersquatting. I'm not planning to profit from the domain name. However, my motivation is that more people need to be made aware of the activities of companies like Cabot and the legal remedies available to them. With the above in mind, I would be extremely happy for the current content of your blog site to translocate. PM me if you are interested. Best regards, NNN
  6. Dear Bsimmer, I think you (and others) may find the following thread comforting. It is largely written by a Australian bank worker who deals with debt collection. His comments on the overseas debt collection are very candid. http://www.expatfocus.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=9936&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=30 Best wishes, NNN
  7. Hi DM, Any further progress? Fascinating thread.
  8. I'm confused. Who is Dean Spencer and what is his role ? He is referenced a few times in this thread.
  9. Dear Worm, You may want to check out the http://www.fool.co.uk forum called "dealing with debt". It is a supportive and knowledgable community who will undoubtedly point you in the right direction (and offer practical advice). Check out SON1C's postings in particular. Good luck! NNN
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