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  1. IVE WON MY CLAIM AGAINST ABBEY!!!! BIG THANKS to the mods etc - everyone who has helped me through!... What now - how do I finish it off on here? How do I make a donation?? Mazx
  2. Ive won definately WON! The £920.40 funds are showing in my account as a payment from Abbey Triton Square available from 20th June. I have not informed the court yet as I will still have seven days from that date till the directions hearing date but I will withdraw as soon as funds are cleared. I want to send a letter to Abbey that tells them that although they have settled in full before court I still feel very strongly about how the banks are treating us.. Its our money - we work for it & many who have been struggling through tough times have suffered considerable hardship and distress because of the banks and their charges! Keep up the good work CAG and Best of luck everyone stick to your guns people and get back whats yours! Now how do I go about making my donation to CAG? I would like to give back a bit for all the great help, advice, expertise and resources to continue. Luv Mazx
  3. BUMP!!!!! IVE WON!!! Received letter from Abbey Triton House - Signed Abbey The letter is dated 12th June 2007 but no money in my account yet and its the 14th..... Letter says without liability they have settled in full and will pay £920.40 into my account thats £729.00 charges, £99.24 interest and £12.19 interest at 8% plus £80.00 court fee! They say they are raising a cheque for the sum of £920.42 that will be paid into my account (if open) or posted to me. The letter asks me to inform the court that Abbey is settling my claim and to withdraw the claim from the hearing list.... I wont believe it till I see it but it looks like IVE WON;) Anyone else received this letter just recently? Maz
  4. Thanks Noobrider & Leecabs Here's looking at you kid:D - I mean Im visiting your threads.. Cheers Maz
  5. Hi Louis, Thankyou again for your help.. The link on post 79 by newbody in Jules1973 vs Abbey thread to Abbey for old T&C's wont allow me access it just comes up with a message that I am not authorised to look at them. So I would really really appreciate it if ANYONE with T&C's as close to 23rd August 2004 as possible could scan them into the CAG Abbey sub Forum or even email them to me - Anyone? Please let me know Cheers Maz
  6. Good Luck!!! Leecabs and thanks for the support... I will keep an eye on you. Anyhow Its my birthday Sunday one year off 40 (boo) were away camping up at Lake Coniston in Cumbria (1 1/2 - 2 hours from home) but Im doing a craft fair with my jewelery 9-4 Sat, Sun & Mon so not much of a holiday 4 me but kids/oh can have fun... Maz
  7. I am now confused... I had a letter from court dated 13th April stating my claim was re issued and the date of service is 15th April. Acknowledgement of Service was dated 18th April 2007 - Abbey responded indicating an intention to defend all of the claim. The defendant then had 28 days from the date of service of the claim form with particulars of claim to file a defence. General Form of Judgement or Order dated 10th May 2007 - reads as follows Before DISTRICT JUDGE *88888 sitting at Burnley County Court, address Upon the Courts own motion . the Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it IT IS ORDERED THAT the matter be listed for a directions hearing on 27th June 2007 at 11:00am Dated 02 May 2007? (why dated 02 May 2007? when in the box at the left side of the Order it is dated 10th May 2007? that is 8 days and doesn't give 7 days for anyone to make an application to have it set asside etc) As previously stated by Louis Wu I now go to a directions hearing on 27th June - and I dont need to submit a full bundle at that time.. just the bits Louis refered too. I just felt that this was a different approach by the courts and I would appreciate some more guidance as to what I should be doing at the hearing... and whats more anything that could help me with getting my side accross to the Judge. I take it that the directions hearing is informal - but what does informal entail exactly? All help greatly appreciated Maz
  8. Signed... Come on we might as well push as hard as we can. Maz
  9. Wow and all that witrh the "big news - Lloyds victory\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ which should have had abbey getting on thier toes - hope I win too but enjoy getting back your hard earned cash - similar amount 4 me too but I think they've lost me lol:D All the best Maz
  10. Well don ijoseph emjoy having back what wa yours all allong! Perhaps a personal overseas trip!? For fun of it or get what you need to do done.... All the best Maz
  11. Hey Knelly, In case your still around - what have you been achieving with your hard earned cash.... I want to have the rotten old dorma window ( which keeps opening itself whenever it is windy/rainy and lets it all in - not to mention the banging which allerts us if we are in) in my sons attic bedroom sorted and our bedroom ceiling where it rained in cos the dorma window keeps blowing open... anyhow hope you and yours are all doing great... Maz
  12. Whats wrong with my poem - Its missing right in the middle of my message - if the moderators want to pull me to one side i'LL BE happy enough with that, but I thought my poem was ok. dont throw me off Ill be good Maz
  13. Good Luck Knelly with your claim Mk2 you are like the most clever little mix and also you write like a pro I am like megga impressed add I wont be impressed if like my post was withdrawn Im feeling kindo whitty and Im really rather happy at readin your last success Ur up again to do your so Knelly K Mk2 all the best and *(@% Maz
  14. Thanks Louis, So Ive got a month to get it all together but not full court bundle..I will make sure I know exactly what I need to know & say when I go in front of the judge, wouldnt want to fall at the last hurdle. That helps a lot and I feel much better knowing I have all the information at hand - Thanks again for all the support from you and all on CAG Forum.. Maz
  15. HI THERE KNELLY, Great news - its great when the system works ! Have fun with the money - luv Maz P.s. Please Louis / Anyone have a look at my thread - Directions Hearing now set
  16. Bump! Directions Hearing set.... Advice needed please read previous post ... Thankyou Maz
  17. Hi advice needed please! Received this morning Saturday 12th May General form of Judgement or Order from Burnley County Court Which states Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set asside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it IT IS ORDERED THAT the matter be listed for a directions hearing on 27th June 2007 at 11:00 am. Dated 02 May 2007 This means that 7 days have already passed!!!! so now what do I do, do I call the abbey and tell them they have missed their 7 day deadline to set asside this order? Must they now settle in full? Maz
  18. Bump! Help what's going on Ive received this morning... General Form of Judgement or Order Claim No 7ZP00423 Date 10 May 2007 Before DISTRICT JUDGE ****** sitting at Burnley County Court Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set asside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it IT IS ORDERED THAT the matter be listed for a directions hearing on 27th june 2007 at6 11:00 am Dated 02 May 2007 What does this mean to me? Do I now need to get a court bundle together for this directions hearing? I think this means that the local court have decided not to waste any more time in the small claims track with bank charges claims - knowing that the banks will never turn up in court and that they always settle before the court date - Are they calling the Abbeys bluff! ? What do I need to do? Maz
  19. Leecabs / All, Nothing from Abbey and May 13th is the 14th day for them filing their acknoledgement and stating their intention to defend in full. I will contact Court on Monday/Tuesday next week and find out if they have submitted. They are supposed to send me a copy arnt they? If they hav'nt submitted by 13th then I'll ask the court if I should send back the Request for Judgement/Notice of Issue. But the Courts usually give the banks some leeway? So I may not receive defense for a while - how long? When I receive defence it will either have an Allocation Questionnaire or this could be bypassed by the court... So I fill in Allocation Questionnaire and return to court/Abbey? then the court submit to the small claims track as my claim is under £1,000.00 & I have 14 days to prepare a court bundle and submit it to Court/Abbey.... If I get Court Bundle together quickly I can use it as leverage with Abbey to get a settlement before court date...? Am I on the right track? Maz
  20. thanks Newbody! I'll have a look at AQ links now... maz
  21. Got a Court letter through dated 13th April saying my claim had been re issued and that the date of service was 15th April (a Sunday?) Which changed the timescale giving Abbey until 29th April to respond, and 13th May to defend. Received Notice of Acknowledgement stating that the defendant filed their acknolwedgement stating their intent to defend all of the claim on 18th April. So Abbey now have until 13th May to submit their defence but will it be so soon or will they just stall again what do I need to be doing now? Just sitting tight and getting some reading in to be ready to submit a court bundle. I have all my paperwork in date order... Maz
  22. Hi jambo001, Stick to your guns lass! dont let them rob you... Go to templates get the N1 (make sure you fill in your details at all the indicated points and take 3 copies to the court) OR fill out the MCOL then within a week you will have a stamped copy and Notice of Issue through your door, the Notice of Issue will tell you more of what happens next. Keep all your correspondence to/from the ShAbbey in date order.. ready in case you need it later. Keep reading up on here - have a look at FAQ's etc - you will have loads of support from some really clued up folks to bolster your confidence. I'm worried too but the more I read on here the more confident Im getting! All the best Maz
  23. Hi JAMES33, I am now just behind you! I also filed my claim on 28th March (the wrong copys) I actually put into my envelope copys of the N1 I was supposed to be throwing away! (You can guess just how angry I was with myself what a pleb). I had the 3 fully completed copies at home waiting for me when I got back so called the court and they said I could send them in with all the differences underlined, which I did the next day with a covering letter outlining the differences. I now have a letter stating my claim has been re-issued and the date of service is now 15th April 2007, so.. deemed served 17th April, until 1st May for them to acknowledge and until 15th May for their defence then AQ me thinks... I will keep an eye on you and subscribe to your thread...please feel free to follow mine Mazamarie vs Abbey. Just tidied up my file and put everything in order ready for copying and indexing into a court bundle.. This is scary, and seems so complicated and long drawn out - but I'm really adament ! Maz
  24. Hi Nimrod, They did the same with me - refunded several "miscellaneous" charges, I have read conflicting views on how to debit the refunds from the schedule. I've just read a post saying to deduct the amount from the total of the claim after all the charges and interest, so that it doe'snt mess up your interest... I think that makes most sense, rather than doing as I was advised and putting the refunds into the schedule in date order before the total of charges and interest.. Thats what I've done and My N1 is well on its way so I will just have to leave it like that.. Hope that helps a bit.. Maz
  25. I meant your doubly hard earned money - because you earned it, they pinched it and you put up a great fight getting it back. Maz
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