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  1. well there is one small point that we may all miss, should we not get the goverment to make the banks pay back bank charges to us. we now are all paying to fight against ourselfs in the courts and soon in the house of lords. at the end of the day its now our money being used to fight this. should we not get something done to stop this im not shore how maybe a patition on number 10 web site, but who would do this we can give the banks billions to help them out but we still cant get out money back. this is more like the banks are now all highway men there to take all. even big pentions to top ex and also high salerys but the people who are in need now for thair money get told to wait again while they now use our money to fight us
  2. hello first of all you should ask the shop for a subject access request they have to give this to you this is the law. the other fact is has the police taken a copy of the incident, if they have you cannot have a copy as it becomes police and criminal evedance. and falls under that act. you would have to make a request to the police for a copy but they might not give this to u . if the case does not end up in court then after one year the police must give you a copy to use for private action. i will say that the chip shop should also have a data trail for the video footage. also if no notice is in the shop they are breaking the law. hope this might help
  3. they have sacked me for gross missconduct the incident was on the 26th july and a dearing date was the 29th aug had the first hearing on the 29th aug then ajurned over the week end till monday the 1st then in his words we have decided to let you go and in letter summery dismissal was placed but other staff not questioned about the incident and no police involvement at all , i have given a statment to the police about the event and they thanked me for my help in the matter and they are charging the men on the bike. the sargent in the case has no problem with my actions and have said that i did a good job in helping them,, we deal with the local police alot and we know the officers and they cant believe what has happend either , never have the police said i did anything wrong and no charges aimed at me at all only a whitness statment given to them and the cctv footage . i am appealing this but dont hold up alot of hope the mineutes of the hearing are very scetchie and dont realy reflect what was said in the meeting, the person who looked at the case only started to investigate it on the wednessday before the hearing .
  4. i work for a security company and as such we patrol an area in a 4x4, about a month ago a off road triels bike was being driven around the site this is public roads when i noticed it , i informed our control and followered the bike as we have been told to observe and pass on information to the police, my collage was on the phone to police and i followered with my amber lights on, at one point the bike cut across a roundabout and i also cut the roundabout, wrong i know but it was 01.30 am and no other cars in view , the bike had no light and was not road legual. i followered for about 1/2 a mile and they then went into a car park i stoped by a gate when i got there some 2 mins latter as i was not speeding and just followering to give direction of travel the bike went down a public path and crashed some 400 yards away i had already turned to go the long way around . the police seased the cctv footage and took for evedance as this is digital a copy is retained on the systen. i am not alower to view under the police and criminal act and my company asked the police for a copy and was refused, the company i work for thern asked the client to view and i was told that at the discaplinary hearing i would be taken to view, this did not happen a manager viewed this 2 days earlier and i was not shown this , the company did tell me to view this with the supervisor but i cant under police and criminal evedance act. when i checked with the information commishners office the client is not registered with them for cctv but other things BUT NOT CCTV i was dismissed for followering the bike against a single rule in assiment instructions but we are told to observe. any idears i do intent to appeal this
  5. just to let you all know that i have recived a letter from natwest today offering the full amount and will i accept this i agreed and now i have my money if you keep on you will get it in the end well done to the site and people that offer advice thank you all ron
  6. i have had a debit with natwest for 7000.00 for 3 years now each time i call and speak to the recovery dept they say that they have sent this debit out to a dca. i get the details and give the dca the details of the account and reasons and they all then return the debit to natwest. i call natwest and they say they cant talk about it untill it is returned to them. i call and call no joy. the debit gets returned and the same day they send it out to a new dca and the cycle starts again i have sent out 22 cca requests in total one to the dca and a second to natwest each tome recorded delivery and i recive no responce from either . when i call natwest i ask for a full and final settlement and they say that they cant give one as its with an agent.... the old catch 22 syndrome,,,, i ask natwest to take the matter to court and the dca to do the same but they wont go to court,,,, natwest owe me 3700 on bank charges and i want to try and settle the account with this offer from natwest in 2006 they did at on piont offer a settlement of 2600 but would not put this in wrighting to me and i refused to pay this amount till i had the letter stating full and final settlement any ideas what i can dooooooooo
  7. hi just wondered if anyone could advise on the problem we have with this offer.. today after 1 year with no contact fron nat west and a case pending the outcome in court we recived a letter from nat west offering goodwill offer of £3287.00 just 90 pounds short of what has been taken in charges from us. BUT as that account is in the hands of credit managment services they say that they can only pay this amount into this account and not send a payment to us, that account was pushed to £7000.00 over drawn by the nat west returning derect debit payments and also then when the account got to 3000.00 overdrawn they then convert this to a loan and it goes to 7000.00 pounds as they was taking almost all our money each month we moved to another bank and was told the account was closed. we has alot of problems from morcroft who was trying to colect the full amount and sent all cca requests to them and NatWest no responce came from either these were sent 9 months ago but in the last month a company called allied international credit has started to harass us again we have sent all cca and harrassment but my main point is aic have said they have purchesed the debit from NatWest ..... so how can NatWest say the above we do dispute the amount and two years ago offered to settle the amount with 3000 but NatWest would not put a figure in wrighting to alow us to do this .. as i see it they (EDIT) this money from me now want to just take it again i want to have my money back and fight the loan in court what can i do loan taken out in jan 2004 account closed in 15 dec 2004
  8. will send a new cca monday and yes most of the loan is intrest, will just let the four german shepherds loose in the pourch that stops people asking questions at the door lol and started with natwest ingone to second letter stage they offered to pay to account at natwest but its closed and has been for over a year so asked for a cqe
  9. ok will send new cca request monday recorded the original loan was 3,000 think most are charges
  10. its a natwest load they took us into over draft and refused to give us a loan and when it was 4 thousand over drawn they then gave a loan, have started the claim with nat west for my charges back but moorcroft now want £7,456.00 natwest personal loan
  11. hi i sent of a cca request to mrrcroft with the letter and the pound but could not afford the recorded so sent it first class. they have not responded to it in any way at all, sent it of on the 20th of march yesterday the 31/03/07 we got home to find a card from morrcroft , thay must have sent out a collector. can they do this and would i have to send a nother cca request recorded .
  12. stay with the dates set and then you will be ok
  13. thanks i will stick to my guns
  14. sorry about the font bit it only appeared when uploaded
  15. just sent a letter to natwest Dear Mr Stuart Higley Further to your letter dated -----------, You state that my conditional letter, well by the responce to it , it seems that your letter was very conditional in its self. I refuse your offer to have this amount payed into the account designated and into the bargin i consider it to be the deliberate intention of the banks style of litigation. I must say that I do find it somewhat of a punitive goodwill gesture that you will only pay this into an account that is no longer in use to us and to what I have no access. What point can this be I ask myself. You offered the amount of ----------- and then you say it can only be paid into this account. This is not true NatWest can and has issued cheques to people as I have other people that have claimed and have been sent cheques, I am willing to accept your conditional offer but paid via cheque made payable to --------- and not to a set account so it can be paid into an account of my choice. I do not think that this is an unreasonable request, and I’m also shore that the courts would also see this as a reasonable request from me to sort this matter out. In relation to this im shore your share holders will love this waist of money in court action, today we as people don’t give in when we know we are right I note that in all cases at the 11th hour you seem to settle the figures in question rather than stand in court and fight this out to the end, over 15,000 cases have been sorted at the last moment and none to date have been tested in the courts. All I ask is that this amount that you are willing to offer as a goodwill gesture is paid by cheque to me; I cannot see the problem with this. Could you please supply a reason that this amount has to be paid in this way, and by what banking rules you are using to found this as to date I see none and can see this as a way of trying to force me to use this way to sort it out but I will say I’m willing to go all the way with this matter I will not be bullied or forced into anything, but this will only add to the final costs as I’m willing to accept this without the interest, at this point if payed by cheque to me without restrictions on the cheque ie what account to be payed into., but if I issue papers in the ------- county court then this will be for the full amount with interest and all costs. I do notice that NatWest uses a company called Cobbetts for their court cases where they get you to go all the way throe the county court and then at the last minute offer a full settlement including all costs. If this is what you would like to do them I’m more than willing to add to the amount above by adding interest and also court costs and also legal fees as well. I will have no problem with this and with this letter I issue my last letter before proceedings I would also request a full break down of how you come to these costs for charges, I look forward to your responce to this letter on all points raised , and not with standard letters Again i will accept your offer of --------- in full and final settlement via a cheque made payable to me so i can pay it into an account of my choise.....
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