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  1. The actual claim was issued today via MCOL but at 6pm tonight I got a call from VM to say they had cancelled all the invoices and they would refund the £150 but it would take 28 days. I told them that I had been waiting since June and had taken it to court only as a last resort after many letters etc so wanted the court fees which they immediatly agreed to if I cancelled the proceedings. I told them I was prepared to do this only when I get the actual money and the court ruling allows 14 days for a reply. I wait and see what will happen and see if they can do it within this time. they did apologise for the continuation of invoices adding up all the time saying that there is a 28 day period of issuing etc and they are different departments and my complaints had gone to different departments - good communication?
  2. Hi There Despite having cancelled the V+ service within the 28 day cancellation period in June I am still recieiving invoices and threats to suspend the service etc. I have wrote several letters to cancel and am now taking virgin to court for the return of the £150 deposit paid. there is obviously a total lack of communication between departments and I am getting sick of recieving these mounting invoices every month. Is there a template or law I can quote to request they stop issuing invoices for a service I no longer have or wish to have?
  3. I sent numerous e mails and got the standard stuff as posted elsewhere on here. I counteracted by saying i dont care what virgin etc charge I just say it is unfair when I pay as soon as bill arrives. I then paid the bill minus the additional charge and eventually got a call from BT to discuss the charge etc and they said the £4.50 would not be added etc and this would be for ever but I expect that I may have to do the same process every 13 weeks. I just e mail and e mail as it is totally free and doesnt take time getting through call centres etc.
  4. I had numerous e mails to and fro BT questioning the fairness of the non DD charge and the fact that I should be able to choose how to pay and do so online within 2 or 3 days of bill arriving (I cannot be classed as a late payer). After getting standard template e mails back with them trying to justify the charge I told them I would pay the bill minus the charge. Initially they said they then pursue the outstanding balance through usual debt collection process but I stuck to my guns and they rang me to say they would refund the charge and this would be "for life". I wonder whether I may have to do this every three months but hope not to. The moral is "stick to your guns and keep on trying" - e mails are a pretty cheap way of corresponding too!!!!
  5. The crazy thing about Nationwide is how much money they are wasting by refusing to pay, just add all the legal costs etc and they far outweigh the benefits to them of waiting as late as possible to pay. Maybe the shareholders need to be asking serious questions over the way they mismanage claims!!!
  6. I too got the standard 8 weeks letter so placed it in my file. Tomorrow its the LBA as 14 days have passed since my first letter to Halifax. I'm sticking to the timescales as laid out on here and would of course be very pleased if I recieved a phone call before the need for MCOL etc.
  7. I have been in the situation where I have filled up with petrol and realised that I have left my wallet - this has happened twice in maybe 10 years. Each time the garage has asked me to fill out a form with name/address etc on and amount owed and I have returned the next day with the right money.
  8. So far nationwide responded with statements within 40 days, sent them preliminary letter claiming charges on 12th March recorded delivered on 13th March. Gave them the 14 days as usual and no reply by 27th so sent them Letter before Action again allowing 14 days! Today a letter dated 20th March arrived (29th March!) with the standard inclusion of complaints leaflet, alternative banking arrangements, transparent charges etc). letter gave contact as Tara Camfield 01793 712442 who says she will close the file if I don't contact her within next 56 days! Is is a coincidence that my LBA was recorded delivered on 28th march and this letter I got today dated 20th actually had a frank on the back stating posted on 28th March!!!! Maybe Nationwide take a whole 8 days to put typed standard letter in envelope and get around to posting it???? Maybe us cruel people here with CAG are increasing their workload by having the cheek to ask for what is rightly ours? As per protocol if I do not recieve the refund as requested within the 14 days from 28th then I will be going onto the next step with small claims court. Yes I am sticking to our timecales despite any letters with ?false dates from them.
  9. I have always had my broadband through Virgin and was told that when they took over NTL etc there would be no real changes but my direct debit would appear as "Virgin Media". searching the web site I realised that whilst I have been paying £24.99 for up to 8 mbs service on Plan One there is a Plan 2 that is not exactly the same but actually better and cheaper. Plan 2 is £17.99 and not only gives unlimited at same speed but also free anti virus etc etc. How do I change packages? Simple, a 15 minute phone call where I had to cancel plan 1 and ask to be on Plan 2. I did complain that they should have informed me and done this change automaticly. I tried to get them to refund back over payments but they said Plan 2 was new service! Moral of the story is regularly check that even same provider isnt offering an alternative deal that is better than present one.
  10. coz

    Coz v Nationwide

    A large packet was waiting for me to collect at the post office this morning and my eyes lit up when I saw it was from the Nationwide! Statements going back to January 2001. I have spent an hour or so going through them and enter the charges on the spreadsheet found elsewhere on this brilliant site. I was guessing at maybe £300 so was please that the actual figure I will be claiming for is £555.50. If interest is added then £164.18 makes a total of £719.68!!! I have wrote the preliminary approach for repayment letter and will send on Monday recorded delivery so the 14 days starts rolling. I know I will find the answer somewhere else by searching but just in case anyone out there now knows who and where do I address the letter to please? Here's hoping and still to recieve Halifax statements!
  11. coz

    Coz v Nationwide

    Waiting for post each day - still no response to SAR. I did recieve a letter from Nationwide from a Kelly Harbour which was a standard letter trying to explain the rationale behind charging policy. It mentioned there has been a lot of speculation about fees and charges in the media and the OFT has issued a directive regarding credit cards. Hidden away was a sentence saying "we hope that you can abide by the terms and conditions of the account but if you cannot, then regrettably it may be appropriate for you to consider alternative banking arrangements." Could this be a veiled threat? No probs I have a parachute account with another bank and letters like this only fuel my desire to fight for what is mine. Continue to look for the mail. PS Kelly Harbour was a customer experience co-ordinator (who dreams up these job titles?) 01793 712428
  12. My cheque was made out to Nationwide BS and it was cashed with no problems so sounds like stalling tactics to me! After reading the other postings on here I have started the 40 days from 2 days after posting the letter or date of receipt if you sent it by recorded delivery etc. I intend to send later copies with proof of posting just in case:)
  13. coz

    Coz v Nationwide

    Hi Tractor Girl Here is a lonk with different spreadsheets so choose the one best for you. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html Good Luck
  14. Had a spare 10 minutes so decided to ring and ask about progress. Rang direct line for data protection consultant 01422 326398. Was told they had recieved my request and I would recieve statements before 24th Feb. I politely reminded them that that was not within the 40 days deadline and they told me that the local branch I had hand delivered had not date stamped when they recieved it. It then took a week to get to the DP department. I politely told them the 40 days started when I gave the cashier the letter and they reassured me that even though they say 24th February it will be processed before then. At least I know it is being dealt with but may need to speak to them again if they do not adhere to my timescale (after all banks stick to their schedules when they take make the charges etc:rolleyes: )
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