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  1. Opened new account today going after Natwest via Hardship route..they can take my debit cards as I have now moved all wages into another acoount. Lets see how this goes then..easy to let things slip
  2. Hi, Have bank with natwest for years. Have gone through whole account worked out charges and interest owed sometime ago but over Christmas I have had a very new kind of experience with Natwest. On the 24th, 26th. 27th and 29th I made payments to the same company all transactions were around £7 each. On the 31st December Natwest took out their usual £80 interest charge plus all these transactions and at just after 3pm that day I went to the cashpoint and withdrew £140. I thought account was probably around limit so did not go back to bank until last Saturday knowing money would have been paid in only to find Natwest had taken £210 for Guaranteed card payment fees. I have rang Natwest and argued that this is unreasonable. The first time I rang I had forgotten that I had withdrawn that same day and on my statement it clearly shows that the POS didnt take me overdrawn it was the cash withdrawal. I am quite used to being charged but feel that this is such an immense amount on such small transactions it makes me feel sick. Am writing a letter to them at the moment and only hope this doesnt have to be added to the rest of the charges that they have taken. The question to all out there really has this happened to anyone else? Is Natwest trying to draw money in?
  3. I am having similar problems, they have taken £280 from me, i havent had much money since saturday and have rang them and said me and kids have been living off beans on toast. Anyway something I found out arlier today was that you are entitled by law to withdraw benefits from your account even if you are already overdrawn. You need to go into a branch to do so, however be aware if you are not overdrawn at present it will generate another charge but if like me you are overdrawn because of charges they should only charge you the once. I honestly dont know how they sleep at night.
  4. Glad to do my first donation..couldn't have got this without this site. Thanks
  5. thanks, I will get on with it now then
  6. I have filled in one court claim but have not sent it yet as I am wondering am I supposed to pay me court fees now or at the end..or do they pay if I win. I am not sure and It is the only thing that is not clear on the guide to reclaiming. Thanks in advance for any help with this
  7. Can anyone help me on this? Still not filled in the form and unsure whether I have an argument why they should keep my account the same
  8. Thanks for that Steven, didn't know I could add to it further. Another piece of advice from anyone if possible, I have sent my LBA including the hardship paragraph, I can prove this easily with my outgoings my concern is what they have wrote at the bottom of the letter, can they actually still close these accounts, I was under the impression that they were now not allowed to, when they pay (positive thinking) there will be no debt, there will be a credit to myself. I would rather not open a new bank account move direct debits etc, so if there is anything I can write in reply to their threat and send it back with the financial statement that would be a great help 09/06/2008 Dear XXXXX We acknowledge receipt of your complaint about bank charges. We believe that your complaint concerns the level, fairness or lawfulness of the charges. It would be our normal approach to resolve your complaint through our internal complaints process as quickly as possible. However, the bank (along with a number of other banks) has now become involved in legal proceedings with the Office of Fair Trading ("OFT") in relation to personal current account charges which will resolve the legal issues regarding the fairness and legality of your bank charges. This has become known as "the test case". Until the determination of the legal issues in the test case, we have asked the Financial Services Authority ("FSA") to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with bank charges complaints, and the FSA has agreed to this request subject to conditions that protect your rights. However, we note that you have also indicated that you consider yourself to be in a position of financial hardship. In order for us to understand and review the full extent of your financial position, please complete, sign and return the attached "Customer Financial Statement Form" together with an explanation of the circumstances leading to your inability to meet your commitments. Following the receipt of a signed and completed form, we will review your overall financial position. If we determine that your case can be considered as financial hardship we will take it forward in line with our Hardship policy. This aims to help you avoid further debt and to assist you recover from your hardship. In doing so we will review your existing banking facilities which may involve:- • Opening a new account or changing your account to a type with no lending facilities attached • Cancellation of non-essential Direct Debits and Standing Orders on your account - essential Direct Debits and Standing Orders can be reset up on the new account if necessary (eg mortgage, rent, council tax, utility bills etc) • Return and cancellation of cheque guarantee cards/Switch cards - a Cash card can be issued on the new account • Return and cancellation of cheque books • Income to be diverted to any new accounts opened • A mutually agreed monthly sum would be set up on a standing order from the new account to any debt on the existing account.
  9. received letter this morning from them stating that they beleive the charges to be fair, transparent and lawful in the next paragragh they go on to say that they are involved in legal proceedings which they beleive will resolve the fairness and legality of bank charges...hmmm LBA is due to be sent on 3/6/08 so will get that ready for sending, I pressume I am not going to get any reply from them now and my case will probably be stayed but at least it will be there. For anyone browsing, if I get any charges in the future what is the best course of action?
  10. No reply whatsoever from vapstone so LBA has been sent today we will see if they respond nicely (or at all) to that
  11. Bit of an update on claim, in fairness to these guys they are the only company so far to respond. On the 24th I received a reply from them stating that they were dealing with my dispute and they would get back to me within 4 weeks. Of course I still proceeded as advised on the guides and sent the LBA yesterday. I have today received in the post a letter offering £178.00 as full and final settlement so I have used letter 3 to reject their offer and gave 11/06/08 as the date that court proceedings would commence.
  12. Approached bank of scotland last week for unfair charges totalling £729.19 they have six days left before LBA. Capstone - Prelim letter sent 12/05/2008 Natwest - Prelim letter sent 20/05/2008
  13. Early days yet, got my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) late last year as had every intention of doing it straight away but it was all a bit too much to take in so I have got all up to date statements and sent prelim letter today asking for the last six years of charges which is just under £3000. Took me a while to put them all onto spreadsheet but found it really easy to use and much simpler process than I thought. I know this is not going to be an easy one from the previous threads I have read but I feel much better now I have took the first step. Capstone - Prelim letter sent 12/05/2008 BANKOFSCOTLANDCREDITCARD - Prelim letter sent 13/05/2008
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