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  1. Cheers. Spoke to all levels of the company today and didn't get very far - only got any joy out of the highest finance person in the entire company, and even then there's no guarantee of payment. Annoys me, considering how much I put into that place Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, haven't postedi n a long time! Anyway, problem as follows. Left company, giving my notice on the 17th December. This company is a HUGE multi billion pound company. Left on 21st Jan, started new job 24th Jan. So, today - 27th Jan. Payday! (Ex employer) Checked bank, final wages paid in. But not showing in balance. Bank confirmed it had been recalled. Not good. Spoke to the payroll department who confirmed they recalled because they didnt get details of my intention to leave until the 25th January! Obviously the amount was wrong, so pulled it. Could they put it back today? No. Having to wait for them to discuss things in various committees no doubt. But the trouble is, I have direct debits due from tomorrow and the next few days. BACS transfers will take a few days from Monday when the next run is done. I have a single figure amount, in pence, in my account, and going over means I lose my account (due to former bankruptcy and account restrictions) as well as go into debt by about a grand. I'm going to be really, really in the doo-doo. Bearing in mind this is entirely the fault of the company, would I be entitled to claim fully for things like phone calls to get it sorted, costs of any bank charges (assuming the bank understand and keep the account open!) and anything over and above like inconvenience! It's also ruined my wifes birthday which is today - was supposed to go for a meal
  3. Silly question, slightly off topic. Why a court summons from Northampton CC from Yorkshire Water? YW don't supply any properties in Northamptonshire.
  4. I had similar with Anglia Water - block of flats and the meters are under a panel in the main pavement - also in the middle of the access to our car park, meaning that to read our meter (we had a dispute as they were trying to charge £70 a month and we're only light water users + have energy saving everything in this flat) they'd effectively have to come out and block the road off. Daft design decision. But of course *we* were instructed to read the meter anyway. Refused outright, put my foot down and said if they want ANY payment, they had better come read the meters. Took plenty of pictures of the locations of the meter and said I'd happily forward them to ofwat along with their correspondence to say it would be safe for a member of public to read those meters. They soon moved!
  5. Aye, it's daft. It'd save them a lot of hassle but they do appear to like doing things the hard way. I've already been "compensated" a large amount due to the Billing Code - thankfully in writing we've been catagorically told we won't be paying anything from March 2008 to December 2009. They were quite good about that which I'm particularly happy about (and the saving paid for the small holiday we've just returned from) but I really would rather they just got it right in the first place. Less headaches.
  6. Wow, this company really is atrocious. At the start of March, they finally got back in touch (after much prodding by me) and said it was all sorted. Got a bill for £35 on 13th March. Paid in full, everyone happy. We were asked for an online meter read which I provided on 5th May for the next bill. Didn't get the bill in time to pay it and they said "technical issues". So come back from holiday today to find the bill was in. £55. Not bad we thought. Until I checked the serial number. STILL BLOODY WRONG!!! NNNNGGGGHH! Was originally just going to email them to ask them to bill me for the amount actually used rather than an estimate that was 400 units out (estimate for start read in January). Emailed them again asking it to be escalated to the highest possible complaints handler. Have also updated an original complaint with ofgem in hope this might get sorted out soon - I've never heard of a company that is unable to administer a simple account.
  7. Just contacted Consumer Direct, many thanks. Will post a letter to the receivers tomorrow with copies of Provident's letters. Won't be letting them get away with it. Many thanks
  8. The Co-Op are a fantastic bank - which is why we retained our account with them even after our bankruptcy completed and we were fully discharged, never seen a bank so helpful, with callcenters in the UK, answered within a couple of rings - by human beings. Certainly shouldn't have an issue opening an account, their policies have not changed. Try them online.
  9. Hopefully an easy one. Every 6 months we get a letter from Provident, from whom we used to have a debt of circa £1200. We went bankrupt and were discharged almost exactly a year ago. The letter is worded: "We are writing to you in relation to the above agreement which remains £1200 in arrears. This amount is the total of the sums you have missed paying over the period of the agreement including any payments missed since we last wrote to you about your arrears position 6 months ago. Details of all the transactions can be found overleaf *(not true)" Speaking to them over the phone, we're told that despite the bankruptcy we will continue to get these letters every 6 months, and it's their right to do so. Is this correct? Sounds baloney to me, as if they're trying to get payment for an account that should surely no longer exist - and if it does, have a 0 balance. The letter isn't worrying us really - we know there's nothing they can do, Provident admit they don't expect anything from it however we'd rather not get the letters full stop. Is there anything I can do to make it stop? Harassment perhaps?
  10. Would also like to know that - how debits/credits occur when you should only be paying for what you're using (and in some cases debts)
  11. That's quite dispicable. Write everything down you've said there and also make a sure you note down all future communication with them. Try and keep further communication in writing if you possibly can. Do complain. There's a complaints address on this forum somewhere, use that and detail everything you've said here. Make sure they know you're out of pocket out of no fault of your own and you're still without gas. If need be, and if you think it'll help your case, knock up an expenditure chart to show them how much (or little!) money you have coming in to support yourself and family. It's of no interest to them normally (as you normally use that to prove you can't pay a debt or something) but it will show you have other things to spend the money on. Make sure you state you will take it straight to ofgem and office of fair trading, and also how upset you are with suggestions that you should borrow money from people you may never know.
  12. Ask them to put all details in writing to you, so you can respond similarly. Over the telephone it's likely someone trying it on. That way you should get all the details you and they need to work it out : who it is, account numbers, dates of the purported debt and what not.
  13. I'll point out briefly that demanding something be done via telephone is not right - I don't think it's illegal unfortunately (unless like me you're disabled and can't) - but you have absolutely every right to demand everything in writing. At least that way you have a full record of everything said instead of the say so of one person who can conveniently forget (yes, I mean you British Gas) or conveniently not record that one phone call yet can recall any other conversation ever (yes, you again BG) Spot the grudge? Get it all in writing.
  14. Daft really, as being bankrupt means you'd be breaking the law to incur further debt. Silly that energy suppliers would go a step further to fit more expensive prepay meters. Saying that, neither of my suppliers had a problem with me holding an account during bankruptcy. (Eon, British Gits).
  15. Yes, they were, We moved in a good 6 months prior to going bankrupt, and we've now been discharged for a further 6 months. We've been fine on normal meters throughout the bankruptcy, in fact EON actually spoke to us about it (they supply our electric) and asked if they could help - they noticed we were constantly in credit by at least £50 at each time of billing The one thing I'm thankful for due to the bankruptcy is how well we can now manage our cash - this issue with BG is close to upsetting that
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