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  1. Result!! Received letter from compliance officer, going to reimburse me the £150, and they admitted (yes they admitted!!) that it was their fault and the advisor wasnt aware of a 14 day payment change to change things over, so apart from the advisor not knowing his job, good result!!
  2. okay, letter done and emailed and faxed to one of the manager's, he sent me an email back saying he would deal with it and look into it and if he couldnt, it would be passed onto the compliance department. This morning received letter from teh compliance department stating they are looking into it and I will hear within 3 weeks of the date of the letter. Im expecting their response to be dismissive and try to fob me off, but I think ive got good cause to complain. If they do fob me off, what is my next course of action please? thanks
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention, I paid the £100 admin fee on teh 19th may at the time of changing the mortgage. Trixter
  4. Hi all, If this is in the wrong place I apologise, please feel free to move the thread. I changed my mortgage from repayment to interest only on teh 19th May with my current lender. During this phone call I was advised they were going to take a £100 admin fee for doing it (of which I have no problem) and I specifically asked if this payment would be changed in time for my payment to go out on teh 31st May, of which I was put on hold whilst the advisor went away and came back and said yes that should be fine. I received a letter from them confirming the new payment amount and that it would be changed for the 31st may. I have checked online with my bank this morning and yes you have guessed it they have not changed the payment amount, they have tried to take the original amount of mtg out today which is £150 more than what was expected adn therefore sent me £150 over my overdraft. I have spoken to the mortgage lender this mornign who have said the only thing they can do is apologise and that I shouldnt have been told it would have changed for 31st may (even though I have it in writing!) and cannot refund me the £150. I am absolutely livid. can anybody advise me what to do about this please? They have stated that I have to go through their complaints procedure but in the meantime i am going to be charged by the bank for this of which again the mortgage lender has said they possibly cannot refund any charges that I incur. Thanks Trixter
  5. Hi, Quick question if somebody can give me a straight answer please. I have a credit card with NastyWest - only £400 on it (limit was 3k but they reduced it to £400 when I got to that stage) anyway, sent off letter last week asking for statements for 6 years, to cut a long story short, statements come back totalling £240 charges this includes 5 charges at the original charge of £20 Natwest were charging totalling £120, then the rest of the charges were at the £12 figure totalling another £120. They have offered a good will payment of £50 thereabouts. Now, if i was to reject this offer could I claim for the full amount of £240 or can i only claim for the higher charges I was charged ( the £20 ones totalling 120)? I have looked for the answer but cant seem to find it. Trixter
  6. Hi Keekstar yes its the Home at fault, not the chiropodist. The chiropodist is not a mind reader therefore the home would have had to have told him who has pocket money in order for them to have had their feet done and pay for it therefore if your grandma had pocket money and you say she did, then why was she not on the list - that is the homes fault for not putting her on it. They must have looked at who has got money to have given the chiropodist a list of people to do. Its like you going into a restaurant (grandma going into home) and not being offered a meal (not put on the list)- thats not the chefs (chiropodist) fault, he is there to do a job of which he is told how many people to cook for(do foot care). Good luck with the response, dont take any rubbish given to you.
  7. Glad to hear your grandma is responding to the antibiotics first of all. As a Home Manager myself I find it appalling that the comments made by the care worker of your grandmas skin is completely inappropriate and irrelevant - I hope you have put in a formal complaint with the home manager about these comments. If you get nowhere with that, then there should be displayed contact details of a Regional Manager who you can approach and will take the comments very seriously. Private chiropodists usually attend a home every 6-8weeks to do residents feet. With your grandma being diabetic it is imperative her feet are continually looked after - hence the NHS chiropodist coming out. The diabetic residents in my home usually see both to be honest, and like yourself the relatives have to ensure that they have enough "pocket money" to pay for the private chiropodist as unfortunately this isnt covered with any fees they pay. NHS chiropodists are free, as you probably know, and can be rung at any time to come and visit a resident who is diabetic and needs their nails cutting - the nurses/care assistants should have noticed that these need doing, otherwise if its anything like our NHS chiropodists in our area they only tend to visit every 3-6months which is nowhere near enough - hence majority of our residents have the private chiropodist as well. The argument you have is with the home, not the Private Chiropodist. It is the home's responsibility to maintain a duty of care to all residents - hence they should 1) be documenting on a personal hygiene form daily of what personal hygiene she has had 2) From that Care Plan documentation they should be able to see when the last time your grandma had her nails cut 3) They should have rung the NHS Chiropodist and asked them to come out asap! The additional info about her having alzheimers - although your grandma has alzheimers she still has the right to refuse chiropody, normally if they refuse I would have thought they would have kept trying throughout the time the chiropodist was there. The private chiropodist CANNOT enforce anybody to have their feet done by him. Put a formal complaint in writing to the home manager, of which they will have a certain time period to respond. Ensure that there was enough money in your grandmas pocket money if she would have wanted her feet done, just in case they say she didnt. If you dont get the response you want from the home manager, then as I say, there should be contact details of a regional manager who will investigate, again if you do not get the response you require you can always go higher with it! and if you exhaust all avenues at the home, then you can always contact CSCI who regulate all care homes who will do their own investigation with the home. hope that is of some help to you, if you need any more then feel free to ask.
  8. Its from the time it was satisfied Ive been told by Experian. My friend got a default in May 2003 for £70 for Ace Cards? (bit like Studio cards im told) but she paid it the month after, not thought anything of it, and when she has gone to get a mortgage with her boyfriend, they were rejected because of this satisfied default from 4 years ago.
  9. Hi All, Quick question - If a default was satisfied in June 2003, I know it stays on your credit file for 6years, but should it affect how you get credit now in 2007? I have got 2 conflicting answers so I thought I would doublecheck! Thanks
  10. Thanks for your help guys, will do.
  11. Forgot to say, it was only the first page that got sent, no t&c's came or statement of account with this last letter either.
  12. Its in the debt collection and debt collection agencies part.
  13. Godmother/ODC I have just been looking onthe forum and the credit agreement that has come is exactly the same as Groovychicksmum's on the thread: Is my agreement enforceable - Useful She asked if this is an application form or credit agreement but nobody gave her an answer, can you have a look and see. Thanks
  14. Godmother - you are superb!! Thank you, will let you know what reply is received to it.
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