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  1. Yep - it was actually quite an interesting experience and I had already resigned myself to a stay being put in place I was quite surprised how few cases they were dealing with on the day - maybe 20 or so (of which there were about 7 or 8 bank charge claims) which may explain why I got a bit of time
  2. Case was stayed yesterday Barclays sent a representative to request the stay (young friendly trainee solicitor, who had two more Barclays claims to request stays for after mine) Judge opened by talking about the OFT case and how they were staying claims I presented the witness statement to remove the stay which the judge read and Barclays responded to It felt like that the judge had already decided to stay the case before we got in the room but we had about half an hour of debate before he gave his final decision
  3. I'm up at Uxbridge County Court tomorrow for the Hearing (for Directions only) Will let you know how it goes G
  4. I'm always a bit cautious on claiming a win until I see the money;) Will complete survey and make donation once it comes through Thanks for all help guys!
  5. As an update I rejected the conditions proposed by Goldfish and they have responded by removing those conditions (confidentiality and indemnity from any future claims) from their offer letter I am going to accept this now and hopefully see the money (albeit deducted from my account) soon!
  6. As an update I received the Transfer of Proceedings to my local court at the end of June and have now received a Hearing date of 2 October I've not received any directions from the Court as yet
  7. Hi all I've received an offer for the full amount of my claim (which is great) but with a couple of conditions attached that I feel I should reject. Can I accept the offer but reject the conditions they attach? Any advice on the reply I should send back to Goldfish would be appreciated? Thanks G
  8. Thanks a lot - I'll read through the guide
  9. Hi - any idea how long does it take to receive the notification of transfer to local court? and does this arrive through the post? Also, is there anything i should be doing in the meantime? Help appreciated, as always
  10. Just checked MCOL and Barclays have entered a defence dated 8/6
  11. Ok, understood - is there an actual way of obtaining the date served ?(thinking I must be missing it somewhere) Thks again
  12. Ok, thanks - is this a different date from the Issue Date per MCOL (which is 8/5)?
  13. As an update my claim was sent 8/5 and acknowleded on 22/5 I believe they have 28 days from date of claim to defend which by my calculations is tomorrow (6/6) I guess I just sit and wait to see what happens tomorrow but if there is anything I should be doing now please let me know Cheers G
  14. Hi Am in process of completing N1 form for Goldfish and have a couple of general questions that hopefully someone can help with 1 - Date account opened? I have no idea even which year this was. Is this something that the Credit Card companies will be able to tell you if you call their customer services? How critical is it to get this date correct on the form? 2 - I'm claiming contractual interest as detailed previously in my thread. Does this replace the s.69 interest and how do I describe it on the claim form? Thanks G
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