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  1. if you want to could write to them enclosing all of your previous correspondance, it would keep them busy and let them know not to mess about. thats what i would do, or phone them and ask for a fax number, dont give name or anything, just ask for a fax number and fax the stuff off.
  2. i phoned up littlewoods and they gave me a different address for their legal department/company secretary so i will copy all correspondance to them, and give them 14 days. then its N1 time what i would like is a little help on what i can do for N1 and POCs any helpers :-P
  3. well ive still nothing back, they are well over their 14 days notice i think an N1 claim form is the way to go now. thoughts?
  4. update to this have sent Littlewoods final 14 days warning, and if nothing i issue N1 claim form.
  5. Sorry was just putting what Equifax wrote to me, but see i put that in an earlier post.
  6. MAJOR UPDATE TO THIS believe it or not the ICO have found in favour of littlewoods saying that if i want ill get the wrong date of birth and WRONG starting credit date fixed................. They have passed the buck and said that they do not deal with sections 77 and 78 of the CCA and that i should contact the OFT. can you believe this? i forgot the letter today, but will bring in it tomorrow, scan it and post it as its too long to type. What can i do now, complain to OFT or just seek legal advice...........
  7. update to this experian have yet to tell me of their findings with littlewoods. ICO still has not assigned my case to a worker (from july) and Equifax have contacted littlewoods and littelwoods say that i have been told on numerous occasions by their legal team that they are right and i am wrong. dont know what to write back to equifax to be honest, as i sent them the same letter that made experian cack themselves. im am about ready to leave the default on there, i cant seen an option but court, but im not good enough myself to do it, and cant afford the costs of a solicitor if i was to lose!
  8. i would still send the letters, incase they do take further action.
  9. ok as far as the illegible copies simply write back and say this latest copy the sent was the same as the first therefore still does not comply with your legal request. as for egg, wait for egg to contact you.
  10. kennyparkroad

    MFPA vs MBNA

    keep your chin up, things will come right in the end. kpr
  11. Credit report back from Equifax. Littlewoods was on there. Sent them the same letter that i sent Experian. Will see what happens. Have no recieved my callcredit report yet. Kenny
  12. Pausing this thread just now, as if you look at my other thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/74209-me-littlewoods-catalogue-16.html seems to be going in the right direction.
  13. update to this another holding letter from IQR to say they are still investigating. they can investigate all they like, fact is i sent the APR letter to HBOS and its been forgotten about seemingly. therefore, they can go whistle, i shall not be replying to them
  14. i like that letter PO, seen it all over the forums, and i admit to having used it on more than one occasion
  15. inform CIS that they account is in legal dispute, and they have been passed the account illegally and advise them to send it back also send SAR non compliance letter if you havent already.
  16. always say these debts are in dispute! always put at the top of the letter DEBT IS LEGAL DISPUTE or something along those lines what to do, is if they have passed the 12 days but not the 30, write to them after the 30 days have passed and tell them its in dispute and that they are in default and that they cant add late payment charges, or enter any defaults to your credit file, as THEY ARE IN DEFAULT of a legal request.
  17. you dont have to legally pay after the 12 day default. but you HAVE to have mentioned the debt was in dispute, cause if you dont make 3 payments in a row, they tend to add a default to your file, and as you know thats not good, and a nightmare to get rid of. but as long as youve mentioned the debt is in dispute, and that they are in default, youve ammo to fall back on.
  18. ultimately i want written proof from either the CRA's or Littlewoods that the info will STAY off my file. because then, it can never be disputed again.
  19. next move is to see what Littlewoods say to experian. and wait to see what Experian say to me. IF (and this is a big IF) Experian putthe info back on, without signed consent, and without CCA, i will issue them a letter before action as, now they are known as DATA CONTROLLERS, have to obtain proof if asked If Littlewoods dont give up, ill take them to court as well and get an enforcement order for them. I have however today, sent off a cheque for my credit reports from Equifax, and Call Credit, and if Littlewoods is on there, then they get the same letter Experian got if littlewoods dont want to give up, ill give them all the paperwork they can handle. PS - ordered new copy of Experian report on Tues, that should be here fairly soon really need to send all this recent correspondance to the ICO will phone and see if i can fax copies to them. will do it between 1 and 2 when manager is out for lunch.
  20. will keep you updated. just havent had much time lately to do anything. Work, home, work home, same old same old let us know what happens with replies to your letters .
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