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  1. Well just checked my post this morning and still have had no response from capital one, also checked the card account and they havent credited the account !! Should i leave it a few more days or press on with the judgement ??
  2. Still no response from Capital One !! Is there anyway i can chase the court or capital one to see how the claim is being processed ?? They do have until the 4th of April to respond, but i am getting a bit twitchy !!
  3. Hello Again Recd my letter from the court stating that cap one have until the 4th April to put in a defence.
  4. Hello All Took my N1 in to the court on friday, so will keep you all updated !!
  5. Hello Trudianne Have been following your plight !! Did you find out if your claim was stayed ??
  6. So i should just delete the 'Overdraft interest' from my claim and use s.69 county court acts one ?? ie;it will look something like this ?? Charges £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx
  7. Thanks again mate Just one more question, i promise !! When filling out the N1 form it requires me to enter the below info; Charges £xxx.xx Overdraft Interest £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day [(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day)] OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just. The overdraft intrest i assume i can delete as it does not relate to a bank account ?? And what does it mean by the 'daily rate' and £xx.xx per day ??Is it daily rate minus charges and od interest x0.00022, or am i being thick ??
  8. Cheers again Michael, will start putting that toghther. Just one more thing, when i wrote the intial letter to Cap one i did not ask for the interest, now that i am about to procede to the N1 stage can i apply the interest ??
  9. Thanks for that Tilly I am being a pain now, but can someone send me the deatils of what to write on the N1 form - so i can prepare the form and have it ready for when cap 1 tell me to get lost ??!!
  10. Thanks for the quick response Michael !! Does anybody have a copy of the letter i should send back to them to reject the offer ?? I have seen letters before for both LBA's and rejecting offers, which is the easiest route to go down before i can start N1 ing ??
  11. Hello All Recently send my first letter to Cap one asking to be refunded £452, but have has no correspondance from them and they have credited the account with £176 - the difference between the £20 and £12. I didnt ask to be credited the differnce they have just done it !! Has anyone else out there had this ?? And how do i proceed ?? Do i now just send the LBA and request the rest ?? Cheers
  12. Hello again, well i took your advise and made sure the rejection offer was acctually sent by Recorded delivery and asked them to reply to me by the 29th June - after a few calls and getting fobbed of a bit i yesterday recd my letter from the basically saying "thats your lot pal". I claimed back to Lloyds for £1484 which includes interest and am now at the stage were I need to do my MCOL claim, but they have given me a goodwill payment of £750. When I do my MCOL claim I need to state the amount of interest charged at 8%, do I simply deduct £750 from my claim charges and then recalculate the remaining charges incurred plus the 8%, or is there another way to do it ?? I am a bit confused ??
  13. Hello All, a bit of advice please. I have since December been trying to reclaim a grand total of around £1400 and in mid-march was given back £750. A couple of weeks later sent a letter to say i would accept that but i wanted the rest and since then have not heard back, my own fault for not chasing but i have been busy. I also failed to sent the letter via recorded delivery os have no proof they have recd it. What do you guys advise i do - resend the letter, but recorded and follow the process all the way through or just go straight to court ?? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  14. Hello All, just thought i would say hello. Sent my first letter of to Lloyds and looks like i got the same response as everyone else - "sorry but no". What is the best thing to do now, just go staright to court ?? Just registered to money claim online.
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